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Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Missouri, 1864 (search)
"). May 16-25: Exp. from Patterson to Bloomfield and Pilot KnobMISSOURI--6th State Militia Cavalry (Detachment); 3d State Militia Infantry. May 18-23: Scouts near Neosho and CarthageMISSOURI--7th Provisional Enrolled Militia. May 20: Skirmish, LamarMISSOURI--State Militia (Detachment). May 21: Skirmish, Sni HillsCOLORADO--2d Cavalry. May 21: Affair, Blue RiverCOLORADO--2d Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 1 killed, 1 wounded, 1 missing. Total, 3. May 23-25: Scout from WarrensburgMISSOURI-ountyWISCONSIN--3d Cavalry (2 Cos.). Union loss, 5 killed. May 27: Skirmish near ShanghaiMISSOURI--1st State Militia Cavalry (Detachment). May 28: Skirmish, Pleasant HillCOLORADO--2d Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 2 wounded. May 28: Affair, LamarDestroyed by Guerillas. May 28: Skirmish, WarrensburgMISSOURI--7th State Militia Cavalry. May 30-31: Skirmishes, Mill and Honey CreeksMISSOURI--8th State Militia Cavalry. June 1: Skirmish near Arnoldsville and raid on New MarketMISSOURI--State
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Missouri Volunteers. (search)
ber 4 (Detachment). Scouts in Jackson County January 15-17, 1864 (Detachment). Lexington February 22. Operations about Warrensburg February 22-24 (Detachment). Scout from Lexington March 19-22. Scouts in Jackson and Lafayette Counties and skirmishes March 20-30 (Detachments). Deep Water Township March 27. Near Greenton March 30 (Co. F ). Offett's Knob April 28. Skirmishes in Johnson County April 28-30 (Cos. D and M ). Scout from Warrensburg May 23-25. Near Shanghai May 27 (Detachment). Scout from Warrensburg to North Blackwater River June 5-9 (Co. I ). Near Kingsville June 12 (Detachment). Lexington June 14 (Cos. F and I ). Lafayette County June 14 (Detachment). Attack on Arrow Rock July 20. Operations in Lafayette and Johnson Counties and skirmishes July 20-31 (Co. E ). Scout in Saline County August 6-9 (Detachment). Arrow Rock August 7 (Detachment). Saline County August 13 (Co. H ). Operations in Lafayette, Saline a
o May, 1863. 3rd Brigade, District of Memphis, Tenn., 5th Division, 16th Army Corps, to November, 1863. Fuller's Brigade, 2nd Division, 26th Army Corps, to January, 1864. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 16th Army Corps, to September, 1864. 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 17th Army Corps, to July, 1865. Service. Fremont's advance on Springfield, Mo., October 15-November 2, 1861. March to Sedalia November 9-17. Duty at Sedalia and Syracuse, Mo., till February, 1862. Action at Shanghai December 1, 1861. Moved to St. Louis, Mo., February 2, 1862, thence to Commerce, Mo., February 22-24. Siege operations against New Madrid, Mo., March 3-14. Siege and capture of Island No.10, Mississippi River, and pursuit to Tiptonville March 15-April 8. Expedition to Fort Pillow, Tenn., April 13-17. Moved to Hamburg Landing, Tenn., April 18-22. Action at Monterey April 29. Advance on and siege of Corinth, Miss., April 29-May 30. Reconnoissance toward Corinth May 8.
from Fort Leavenworth. At this time General Price was seriously sick, which added to the complexities and dangers of the situation. But, with his staff and a small escort, he set out for Arkansas to see Gen. Ben McCulloch, who commanded Confederate troops in that section, and if possible induce him to come to the assistance of the broken and scattered Missourians. He left General Rains in command of the State troops at Lexington, with orders to move them as rapidly as possible to Lamar, in Barton county. Rains had need to move quickly and rapidly, because Lyon was threatening him from the east and Major Sturgis, with 900 Federal dragoons and two regiments of Kansas volunteers, from the west. When Governor Jackson and his party, 250 or 300 in number, got to Warsaw, they halted to ascertain what had become of General Price and the main body of the army. Good news—the first gleam of sunlight that had fallen upon the adherents of the Southern cause in the State—reached him. At Col
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Index. (search)
6 Lakeport, La. 135-A Lake Providence, La. 117, 1; 135-A; 155, A6, 135-A; 155, B6; 171 Lake Saint Joseph, La. 155, D6 Lake Spring, Mo. 152, H6 Lake Village, Ark. 154, G6 Lamar, Miss. 135-A; 154, B12 Lamar, Mo. 135-A; 160, A11 Lamar, Tex. 43, 8; 54, 1; 65, 10 Lancaster, Ky. 9, 2; 118, 1; 135-A; 141, F1; 150, B11; 151, H12 Fort Lancaster, Tex. 54, 1 Lane's Prairie, Mo. 152, F6 Fort Lapwai, Idaho Ter. 134, 1 Laredo,; 137, F8 Sevierville, Tenn. 24, 3; 118, 1; 135-A; 142, E4 Sewell's Point, Va. 18, 2; 26, 4; 135-A; 137, G11 Shadna Church, Ga. 57, 3; 60, 2; 88, 2 Shady Grove, Va. 16, 1; 100, 1 Shallow Ford, N. C. 142, C13 Shanghai, Mo. 66, 1 Shanghai, W. Va. 100, 1; 116, 2 Sharon, Miss. 155, B10 Sharpsburg, Ky. 141, D3 Sharpsburg, Md. 25, 6; 27, 1; 28, 1, 28, 2, 28, 6; 29, 1, 29, 2; 43, 7; 69, 1; 74, 1; 81, 4; 100, 1; 116, 2; 136, E6 Battle of
d a few years ago in the dredging and park improvements. In May, 1855, the Living Age, then in other ownership, sailed from New York with a cargo of general merchandise for the Sandwich Islands. It was mid-winter in the Southern hemisphere, when for thirty days, with scant food and scurvy-smitten sailors, she was beating around Cape Horn. One hundred and fifty-three long, hard days elapsed ere anchor was cast at Honolulu, where her cargo was discharged. Thence she sailed in ballast for Shanghai, where she took on a cargo of tea and silk valued at $200,000. On December 25 she started on the homeward stretch of the voyage round the world, one destined not to be completed, but to end in disaster. The Living Age was then under command of Captain Holmes, and in all twenty-three persons were on board. They were captain and wife, three mates, and eighteen men and boys before the mast. This crew were American, English, a few Swedes, and one Italian, and are described as an excellent
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 28., Old ships and Ship-building days of Medford. (search)
cape, and after making a hopeless attempt to weather Formosa, she went ashore. The Boston Shipping List, August 1, 1863, has this item: Ship Ringleader, of Boston, White, from Hong Kong for San Francisco, was totally lost May 9, on the S. W. end of the Island of Formosa. The crew and passengers were saved. Captain White arrived at S. F. 23 inst. in bark E. Banning. Also the following: Aug. 22, 1863. Hong Kong, June 13. The officers and crew of the American ship Ringleader have reached Shanghai in safety, with the exception of two seamen who were drowned. There is an ominous silence concerning the cargo of coolies and the worst can be imagined. Wreck of the Phantom. The Phantom was probably the fastest clipper ship built in Medford, with the exception of the Herald of the Morning. She was designed for the California service just after the discovery of gold had made the prices of necessities in California very high, and speed was the first requisite. She had experien
of spoils taken.--The Emperor and the Tartar army had all fled. Nothing was to be seen of the enemy at Peking. The Allied forces will winter at Peking. They were encamped on the walls, and were all in good health. Cols. Parkes and Lock, and thirteen soldiers, had been released. But little hope was felt for the return of Cols. Brabazon and Bowlby, and other French officers, who were missing. Norman Anderson had died of brutal treatment. A new and distinct rebellion was reported at Shanghai. Batavian affairs were improving. In the London Stock Market American Railway Securities were flat. Latest news. Southampton, Wednesday, Dec. 12 --The City of Manchester sailed to-day from Liverpool for New York, with about $38,000 in specie. Still later. St. Johns, Dec. 21 --The steamship City of Manchester, from Liverpool on the 10th inst., has arrived. The political news is unimportant. Commercial. Cotton — Sales on Wednesday of 10,000 bales,
been seized here by Captain Pease, of the revenue cutter Mary. The reason of the seizure of the Neva by the Mary arose from certain information having been given to the naval officer in the China seas that the former was being fitted out at Shanghai as a privateer. The American men-of-war have left that station for home, with the exception of one small vessel, which remains behind at the earnest request of American firms. This vessel has gone suddenly to Shanghai, owing to the purchasShanghai, owing to the purchase there of a schooner for the purpose, it was believed, of being armed as a privateer under the Confederate flag. Doings of the naval Retiring board. The Naval Retiring Board having found Commodore Lawrence Kearney incapacitated for public service, he has, by the direction of the President of the United States, been placed on the retired list. Lieut.Col. James Edelin, of the marine corps, has, by his own request, been placed on the retired list, having entered that branch of the s
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