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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Malden, (search)
t importance, in a military point of view, during the War of 1812-15. It is on the Canadian shore, and is now called Amherstburg. There the British fleet on Lake Erie—captured by Perry in 1813—was built, and it was a rallying-place for British troops and their Indian allies. The long dock seen in the engraving was the place where the British fleet was launched. From Malden they sailed on the morning of the battle of Lake Erie. In the winter of 1813 the British and Indians issued from Maiden on the expedition that resulted in the massacre at the Raisin River. In March, while British ships were frozen at Maiden, View of Malden in 1861, where the British ships were built. Harrison sent an expedition to capture them at that port. They set off in sleighs, instructed to leave the latter at Middle Bass Island, whence, with feet muffled by moccasins, they were to make their way silently over the frozen river. But when they arrived the ice had broken up, and the expedition retur
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Atlantic Essays, Ought women to learn the alphabet? (search)
was, no doubt, in the majority of cases, true; and the degradation of woman was simply a part of a system which has, indeed, had its day, but has bequeathed its associations. From this reign of force, woman never freed herself by force. She could not fight, or would not. Bohemian annals, to be sure, record the legend of a literal war between the sexes, in which the women's army was led by Libussa and Wlasla, and which finally ended with the capture, by the army of men, of Castle Dziewin, Maiden's Tower, whose ruins are still visible near Prague. The armor of Libussa is still shown at Vienna; and the guide calls attention to the long-peaked toes of steel, with which he avers, the tender Princess was wont to pierce the hearts of her opponents, while careering through the battle. And there are abundant instances in which women have fought side by side with men, and on equal terms. The ancient British women mingled in the wars of their husbands, and their princesses were trained to
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