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Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Chapter 15: movement into Maryland. (search)
brigades on the front line, and Lawton's and my brigade in their rear, Lawton's forming the second line, and mine the third. In this order we moved forward through some fields on the right of the road until we reached a woods on a hill called School House Hill, confronting the main works on Bolivar Heights, and in easy range for artillery. This was done without opposition, and Hays' brigade was then moved to the left of the road and mine posted in its rear, the right being occupied by Trimbbeen moved during the night, from Hill's position, from each side of the pike in front of Ewell's division, and from the left on the Potomac, opened on the enemy. In front of the position occupied by Ewell's division was a deep valley between School House Hill and Bolivar Heights, the whole of which was cleared. On the opposite side the ascent to the enemy's works was steep and over thick brush that had been felled so as to make a formidable abattis. It was over this ground we would have had
Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Index. (search)
394, 396, 398- 399, 402, 408, 410-13, 419-23, 427, 429 Rogers, Captain J. G., 81 Rohrersville, 385 Romney, 240, 244, 247, 249 Rosecrans, General (U. S.A.), 303, 476 Ross Pole, 477 Rosser, General T. L., 334-339, 435- 436, 438, 441, 443, 446, 447, 450- 462, 466 Round Hill, 440 Round Top Mountain, 272 Rude's Hill, 432, 454 Salem, 114, 327-29, 331, 377, 379, 382, 393 Salem Church, 218, 233 Santa Anna, 471 Savage Station, 77, 87 Savannah, 190 Scales, General, 355 School House Hill, 136, 137 Scott, Captain, John, 4, 6 Scott, Colonel, 93, 180 Scott, General, 1, 38, 39, 42 Secret Service Corps, 88, 89 Sedgwick, General (U. S. A.), 148, 151, 197, 201, 203-04, 207, 214, 217-220, 228, 231, 233-34, 281, 309, 321, 360 Seminary Hill, 270, 276 Semmes, General, 147 Seven Pines, 74 Seventh Street Pike, 389 Seymour, General (U. S. A.), 350 Shady Grove, 351-355 Shaler, General (U. S. A.), 350 Sharpsburg, 139, 140, 153, 157, 162, 186,
own, when he formed line of battle, and advanced to the woods on School-House Hill. The division laid on their arms during the night, Lawton e other batteries of Ewell's division were placed in position on School-House Hill, on each side of the road. At dawn, September fifteenth,lonel Douglas commanding) moved, by flank, to the bottom between School-House Hill and Bolivar Heights, to support the advance of Major-Genera batteries at about one thousand yards' range. The batteries on School-House Hill attacked the enemy's lines in front. In a short time the g After passing Halltown, the division advanced to the woods on School-House Hill, in line in the following order: Lawton and Trimble's brigaelonging to the division were placed in position on the crest of School-House Hill, on each side of the road. At dawn, the brigades were advaunder cover, to the bottom, on the right of the turnpike between School-House Hill and Bolivar Heights, for the purpose of supporting General
lt.Suspension-hook. Hook-butt.Tackle-hook. Hooked tool.Tenaculum-hook. Hooking-frame.Tenter-hook. Hook-motion.Tow-hook. Hook-rope.Trace-hook. Hook-scarf.Wad-hook. Hook. Sewing-machineWatch-chain hook. Hook-tool. Hooks. Besides these are many which come under the name of hardware, and whose names indicate their purpose: — Awning-hook.Head-board hook (i). Bird-cage hook.Hook and eye (d). Cabin-door hook.Horse-hitching hook. Clothes-hook (f a b c).Lamp-hook. Cotton-hook.School-house hook. Dressing-glass hook.Screw-hook (h). Harness-hook (j).Wardrobe-hook (a b c). 2. (Shipbuilding.) A knee or strengthening frame conforming to the inner shape of the vessel and supporting the bow or forward ends of the decks. See stem. 3. (Knitting-machine.) The barbed extremity of the needle, which retains the yarn. The beard. Hook and butt. A mode of scarfing timber so that the parts resist tensile strain to part them. A hook-scarf. See scarf. Hook and eye.
. do.7 00 George Prentiss, for Lumber, work, and expense of moving South School house19 40 Ebenezer Hall for work on School house1 50 William Hill, 3d, do. do.3 50 Abner Stears, for repairing School house3 33 Thomas Russell, for Nails and Glass School house3 33 Thomas Russell, for Nails and Glass for School houses, and for Groceries and Refreshment for Carpenters when repairing School houses17 34 Wyman & Day, for Axes and Spikes for School houses4 75 George Prentiss, for Cash paid Jeduthun Wellington for land for School house36 87 George PSchool house36 87 George Prentiss, for expenses as an Agent at Cambridge4 00 S. & J. Butterfield, for work on School houses4 75 Thomas Russell, for Sundries and Refreshment to Surveyors of highways14 33 John Tufts, for Refreshment to Selectmen and Committees4 11 Gardner &horized by the town to select land and build a new School-house in the Northwest District, and make sale of the former School-house, in 1822. 1824 The town provided for the inoculation of the inhabitants with the cow-pox. Gen. Lafayette was in
ral Court appointed a committee to divide the two precincts, to consider the expediency of removing one or both meeting houses, and to fix the proper places for them. The Court adopted the report of the committee December 7th, that the new, or west meeting-house, should be removed to a rising ground within twenty rods of Nathaniel Livermore's dwelling-house [the present Lyman Place], or a new one be erected there within two years; that the old, or east meeting-house, should be removed to School-house hill, or a new one be built there within ten years. The town voted compliance with this report. The West Precinct, at their first meeting, in 1720, adopted measures to support preaching, and applied for the new meeting-house, in order to remove it, but owing to some difficulties in regard to moving the building, they decided to purchase of Newton their old meeting-house for £ 80, removed and erected it on the designated spot, north of the entrance gate on Lyman Street, and some two rods
the following only were in existence when the town was incorporated, viz.: Mill Street, part of North Street or Trapelo Road; Pigeon Hill Road, part of the old Forest Street; part of Quince; Beaver; Winter; part of Lincoln, the way up the hills; a way by Mr. Hagar's unknown; Prospect; Weston; Main, the country road; part of South, the way to Dummer's farm; the road over Prospect Hill, beginning above the house of Hon. N. P. Banks; Bacon Street, Skunk, or Mixer's Lane, from Country Road to School-house; Pleasant; Grove and Warren Streets. Gore Street was an ancient way, but is not mentioned as a highway in the Surveyors' bounds. The northern portion of the town had nearly double the population of the southern portion. With the exception of a few residences on the Main or Country Road (Main Street), the earliest settlers in Waltham seem to have lived upon Trapelo The origin of the word Trapelo is not known. A traditional explanation of its derivation states that it is a combinati
mber of the church in Watertown, 22; provides a house for Rev. Mr. Phillips, 23; fined for whipping two persons, 23; children of, 23 n. 2; returned to England, 23, 25, 57; 79 n. 1. Sanderson, Abner, 97 n. 2, 103, 104; Isaac, 80; Deacon John, house of, 98; Jonathan, deacon, 72, 97; Nathan, 117. Sawgus, settlement upon the river of 15, 38 n. 2. Sawin, Daniel, occupied Phillips house, 45. Saybrook, Conn., 39. School, a moving, ordered, 71. School-buildings, number of, 139. School-house, first, in Trapelo, 80-1. School-houses, Grammar and High, 139. School-girls raise money for Soldiers' Aid Society, 111. Scolds, treatment of, 58. Screws, infinitesimal, 136. Scurvy, many sick with, 15. Sea Island cotton, 126. Seal of Watertown, 63. Second Congregational Church (Whitman's, 1826) organized, 114. Second Orthodox Church organized and dissolved, 114. Second Religious Society (1812), 109; rejoins First Church, 110. Second Religious Society (18
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 2., The development of the public School of Medford. (search)
and the committee were instructed to Hire a School House for the time above said. And again, Nov. 2d in 1733: Pd. Jona. Watson for work at School House£ 18-10s. Jacob Polly for work at School HoSchool House1-15s. Sam. Francis for work at School House1-15s. The school house cost up to this time £ 3School House1-15s. The school house cost up to this time £ 32, but in 1734-5, month impossible of determination: To Cash pd to Deacn Willis for the Schoolhe two beyond a doubt. Teachers in first School-house 1732-1771 FromToHarvard ClassNotes 1732ThFifty Milld Dollars. Also voted to build a School House upon sd land purchased of said Watson. Thofferent teachers. Teachers in the second School-house 1771-1795 FromToHarvard ClassNotes 1771Auobably unoccupied. Teachers in the third School-house 1795-1846 FromToHarvard classNotes 1795Ma 1807Samuel Weed1800from Amesbury, b. 1774 School-house enlarged and two schools established 1807 46Aaron K. Hathaway High School in third School-house 1835-1844 1835May-Aug. 1835Charles Mason
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 2., A business man of long ago. (search)
0 [ ]o Do. paid to Thomas Tufts Junr. for keeping School80000 [ ]o Do pd. to Benjamin Willis on Accomt of the000000 School House—————————100000 To Do paid to John Bradish for Glazing at the Meeting House——————1211 To Samuel Brooks Treasurr 17ighways516 [ ] 26To Cash pd. to Solomon Page for keeping School2200 [ ] oTo Cash pd. to Jona: Watson, for work at ye School house18100 [ ]6To Cash paid to Jacob Polly, for work at ye School house1150 To Cash pd. to Saml Francis for work at ye SchSchool house1150 To Cash pd. to Saml Francis for work at ye School house1150 (Towns Pew []Cash pd. to Peter Seccombe for Building ye21310 (highways [] Cash pd. to Francis Whitmore for work at ye1116 (Towns Pew [] Cash pd to Francis Leathe, for building ye0100 [] Cash pd. to William Hall, for work at ye hiSchool house1150 (Towns Pew []Cash pd. to Peter Seccombe for Building ye21310 (highways [] Cash pd. to Francis Whitmore for work at ye1116 (Towns Pew [] Cash pd to Francis Leathe, for building ye0100 [] Cash pd. to William Hall, for work at ye highway160 (highway To Cash pd. to Aaron Blanchard, for work at the146 To Cash pd. to Joseph Tompson for work at ye highways0100 To Cash pd to William Willis, according to a Vote of ye Town at yr Meeting June 19th: 1734300 T