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rd and escort to a forage-train of fifty wagons, and a large force of rebels, resulting in a retreat of the latter with considerable loss.--(Doc. 66.) Yesterday the steamer Lake City was set on fire and destroyed by a band of guerrillas at Concordia, Ark., and to-day the United States naval despatch-boat De Soto went to Concordia, and burned forty-two houses. Theodorus Bailey, Acting Rear-Admiral of the United States Navy, assumed command of the Eastern Gulf Blockading squadron, and iConcordia, and burned forty-two houses. Theodorus Bailey, Acting Rear-Admiral of the United States Navy, assumed command of the Eastern Gulf Blockading squadron, and issued general orders to that effect.--At New Orleans, La., General Butler issued a repetition of General Order No. 55, by which certain cotton-brokers, who had subscribed to aid the rebellion, were assessed at the rate of twenty-five per cent on the amount of their subscription, for the relief of the poor of the city.--Butler's General Orders, No. 105. A skirmish took place near Brentville, Tenn., between a reconnoitring party of Union troops, under the command of Colonel John A. Martin, a
A Pipe for Lincolnites to Smoke. --The Concordia Rifles who have arrived here, says the New Orleans Delta, are commanded by Zeb York, a man who, it is said, is able to buy the Washington Administration. Capt. York and Mr. Hoover, of Concordia, raised the company at their own expense. They pay their men $15 a month, give $20 a month to the support of each man's wife in necessitous circumstances, and $5 to each soldier's child. If any individual or corporation can beat this, we would like to know it.
at Gen. Hovey's expedition on the Mississippi has returned to Helena, Arkansas. The results of the expedition are one hundred and sixty rebels killed, wounded and captured, and our loss thirty-four killed, wounded and missing. The army of Gen. Sherman has returned to Memphis. The rebel army of Mississippi is said to be between Jackson and Canton. Gen. Grant is still at Oxford with his forces, and an immediate advance is not expected. A party of guerrillas burnt the steamer Lake City at Concordia. Ark, on Monday of last week, and in retaliation a U. S steamer the next day destroyed forty-two houses in the place. A band of rebels, numbering two thousand, was surprised at Tuscumbia, on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, east of Corinth, and completely routed by two regiments of National infantry and one company of cavalry. The St. Louis Republican says dispatches have been received from Gen Herron confirming the magnitude of the battle of Yuille Grove. Gen. H states, that "w
We have Northern dates of Saturday, the 9th inst., and make up the following summary of the intelligence which is most important: Inroads upon leased plantations — no cotton to be raised. A correspondent of the St. Louis Democrat, writing from Natchez, Miss., March 10 says: In Concordia and Tenses parishes, in Louisiana, the rebels have recently caused much trouble. Nearly all the Government plantations in that locality have received visits from marauding parties to such an extent that labor upon them has been almost entirely suspended. The first attempt to break up the scheme for the production of cotton was made more than a month ago by the forces under Gen. Polignac. At that time they came up nearly to the bank of the river, and within full view of Natchez. Every plantation that they visited was stripped of mules and horses, necessary for carrying on work. Since that time the same depredations have been carried on by small hands of the enemy detached for t