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Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Grand movement of the Army of the Potomac- crossing the Rapidan-entering the Wilderness- battle of the Wilderness (search)
kbridge artillery. Salem flying artillery. Col. R. L. Walker's division. Cutt's Battalion. Ross's Battery. Patterson's Battery. Irwin artillery. Richardson's Battalion. Lewis artillery. Donaldsonville artillery. Norfolk light artillery. Huger artillery. McIntosh's Battalion. Johnson's Battery. Hardaway artillery. Danville artillery. 2d Rockbridge artillery. Pegram's Battalion. Peedee artillery. Fredericksburg artillery. Letcher artillery. Purcell Battery. Crenshaw's Battery. Poague's Battalion. Madison artillery. Albemarle artillery. Brooke artillery. Charlotte artillery. the 5th corps, General Warren Commanding, was in advance on the right, and marched directly for Germania [Germanna] Ford, preceded by one division of cavalry, under General J. H. Wilson. General Sedgwick followed Warren with the 6th corps. Germania Ford was nine or ten miles below the right of Lee's line. Hancock, with the 2d corps, moved by another road, farther eas
oads. III. Cooked rations for three days will be carried in the haversacks of the men, and provision must be made for foraging the animals. Straggling from the ranks is strictly prohibited, and commanders will make arrangements to secure and punish the offenders. IV. The movements herein directed will commence to-morrow, twentieth instant, at dawn of day. By command of General R. E. Lee. A. P. Mason, A. A. G. Official: Charles Marshall, Major and A. D. C. [A.] headquarters Crenshaw's farm, August 19, 1862. General J. E. B. Stuart, Commanding Cavalry: General: I desire you to rest your men to-day, refresh your horses, prepare rations, and every thing for the march to-morrow. Get what information you can of fords, roads, and position of enemy, so that your march can be made understandingly and with vigor. I send to you Captain Mason, an experienced bridge-builder, etc., whom I think will be able to aid you in the destruction of the bridge, etc. When that is accompl
effect than to retard, without checking, my march. Near Crenshaw's, the road on which the column commanded by Major-Generaast, four regiments of the Second brigade, accompanied by Crenshaw's battery, followed, from the position on the extreme rigolina volunteers, Colonel Marshall, followed in support — Crenshaw's battery being in rear. The brigade advanced to the att from one of the enemy's batteries. Stopping the fire of Crenshaw's battery for a short time, to allow a passage through thunder his own eye, I formed line of battle in the rear of Crenshaw's batttery, (which ceased firing for a moment to allow usnteers. Report of Captain Crenshaw. headquarters Crenshaw's battery, near Richmond, July 14, 1862. General: In or obedient servant, Wm. G. Crenshaw, Captain, commanding Crenshaw's Battery. List of Killed and Wounded referred to inay, the first instant, we marched with the army as far as Crenshaw's farm, on the New Market road, and, after remaining ther
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 8. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Gettysburg. (search)
battalions of this corps, which was under the command of Captain Brunson until I was joined by Major Pegram, who assumed command on the 30th June at Cashtown, Pennsylvania, I left camp on the morning of the 16th and accompanied the Third corps to Cashtown, in Pennsylvania, where I arrived on the 30th June, and on the morning of the 1st July I assumed command of all the artillery of the corps, which had made the march to that place without loss, except that of Lieutenant Chamberlayne, of the Crenshaw battery, and four of his men, who were captured by the enemy while on a foraging party for the purpose of securing horses. Major Pegram's and Major McIntosh's battalions moved forward on the morning of the 1st with the divisions of Generals Heth and Pender, and were put in position for action on an eminence about one mile west of Gettysburg, from which they opened fire on the enemy with marked effect and finally driving them back out of range. The battalions of Majors Lane and Poague, an
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 12. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 3 (search)
ngfield. McIntosh's Battalion. Lieutenant-Colonel D. G. McIntosh. Johnson's Battery, Captain [V. J. Clutter.] Hardaway Artillery, Captain W. B. Hurt. Danville Artillery, Captain R. S. Rice. Second Rockbridge Artillery, Captain L. Donald. Richardson's Battalion. Lieutenant-Colonel C. Richardson. Lewis Artillery, Captain N. Penick. Donaldsonville Artillery, Captain V. Maurin. Norfolk Light Artillery, Captain C. R. Grandy. Huger Artillery, Captain J. D. Moore. Pegram's Battalion. Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. Pegram. Pee Dee Artillery, [Captain E. B. Brunson]. Fredericksburg Artillery, Captain E. A. Marye. Letcher Artillery, Captain T. A. Brander. Purcell Battery, [Captain Geo. M. Cayce]. Crenshaw's Battery, Captain T. Ellett. Poague's Battalion. Lieutenant-Colonel W. T. Poague. Madison Artillery, [Captain T. J. Richards]. Albemarle Artillery, Captain J. W. Wyatt. Brooke Artillery, Captain A. W. Utterback. Charlotte Artillery, Captain —– Willi
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Crenshaw Battery, Pegram's Battalion, Confederate States Artillery. (search)
aving the battle-field of Fredericksburg, the Crenshaw Battery moved down near Hamilton's Crossing, rch. After cooking three days rations, the Crenshaw Battery moved out in the main road leading toto position, the Fredericksburg Artillery and Crenshaw's Battery opening fire almost simultaneously,nd repulsed by the troops of A. P. Hill. The Crenshaw Battery reached Spotsylvania Courthouse late f his army to the south side of the James the Crenshaw Battery received orders to move, as did the wn my diary as of much importance in which the Crenshaw Battery took part, following the Reams' statime to meet the enemy at Hatchers Run. The Crenshaw Battery arrived in an open field just off fro, driving Sheridan's troops before them. The Crenshaw Battery followed close behind the cavalry, crabout sundown on Saturday, April 1, 1865, the Crenshaw Battery, with its three guns (one gun and moss up before him in all its pristine glory the Crenshaw Battery, as with proud step it made its way t
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A confederation of Southern Memorial Associations. (search)
7. Colston, Colonel R E. 85. Cone, Frank, killed, 292 Confederate, flag, history of, 89; disparity of forces of, 108, 334; wants, 148; Navy, 125, 105; Soldier, the, 247; The only Treaty, 255; Veteran, What is he? 316; Congress in 1861, 281; Commissioners to Europe, 284; Constitution, 286; songs, 350, 367. Confederated Southern Memorial Association Organization of, 377. Conrad, H. Tucker, killed, 66. Crater, Battle of the, 208; Sharpshooters of Mahone's Brigade at, 307. Crenshaw's Battery, Organization and record of, 336. Curtis, General N. M., 314. Daughters of the Confederacy at N. O, 228. Davidson, Captain, Greenlee, killed, 852. Davis General Joseph R, 299. Davis, Mrs, Jefferson, Visit to, 315. Devens, General 43. Dickson, Mrs. William H., 230. Drewry's Bluff, President Davis as to operations at, 322, 323. Ellett, Lieutenant, Robert, killed, 366. Ellett, Lieutenant, James, killed, 349. Ellett. Captain Thomas 343 Emmett, Thomas, kil
Supreme Court of Appeals. --The following decisions have been rendered by this Court since our last report: Murphy vs. McCourt. Argued by Robt. R. Collier for the appellant, and John Lyon for the appellee. Decree of the Circuit Court of the city of Petersburg affirmed. Crenshaw, &c., vs. Crenshaw's adm'r, &c. Argued by C. G. Griswold for the appellant, and August & Randolph for the appellee.--Decree of the Circuit Court of the county of Hanover affirmed. Epes vs. Williams' ex'or, and others. Argued by Wm. T. Joynes for the appellants, and James Alfred Jones and John Lyon for the appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of the city of Petersburg affirmed. Cockerel vs. Flowerree's adm'r, and others. Argued by Messrs. Tucker " Patton for the appellants, and Arthur A. Morson and R. E. Scott for the appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of Fauquier county reversed. The Court adjourned to the 5th day of April next.
Virginia life Guard. --Those wishing to send letters to members of this company, will leave them at Messrs. Haxall & Crenshaw's office, at the mill, by three o'clock to-day, where they will be received by Mr. J. W. S. Taylor, who leaves on Friday morning. He will also attend to boxes on the train for the same company.
Promoted. --Junior Second Lieut. Thomas Ellett, of the Crenshaw Battery of this city, has been appointed Captain of that battery, vice Captain Crenshaw, resigned. Captain Ellett has been a Lieutenant in the battery ever since its organization, and is highly esteemed by his command. Sergeant E. G. Hollis, of this city, of the same company, has been elected (unanimously) to till the vacancy occasioned by the promotion of Lieut. Ellett. Sergeant Hollis is said to be very popular with the command, and it is thought he will make an excellent officer.
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