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Doc. 181.-Wheeler's raid in Tennessee. A National account. Maysville, Ala., October 19, 1863. General Crook, commanding Second cavalry division, after participating in the battle of Chickamauga, was ordered to take the Second brigade, Colonel Eli Long commanding, with five days rations, up the north side of Tennessee River, to guard the fords. There were no rations to be had, excepting three days of hard bread, and he started on this duty. September twenty-sixth arrived at his destination, and all was quiet till the morning of the thirtieth. The fords nearest to Chattanooga were guarded by Wilder's brigade, Colonel Miller commanding. After him the First brigade, Colonel Minty commanding, on same duty, and Colonel Long's brigade was posted above Minty, in the neighborhood of Washington, Tennessee. I desire to say nothing about why the rebels were permitted to cross, as the officer in command at the ford where the crossing was effected will have to answer for that h
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., Opposing forces in the Chattanooga campaign. November 23d-27th, 1863. (search)
, Capt. Arnold Sutermeister: 4th Ind., Lieut. Henry J. Willits; 8th Ind., Lieut. George Estep; 11th Ind., Capt. Arnold Sutermeister; 21st Ind., Lieut. W. E. Chess; C, 1st Wis. Heavy, Capt. John R. Davies. cavalry. Corps headquarters and the First and Second Brigades and 18th Ind. Battery, of the First Division., at and about Alexandria, Tenn.; Third Brigade at Caperton's Ferry, Tennessee River. First and Third Brigades and Chicago Board of Trade Battery, of the Second Division, at Maysville, Ala. Second Brigade (Second Division), Col. Eli Long: 98th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Edward Kitchell; 17th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Henry Jordan; 2d Ky., Col. Thomas P. Nicholas; 4th Mich., Maj. Horace Gray; 1st Ohio, Maj. Thomas J. Patten; 3d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. C. B. Seidel; 4th Ohio (battalion), Maj. G. W. Dobb; 10th Ohio, Col. C. C. Smith. Post of Chattanooga, Col. John G. Parkhurst: 44th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Simeon C. Aldrich; 15th Ky., Maj. William G. Halpin; 9th Mich., Lieut.-Col. William Wilkinso
nded who survived. Cavalry Corps. (Armies of the West.) Stone's River, Tenn. McMinnville, Tenn. Pea Ridge, Ark. lone Jack, Mo. Prairie Grove, Mo. Streight's Raid Middleton, Tenn. Franklin, Tenn. Triune, Tenn. Shelbyville, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. Sparta, Tenn. Canton, Miss. Grenada, Miss. Grierson's Raid Graysville, Ga. Chickamauga, Ga. Carter's Station, Tenn. Murfreesboro Road, Tenn. Farmington, Tenn. Blue Springs, Tenn. Byhalia, Miss. Wyatt's Ford, Miss. Maysville, Ala. Blountsville, Tenn. Sweetwater, Tenn. Moscow, Tenn. Cleveland, Tenn. Ripley, Miss. Salisbury, Tenn. Bean's Station, Tenn. Morristown, Tenn. Mossy Creek, Tenn. Dandridge, Tenn. Fair Gardens, Tenn. Arkadelphia, Ark. Camden, Ark. Prairie D'ann, Ark. Jenkins' Ferry, Ark. Natchitoches, La. Wilson's Farm, La. Sabine Cross Roads, La. Cane River, La. Red Clay, Ga. Resaca, Ga. Varnell's Station, Ga. Tilton, Ga. Rome, Ga. Dallas, Ga. Kingston, Ga. Kenesaw, Ga. Decatur,
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Alabama, 1863 (search)
n to Cross Island, Mouth of Cow CreekPENNSYLVANIA--15th Cavalry (Co. "A"). Aug. 21: Skirmish, MaysvilleKENTUCKY--4th Cavalry. Aug. 24: Skirmish, Gunter's Landing, near Port Deposit(No Reports.) Aug. 27: Skirmish near Bridgeport(No Reports.) Aug. 28: Skirmish, MaysvilleKENTUCKY--4th Cavalry. Aug. 28-31: Reconn. from Stevenson to Trenton, GaOHIO--1st Cavalry. Aug. 29: Skirmish, Caperton's Feast Cavalry. Oct. 12: Affair, Fort MorganNaval Attack on Blockade Runner. Oct. 13: Skirmish, MaysvilleWISCONSIN--1st Cavalry. Oct. 20: Reconn. from Bridgeport to TrentonILLINOIS--82d Infantry. NEWry. OHIO--5th Cavalry. Oct. 31: Skirmish, Barton StationOHIO--5th Cavalry. Nov. 4: Skirmish, MaysvilleOHIO--4th Cavalry. Nov. 14-17: Exp. from Maysville to Whitesburg and DecaturINDIANA--17th and Maysville to Whitesburg and DecaturINDIANA--17th and 72d Mounted Infantry (Detachments). IOWA--5th Cavalry (Detachment). UNITED STATES--4th Cavalry (Detachment). Nov. 20: Skirmish, Paint RockOHIO--46th Infantry. Dec. 26: Skirmish, Sand MountainALABAM
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Alabama, 1864 (search)
o Reports.) Nov. 11: Skirmish, Shoal CreekILLINOIS--3rd, 6th, 7th and 9th Cavalry. Battery "K," 1st Light Arty. IOWA--2nd Cavalry. MISSOURI--12th Cavalry. Nov. 16-20: Skirmishes on line of Shoal CreekILLINOIS--Battery "K," 1st Light Arty. Chicago Board of Trade Battery, Light Arty. 3rd, 6th, 7th and 9th Cavalry. INDIANA--11th Cavalry. IOWA--2nd and 8th Cavalry. KENTUCKY--4th Mounted Infantry. MICHIGAN--2nd Cavalry. MISSOURI--12th Cavalry. TENNESSEE--1st Cavalry. Nov. 17: Skirmishes near Maysville and near New MarketINDIANA--11th and 12th Cavalry (Detachments). MICHIGAN--4th Infantry. Union loss, 2 wounded. Nov. 19: Skirmish, Duckett's Plantation, near Paint Rock RiverMICHIGAN--4th Infantry. Dec. 7: Skirmish near Paint Rock BridgeINDIANA--11th, 12th and 13th Cavalry (Detachments). PENNSYLVANIA--15th Cavalry. TENNESSEE--2nd Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 39 missing. Dec. 27-28: Skirmishes near DecaturINDIANA--10th, 12th and 13th Cavalry (Detachments). PENNSYLVANIA--15th Cavalry
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Arkansas Volunteers. (search)
Trough Bottom March 24 (Detachment). Near White River March 25. Constant scouting and skirmishing with Guerrillas. Scouts from Bellefonte March 29-April 1. Whiteley's Mills April 5. Piney Mountain April 6. Osage Branch King's River April 16 (Co. A ). Limestone Valley April 17. King's River April 19. Near mouth of Richland Creek May 3 and 5. Scout in Northern Arkansas May 17-22 (Co. M ). Scout from Cassville to Cross Hollows June 9-14 and June 20-24. Near Maysville July 20. Operations in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas August 15-24. Scout from Ozark, Mo., to Dubuque Crossing and Sugar Loaf Prairie August 23-26 (Detachment). Expedition from Cassville, Mo., to Fayetteville, Ark., August 23-28 (Detachment). Gerald Mountain and Mud Town August 24. Operations against Price August 29-December 2. Moreau Creek, Jefferson City, October 7. Russellville October 9. California October 9. Near Booneville October 11-12. Fort
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Illinois Volunteers. (search)
ctober 4. Murfreesboro October 5. Near Shelbyville and Farmington October 7. Sugar Creek October 9. March to Dechard, Tenn., October 10-15, thence to Maysville. At Maysville, Huntsville, Ala., and Pulaski, Tenn., till March, 1864. Refitted with 3-inch Parrotts February 24, 1864. Moved to Huntsville, Ala., March 1Maysville, Huntsville, Ala., and Pulaski, Tenn., till March, 1864. Refitted with 3-inch Parrotts February 24, 1864. Moved to Huntsville, Ala., March 10, thence to Columbia, Tenn., April 4-8. Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign May 1 to September 8. Movements on right flank of Army May 11-17. Battle of Resaca May 14-15. Tanner's Bridge, Oostenaula River, May 15. Kingston May 19. Near Dallas May 24. Operations about Dallas May 25-June 5. Ackworth June 8. Near Big Sha, October 3. Murfreesboro Road October 4. Near McMinnville October 4-5. Farmington October 7. Sim's Farm, near Shelbyville. October 7. Camp at Maysville, Ala., October 19-December 21. Moved to Pulaski December 21, thence to Mooresville, Ala., January 12, 1864, and guard Tennessee River till April. Moved to Col
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Indiana Volunteers. (search)
e, Ala., against Buford's attack September 30-October 1. Moved to Nashville, Tenn., October 16. Siege of Decatur, Ala., October 26-29 (Detachment). Nashville Campaign November-December. On line of Shoal Creek November 16-20. Near Maysville and near New Market November 17 (Detachment). In front of Columbia November 24-27. Crossing of Duck River November 28. Battle of Franklin November 30. Near Paint Rock Bridge, Ala., December 7 (Detachment). Battle of Nashville Dec of Buford's attack on Huntsville September 30-October 1 and October 18 (Cos. C, D and H ). Regiment moved to Tullahoma, Tenn., September 15, and duty there till November 26. Siege of Decatur, Ala., October 26-29 (Detachment). Near Maysville, Ala., and near New Market, Ala., November 17 (Detachment). Moved to Murfreesboro, Tenn., November 26. Overall's Creek December 4. Siege of Murfreesboro December 5-12. Wilkinson's Pike December 7. Paint Rock Bridge, Ala., December 7
River, November 24-27. Crossing of Duck River November 28. Columbia Ford November 28-29. Battle of Nashville December 15-16. Pursuit of Hood December 17-28. Franklin and West Harpeth River December 17. Spring Hill December 18. Richland Creek December 24. King's Gap near Pulaski December 25. At Gravelly Springs, Ala., till March, 1865. Wilson's Raid on Macon, Ga., March 22-April 24. Near Elyton March 28. Near Montevallo March 31. Ebenezer Church, near Maysville April 1. Selma April 2. Montgomery April 12. Columbus, Ga., April 16. Capture of Macon April 20. Duty in North Georgia and at Nashville, Tenn., till August. Mustered out August 11, 1865. Regiment lost during service 7 Officers 58 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 179 Enlisted men by disease. Total 246. 6th Iowa Regiment Cavalry Organized at Davenport January 31 to March 5, 1863. Moved to Sioux City, Dakota, March 16-April 26, 1863.
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Kentucky Volunteers. (search)
g Hill March 19. Near Thompson's Station March 23. Little Harpeth March 25. Near Franklin March 31. Thompson's Station May 2. Franklin June 4. Triune June 9. Middle Tennessee or Tullahoma Campaign June 23-July 7. Uniontown and Rover June 23. Middleton June 24. Fosterville, Guy's Gap and Shelbyville June 27. Expedition to Huntsville July 13-22. Passage of Cumberland Mountains and Tennessee River and Chickamauga (Ga.) Campaign August 16-September 22. Maysville, Ala., August 21 and 28. Reconnoissance from Alpine, Ga., toward Summerville September 10. Skirmishes at Summerville September 10 and 15. Battle of Chickamauga September 19-21. Moved to Bellefonte, Ala., September 25-30. Operations against Wheeler and Roddy September 30-October 2. Moved to Caperton's Ferry October 2, and duty there till December 2. Moved to Rossville, Ga., December 2-5, and duty there till January 6, 1864. Scout toward Dalton December 12, 1863. Skir
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