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ant persecution. Brigham Young arrived at the site of Salt Lake City with a small detachment, July 24, 1847; and, leaving a colony, returned to lead forward the main body from their winter-quarters near Council Bluffs, Iowa. On the 24th of December, 1847, by a second coup d'etat, he had himself chosen first president of the church, and thus succeeded to the place and power of Joseph Smith. Henceforth, as prophet, priest, and king, he ruled as absolute monarch of the Mormons — a Grand Lama, or incarnate deity. In 1848 he led his people to the valley of Salt Lake. The city he built there he proclaimed the Zion of the Mountains. In his explorations, and as the pioneer leader of a mixed multitude in their passage over the desert, Brigham Young appears at his best. He showed great energy, skill, and decision, and, when he had fairly crossed the boundary into Mexican territory, he set up his standard. The Mormons from the origin of their sect have tried to preserve every pos
aced a small lens, the foci of the lens and mirror nearly coinciding. This throws abundance of light on an object placed in the focus, but as it comes equally from all sides no shadows are formed and the object is difficult to define. The device is, however, well adapted for the detection of small particles of metal, etc., in ores. The Abbe Huc exhibited his microscope to the Regent of Thibet at Lha-Ssa. An exceedingly robust specimen of the pediculus was kindly furnished by a noble Lama, the secretary to the Regent, from his own preserves. When seized by the nippers, the Lama objected that the experiment would cause the death of a living creature. Be silent, said the Regent. Tsong-Kaba! cried he, when invited to apply his eye to the glass; the creature is as big as a rat. After looking at it a few moments, he hid his face with his hands, saying it was too horrible to look at. Every one approached the microscope in his turn, and every one started from it with cries of ho
Fatal duel. --A duel was fought in Charleston on Saturday last between Lieut. Bellinger and Lieut. Rice, both of Lama's regiment, which so distinguished itself in the Secession will fight, in which the former was shot through the heart.