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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Kansas, (search)
864 Meeting at Louisville of a Border State freedom convention. One hundred delegates from four States—Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas......Feb. 22-23, 1864 Brig.-Gen. John H. Morgan enters the State from Virginia with 2,400 men on his June raid ......June 2, 1864 Parts of Morgan's forces demand the surrender of Lexington, which is refused, June 9, and invest Frankfort, which is successfully defended......June 11, 1864 General Burbridge overtakes Morgan's forces at Cynthiana and defeats them after an hour's desperate battle......June 12, 1864 President Lincoln suspends writ of habeas corpus in Kentucky, and proclaims martial law in the State......July 5, 1864 Many citizens arrested by General Burbridge, under General Sherman, as Sons of liberty, American Knights, etc......1864 A number of citizens of Paducah, Columbus, and vicinity banished to Canada......August, 1864 Commission sent by General Burbridge to investigate the conduct of Gen. Eleazer A
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Kentucky, 1864 (search)
June 10: Affair near Benson's BridgeKENTUCKY--Militia (Detachment). June 10: Action, LexingtonKENTUCKY--4th Cavalry. Union loss, 2 wounded. June 10: Skirmish, CynthianaOHIO--168th Infantry. June 10-12: Demonstration on FrankfortKENTUCKY--36th Enrolled Militia and Citizens, Repulse of Morgan's attack. Union loss, 3 wounded. June 11: Action, Keller's Bridge, near CynthianaKENTUCKY--47th Infantry. OHIO--168th and 171st Infantry. Union loss, 13 killed, 54 wounded, 700 captured and missing. Total, 767. June 12: Action, CynthianaKENTUCKY--13th and 16th Cavalry; 37th, 39th, 40th, 45th, 47th and 52d Infantry. MICHIGAN--9th and 11th Cavalry. OHIO--7th and 12th CynthianaKENTUCKY--13th and 16th Cavalry; 37th, 39th, 40th, 45th, 47th and 52d Infantry. MICHIGAN--9th and 11th Cavalry. OHIO--7th and 12th Cavalry. Union loss, 8 killed, 17 wounded, 280 missing. Total, 305. June 17: Skirmish, LibertyKENTUCKY--13th Cavalry. June 25: Skirmish, MorganfieldKENTUCKY--35th Infantry. June 27: Affair, CrittendenOHIO--164th National Guard Infantry (Detachment). June 30: Affair, Powell RiverTENNESSEE--1st Cavalry (2 Co's). July --: Skirmis
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Illinois Volunteers. (search)
23. Operations on Memphis and Charleston R. R. I. n Alabama October 20-29. Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign November 23-27. Battles of Chattanooga November 23-25. March to relief of Knoxville, Tenn., November 28-December 8. Joined Regiment at Cumberland Gap January, 1864. Battalion assigned to 16th Illinois Cavalry as Companies A and B, January, 1863, but served detached till January, 1864. Ordered to Mount Sterling, Ky., February, 1864. Duty at Lexington, Paris and Cynthiana, Ky. Barker's Dragoons. Organized at Chicago, Ills., April 19, 1861. Moved to Camp Defiance, Cairo, Ills., and duty there till June. Ordered to Clarksburg, W. Va., to join McClellan as escort, and arrived there June 23. Skirmish at Buckhannon June 30. West Virginia Campaign July 6-17. Battle of Rich Mountain July 10. Duty in West Virginia till September. Mustered out September, 1861. Carmichael's Independent Cavalry Company. Organized at Camp Butler, Ills., as
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Kentucky Volunteers. (search)
rations against Morgan July 4-28, 1862. Cynthiana, Ky., July 17 (Detachment). Paris July 19. Operations against Morgan May 31-June 30. Cynthiana June 12. Liberty June 17. Canton and ROperations against Morgan May 31-June 30. Cynthiana June 12. At Nicholasville, Ky., June to Ae 30. Action at Mount Sterling June 9. Cynthiana June 12. Duty in Eastern Kentucky till Detucky against Morgan July 4-28. Action at Cynthiana July 17. Paris July 19. Mount Sterling Action at Lexington, Ky., June 10, 1864. Cynthiana June 12. Sibley County, Ky., September 3.May 31-June 20. Mount Sterling June 9. Cynthiana June 12. Duty in Eastern Kentucky till Serling, Ky., June 9. Keller's Bridge, near Cynthiana, June 11. Cynthiana June 12. Duty at CCynthiana June 12. Duty at Camp Nelson, Ky., and on line of Kentucky Central Railroad till April, 1865. Mustered out Compani Hope March 28. Mount Sterling June 9. Cynthiana June 12. Operations in Western Kentucky J[3 more...]
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Michigan Volunteers. (search)
Mossy Creek December 26. Operations about Dandridge January 16-17, 1364. Kimbrough's Cross Roads January 16. Bull's Gap January 16-17. Dandridge January 17. Operations about Dandridge January 26-28. Near Fair Garden January 27. Island Ford January 28. Strawberry Plains February 20. Cheek's Cross Roads March 13. Moved to Nicholasville, Ky., and duty there till July. Operations against Morgan May 31-June 20, 1864 (Detachment). Mount Sterling June 9. Cynthiana June 12. March to Marietta, Ga., July 4-27. Atlanta Campaign July 27-September 8. Siege of Atlanta August 1-September 2. Sandtown and Fairburn August 15. Stone Mountain October 2. Expedition from Atlanta to Tuckum's Cross Roads October 26-29. Tuckum's Ferry October 27. Near Lawrenceville, Stone Mountain, October 27. March to the sea November 15-December 10. Jonesborough November 15. Bear Creek Station November 16. East Macon and Walnut Creek November 20.
in Kentucky May 31-June 20 (Detachment). Cynthiana June 12. March to Atlanta, Ga., July 4-26 Action at Mount Sterling, Ky., June 9. Cynthiana June 12. Skirmish at Lebanon, Ky., July 3e Kentucky Central Railroad, Headquarters at Cynthiana, till November. At Paris, Ky., till Decemmbus, Ohio, August 19, 1862. Ordered to Cynthiana, Ky., August 19; thence moved to Covington, Ky.o July, 1865. Service. Expedition to Cynthiana, Ky., September 18, 1862. Moved to Camp ShalLexington, Ky., August 31, thence moved to Cynthiana, Ky., September 3, thence to Covington, Ky., an19. Detachments stationed at Falmouth and Cynthiana guarding railroad and bridges. Operationstachment captured). Keller's Bridge, near Cynthiana, June 11. Duty in Kentucky till July 10. o. Action at Kellar's Bridge. Ky., near Cynthiana, Ky., June 11. Cynthiana, Ky., June 12. RCynthiana, Ky., June 12. Regiment captured. Paroled June 13 and ordered to Camp Dennison, Ohio. Duty there and at Johnson'[2 more...]
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Pennsylvania Volunteers. (search)
ristoe Station August 27. Battle of Bull Run August 29-30. Chantilly September 1. Maryland Campaign September 6-24. Battles of South Mountain September 14, and Antietam September 16-17. At Pleasant Valley till October 25. Movement to Falmouth, Va., October 25-November 19. Warrenton or Sulphur Springs November 15. Berryville December 2. Battle of Fredericksburg, Va., December 12-15. Mud March January 20-24, 1863. Moved to Newport News February 7, thence to Cynthiana, Ky., March 23-April 1. At Paris, Mount Sterling, Richmond, Lancaster, Crab Orchard and Stanford, Ky., till June. Movement to Vicksburg, Miss., June 3-14. Siege of Vicksburg June 15-July 4. Advance on Jackson, Miss., July 5-10. Siege of Jackson July 10-17. At Milldale till August 6. Moved to Covington, Ky., August 6-22, and duty there till March 21, 1864. Moved to Johnson's Island, Lake Erie, Ohio, November 12-16 to repel threatened raid to release prisoners. Moved
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Tennessee Volunteers. (search)
Officer and 175 Enlisted men by disease. Total 245. 5th East Tennessee Regiment Cavalry Organized at Camp Nelson, Ky. (5 Cos), for 10th Tennessee Cavalry, June 30 to August 14, 1863. Attached to District of Central Kentucky, Dept. of the Ohio, to July, 1863. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 23rd Army Corps, Army of the Ohio, July, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, 23rd Army Corps, July, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 23rd Army Corps, to August, 1863. Service. Duty at Cynthiana, Ky., and along railroad till August, 1863. Pursuit of Morgan July 1-20. Buffington Island, Ohio, July 19. Operations against Scott July 25-August 6. Near Winchester, Ky., July 29. Irvine July 30. Lancaster, Stanford and Paint Lick Bridge July 31. Smith Shoals, Cumberland River, August 1. Assigned to 8th Tennessee Cavalry August, 1863 (which see). 6th Tennessee Regiment Cavalry (1st West Tennessee). Organized at Bethel, LaGrange, Bolivar, Trenton, etc., Tenn., Au
proceeded to an inhuman and merciless massacre of the garrison. On the fourteenth, General Buford, having failed at Columbus, appeared before Paducah, but was again driven off. Guerrillas and raiders, seemingly emboldened by Forrest's operations, were also very active in Kentucky. The most noted of these was Morgan. With a force of from two to three thousand cavalry, he entered the State through Pound Gap in the latter part of May. On the eleventh of June he attacked and captured Cynthiana, with its entire garrison. On the twelfth he was overtaken by General Burbridge, and completely routed with heavy loss, and was finally driven out of the State. This notorious guerrilla was afterward surprised and killed near Greenville, Tennessee, and his command captured and dispersed by General Gillem. In the absence of official reports at the commencement of the Red river expedition, except so far as relates to the movements of the troops sent by General Sherman under A. J. Smith,
hich was false), with two thousand men, and he immediately faced about, and, passing through Georgetown, again moved on Cynthiana. General Burbridge, with his command, reached Lexington about noon, Friday, and, hastily remounting a portion of his forces, started in pursuit. He came upon Morgan Sunday morning, at Cynthiana, drawn up in line of battle and awaiting him. Burbridge immediately attacked him, and in fifty-five minutes had Morgan's command routed and flying in every direction. Morgifty available men defended it. He could have gone out by Frankfort, but allowed himself to be scared and turned toward Cynthiana, by a trick; he stood up for a fair fight at Cynthiana and was whipped, and his army broken up in fifty-five minutes. HCynthiana and was whipped, and his army broken up in fifty-five minutes. His fleeing bands are being overtaken, whipped and captured on all sides. The horses he stole — many of them — have been recaptured. Thus ends the career of this great horse-thief, and his gang of robbers and plunderers. To call them soldiers woul
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