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, arms and iron, for shipment to Wilmington, N. C., and other places south.--N. Y. Evening Post, August 20. General McClellan assumed the command of the army of the Potomac, and announced the officers attached to his staff.--(Doc. 201.) The Convention of Western Virginia passed the ordinance creating a State, reported by the select committee on a division of the State, this morning, by a vote of fifty to twenty-eight. The boundary as fixed includes the counties of Logan, Wyoming, Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, Webster, Randolph, Tucker, Preston, Monongahela, Marion, Taylor, Barbour, Upshur, Harrison, Lewis, Braxton, Clay, Kanawha, Boone, Wayne, Cabell, Putnam, Mason, Jackson, Roane, Calhoun, Wirt, Gilmer, Ritchie, Wood, Pleasants, Tyler, Doddridge, Wetzel, Marshall, Ohio, Brooke, and Hancock. A provision was incorporated permitting certain adjoining counties to come in if they should desire, by expression of a majority of their people to do so. The ordinance also provides for
ned from the committees to the proposition for the formation of a Rifle volunteer company in Green county, with less than the minimum number prescribed by law, and to the petition of Maj. Richard Chapman for relief. Resolutions of Inquiry into Expediency.--By Mr. Gibson, of Hampshire, of repealing so much of the law as requires the publication of the annual tabular statement of the Banks of the Commonwealth; by Mr. Alderson, of relieving the securities of Wm. Abbott, late Sheriff of Raleigh county; by Mr. Evans, of refunding to the county of Middlesex, the amount of money paid by said county for a set of weights and measures, which were not received by said county; by Mr. Porter, of amending the charter of the Hollidays Gove Railroad Company; by Mr. Magruder, of amending the 15th sec. of chap. 191 of the Code; by Mr. Preston, of amending the law authorizing a Branch Bank at Abingdon; by Mr. McKenzie, of providing that all free negroes, sold or enslaved for crime hereafter, shall
izing a company of volunteer Cavalry in the 47th Reg't. in Albemarle, to organize with not less than 40 nor more than 100 men rank and file; by Mr. Collier of authorizing the South Side Railroad Company to construct a line of steamers to run in connection with said road from City Point; by Mr. Watson of refunding a fine improperly imposed on Mr. Spencer Drummond, Jr., of the county of Accomac; by Mr. Alderson of reporting a bill for the relief of the sureties of C. Rales, late Sheriff of Raleigh county; by Mr. Johnson of repealing the 4th to the 11th sections of chapter 6th of the Code; by Mr. Lock, of allowing Sam Stone (Commissioner of the Revenue for Jefferson county,) a sum of money erroneously deducted from his commission for the year 1858. Petitions Presented.--By Mr. Bisbie, the petition of sundry citizens' of the city of Norfolk, praying the repeal of the act of March 19th, 1860, amending the charter of the city of Norfolk; by the same, petition of sundry merchants of Norf
for the relief of James Walden, a free negro, of Chesterfield county; to organize an additional Regiment of Volunteer Cavalry; amending and e-enacting the 13th section of an act passed March 30th, 1860, entitled, An act for the better organization of the militia of the Common wealth; concerning District Public Schools in the county of Ohio; Senate bills increasing the clerks in the Auditor's office; for the relief of D. S. Dickinson; House bill for the relief of C. Koles, late Sheriff of Raleigh county. Adverse Report.--A report was returned adverse to the petition of Wm. A. Thacker and others, asking to be refunded money improperly paid. Petition.--Mr. McDowell presented the petition of citizens of Botetourt county, asking a change in the time of holding the Circuit Court of said county. Special Committee.--A Special Committee was appointed, on motion of Mr. Ross, to report a bill authorizing the trustees of the Methodist Church in Salem, Roanoke county, to sell and con
Post-Office affairs. --Virginia--Jas. E. Schooler postmaster at Stafford C. H., Stafford county, Va., vice Wm. L. Morgan, resigned — A. W. Thomas postmaster at Zuni Station, Isle of Wight county, Va., vice David C. Beaton, declined. George O. Pratt postmaster at Belleville, Wood county, Va., vice M. B. Pennebacker, resigned. William G. Beckley postmaster at Raleigh C. H., Raleigh county, Va., vice Edwin Price, resigned.
From Western Virginia, A gentleman who left General Floyd's camp on the 16th inst., gives us some interesting information in regard to the movements of our army in the West, some portion of which we are permitted to make public General Floyd, with his command, left Big Sewell Mountain on Sunday last, and was at New river, in Raleigh county, (twenty-two miles distant,) on Wednesday. His intent on is to get a fight if possible, and will attack the enemy wherever he encounters him. Rosencranz has scattered his forces, and is foraging about the country, committing all kinds of depredations and outrages, in which the Union men are not spared. A portion of his army is in Nicholas county, and the remainder at Dogwood Gap and on the Gauley. It is conjectured that General Lee may start in pursuit, but of this nothing is positively known. We learn with regret that one of the most valuable men in Western Virginia lost his life on Wednesday morning last. His name was John Amick, and
Western Virginia. We learn from Dr. Clarke, who has just reached the city from our forces now in Raleigh county, that Gen. Floyd, with a strong force, had crossed New River at Miller's Ferry, had passed down beyond the mouth of the Gauley, and was directing his march towards Charleston, in Kanawha county. His command will probably cross Kanawha river at Malden, twelve miles above Charleston.--Generals Lee and Loring were still on Sewell mountain, doubtless awaiting to hear of the success of Gen. Floyd's expedition before advancing upon the enemy on the Gauley. We learn that the militia of the country had, by cutting down trees, blocked up the roads leading from the enemy's position in direction of Summersville for a considerable distance. If this is true, and the work has been done effectually, the enemy will be between Gen. Lee on the east and Gen. Floyd on the west, the latter of whom will be able with his artillery to cut off his supplies by stopping the running of stea
Arrival of prisoners. --The Danville train yesterday brought in 45 prisoners, in custody of Captain Phelps, of Floyd's cavalry, and a guard of eleven men. These prisoners are all Virginia Unionists, except two Ohio soldiers. They were captured by our cavalry in Wayne, Kanawha, Boone, and Raleigh counties, on the 24th of October, while they were holding an election under the bogus Government of Wheeling. The poll-books, lists of voters, &c., were also secured. The whole number of prisoners taken was 58, of whom 8 were shot as deserters from our camps, and five others, who had taken the oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, and were found with poll-books in their hands, were left behind to be tried for treason. As a general thing, this party have a more respectable appearance than the majority of their stripe now in our prisons, but there are some hard looking customers amongst them.
ry strange business. One man stated that he had two sons in the Southern army, and that be himself was as strong a State-rights man, as true a Virginia, and as warm a Southern man as ever lived. Most of them had the appearance of respectable farmers, who had been accustomed to labor, and were about such a looking crowd as may be seen at any county Court-House in Virginia. They were in charge of Captain Phelps, of Floyd's brigade; were captured in Kanawha, Roane, Wyoming, Fayette, and Raleigh counties. Most were taken on election day, together with poll-books, which are also in charge of Capt. Phelps. The names of many of them are entered in these books, which will be evidence against them. A couple of men, one named Robert DeShelta, and the other John Cannon, were before the Mayor yesterday on charge of robbing and stealing. They represented themselves as having belonged to the Tiger Rifles, Wheat's battalion, and one of them stated that they had both been drummed out of cam
Union traitors. --The Central cars brought to this city on Saturday last, eighteen domestie traitors of the Union strice captured in Monroe, Greenbrier, and Raleigh counties Owing to the presence of the eney on several recent occasions on the borders of the counties above named, these concealed force of the South were emboldened to show their colors, and it is to be hoped put in a way to meet the punishment they so richly deserve. The prisoners, on their arrival here, were sent to the Confederate States military prison, where they will be enabled to enjoy the congental companionship of their brother Yankees.
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