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The Annals of the Civil War Written by Leading Participants North and South (ed. Alexander Kelly McClure), Lee and Grant in the Wilderness. (search)
ridge, and, continuing his march, halted near the intersection of the old pike and Germanna ford road, and went into bivouac. Sedgwick's (Sixth) Corps crossed later in the afternoon, and camped near the ford. Wilson's cavalry advanced up the old pike to watch any move of the Confederates from that quarter. Hancock, preceded by Gregg's cavalry, crossed at Ely's ford, and by nine A. M. on the 4th, was at Chancellorsville; there went into bivouac, having thrown the cavalry forward toward Todd's Tavern and Fredericksburg. It is well to observe how accurately posted General Lee was as to the designs of the enemy, whose movement began at twelve A. M., while his own followed in a few hours-commencing at sunup in some cases, and earlier in others. General Lee's troops moved by the right flank; two divisions of Hill's Corps (Heth's and Wilcox's) down the plank road toward Fredericksburg, and bivouacked near dark at Vidierville. Wilcox had made a long march, having been six miles above
Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Chapter 33: battles around Spottsylvania. (search)
out 13,000 muskets for duty. General Lee's orders to me were to move by Todd's Tavern along the Brock road to Spottsylvania CourtHouse as soon as our front was c was enabled to take a cross-road leading into the road from Shady Grove to Todd's Tavern. The wagon trains and all the artillery, except one battalion, were sent around by Shady Grove. About a mile from the road from Shady Grove to Todd's Tavern, the enemy's cavalry videttes were encountered, and Mahone's division was thrown d position. Mahone encountered a force of infantry which had moved up from Todd's Tavern toward Shady Grove and had quite a brisk engagement with it, causing it to escape. This affair developed the fact that the enemy was in possession of Todd's Tavern and the Brock road, and a continuation of my march would have led through h from which Mahone had driven the enemy, and a force was thrown out towards Todd's Tavern, which was about a mile distant. Very early next morning (the 9th), I r
Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Index. (search)
on, 433 Terrill, Colonel, 349, 362 Terrill, Lieutenant Colonel, 194, 250 Terry, Colonel, 62, 72 Terry, Lieutenant, 94 Texas, 468 The Fort, 367 Thoburn, Colonel (U. S. A.), 327 Thomas, Colonel, 99, 124 Thomas, General (U. S. A.), 98, 100, 155, 174, 326, 329-334, 336, 337-38-39, 355-56-57-58, 466, 467 Thornton, Captain, Wm., 187 Thornton, W. W., 4, 47, 50 Thornton's Gap, 284, 285 Thoroughfare Gap, 114, 125 Three Springs, 134 Three Top Mountain, 407 Todd's Tavern, 352 Tom's Brook, 436 Toombs, General, 81 Torbert, General (U. S. A.), 408, 417, 433, 434 Tottopotomoy, 362 Trans-Mississippi Department, 52, 468 Treasury Department, 476 Trimble, General, 78, 79, 82, 106, 115, 119, 120-21, 123, 125, 129, 131, 136, 139, 141, 143, 152, 158, 162, 171, 176, 185, 188, 191, 212, 236 Tunis, Lieutenant, 197, 198 Tunker Church, 403 Trevillian's, 379 Tyler, Colonel, 49 Tyler's Division (U. S. A.), 10, 31, 32, 35, 39, 49 Union Mills, 5, 6, 12, 13, 15, 31, 50
Fitzhugh Lee, General Lee, Chapter 11: Chancellorsville. (search)
march was quickly ascertained next day and reported to General Lee by telegraph from Culpeper Court House. Stuart made a detour with one of his two brigades of cavalry, after throwing a regiment in front of the Federal advance, and reaching Todd's Tavern on the 30th, placed his cavalry across the routes leading to Lee's lines of communication. Jackson, whose right stretched fourteen miles below Fredericksburg, was brought up to Hamilton's Crossing the same day Hooker's right wing was crossinon, and placed them on the right or in front of his flank, his infantry would not have been surprised; or had he continued his advance on Fredericksburg when first moving out of Chancellorsville, and, pushed his cavalry along the route toward Todd's Tavern and Spottsylvania Court House, the chances of success would have been in his favor. General Lee fought the battle in the only way it could have been won, but the risks assumed were very great. To say that he committed faults is only to say
Fitzhugh Lee, General Lee, Chapter 13: campaign in Virginia.-Bristol Station.-mine Run.-Wilderness. (search)
o get him more Texans, and said after Sharpsburg if he had more of them he would feel more certain of results. Hancock's troops were driven behind their log breastworks, upon which a later attack failed. The same afternoon Gordon, with three brigades of Ewell's corps, made a successful assault on Sedgwick's line, Wright's division; but night stopped the contest. During the day severe combats had taken place between the cavalry of the two armies on the Furnace and Brock roads and at Todd's Tavern, with no decisive results. Both armies were locked in their temporary breastworks. Lee could no longer hope to successfully assail the immense masses of Grant, and on Grant, imperturbable and calm, the impression had been made that to again attack along the whole line would be hopeless. It was a terrible field for a battle — a region of tangled underbrush, ragged foliage, and knotted trunks. You hear the saturnalia, gloomy, hideous, desperate, raging unconfined. You see nothing, and
Fitzhugh Lee, General Lee, Index. (search)
General, mentioned, 283. Tabernacle Church, 246. Taliaferro, General, 76, 186, 190, 191- 228. Taney, Chief Justice, 82. Tayloe, Colonel G. E., 390. Taylor, Colonel, W. H., 150, 166, 126, 271, 301. Taylor, Zachary, 32, 33, 54. Terry, General, 24. Texan troops in the Wilderness, 331. Thomas, General George H., notice of, 47; mentioned, 61, 62, 58, 60, 103. Thomas, G. H., Mrs., mentioned, 67,69. Thomas, General, Lorenzo, 115. Thoroughfare Gap, 189, 190, 192, 193. Todd's Tavern, Va., 244. Toombs, General, Robert, 213, 214. Torbert's cavalry division, 343. Totopatomoy Creek, 158. Traveler, Lee's favorite horse, 211, 312, 406. Trevilian's, cavalry fight at, 344. Trimble, General, at Gettysburg, 287. Trist, Nicholas P., commissioner 46. Tucker's, Commodore, naval battalion, 381. Tunstall's Station, Va., 154. Turenne, Field-Marshal, 13, 423. Turner's Gap, Va., 205, 206. Twiggs, General David E., 38, 40. United States Ford, 245. Upton's br
Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Grand movement of the Army of the Potomac- crossing the Rapidan-entering the Wilderness- battle of the Wilderness (search)
where they were without getting into position. During the afternoon Sheridan sent Gregg's division of cavalry to Todd's Tavern in search of Wilson. This was fortunate. He found Wilson engaged with a superior force under General Rosser, suppory who were trying to get on our left and rear. He met them at the intersection of the Furnace and Brock roads and at Todd's Tavern, and defeated them at both places. Later he was attacked, and again the enemy was repulsed. Hancock heard the ficock to weaken his attacking column. Word reached him that troops were seen moving towards him from the direction of Todd's Tavern, and Brooke's brigade was detached to meet this new enemy; but the troops approaching proved to be several hundred coin their intrenchments. On the morning of the 7th General Custer drove the enemy's cavalry from Catharpin Furnace to Todd's Tavern. Pickets and skirmishers were sent along our entire front to find the position of the enemy. Some went as far as a
Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, After the battle-telegraph and signal service- movement by the left flank (search)
n at Spottsylvania [Spotsylvania] C. H. with one army corps, at Todd's Tavern with one, and another near the intersection of the Piney Branc During the 7th Sheridan had a fight with the rebel cavalry at Todd's Tavern, but routed them, thus opening the way for the troops that weren's column when it should come up, and continued our journey to Todd's Tavern, where we arrived after midnight. My object in moving to Snsiderably fighting during the afternoon of the 7th, lasting at Todd's Tavern until after night, with the field his at the close. He issued ers to Merritt — who was holding the bridge — on his arrival at Todd's Tavern, and thereby left the road free for Anderson when he came up. Wh Church, was ordered to Warren's support. Hancock, who was at Todd's Tavern, was notified of Warren's engagement, and was directed to be innd that he had been following us when he ran against Hancock at Todd's Tavern. His coming detained Hancock from the battle-field of Spottsyl
Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Battle of Spottsylvania-Hancock's position-assault of Warren's and Wright's corps-upton promoted on the field-good news from Butler and Sheridan (search)
was a much better country to conduct a defensive campaign in than an offensive one. By noon of the 9th the position of the two armies was as follows: Lee occupied a semicircle facing north, north-west and north-east, inclosing the town. Anderson was on his left extending to the Po, Ewell came next, then Early. Warren occupied our right, covering the Brock and other roads converging at Spottsylvania; Sedgwick was to his left and Burnside on our extreme left. Hancock was yet back at Todd's Tavern, but as soon as it was known that Early had left Hancock's front the latter was ordered up to Warren's right. He formed a line with three divisions on the hill overlooking the Po early in the afternoon, and was ordered to cross the Po and get on the enemy's flank. The fourth division of Hancock's corps, Mott commanding, was left at Todd's when the corps first came up; but in the afternoon it was brought up and placed to the left of Sedgwick's-now Wright's-6th corps. In the morning Gen
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 38: battle of the Wilderness. (search)
In accordance with the general plan of turning the Confederate right without touching our intrenched line along Mine Run, the Army of the Potomac had been put in motion early on the 5th, the Second Corps towards Shady Grove Church by the Todd's Tavern road, the Fifth by the dirt road towards Parker's Store on the Plank road, the Sixth on the right, to follow the Fifth as movements developed. General Warren moved with three divisions, leaving Griffin's on the turnpike. Presently, after tae right of the Fifth by wood roads, and prepare for the battle. Getty's division was ordered to the Plank road at the Brock road crossing, to hold that point at all hazards until the Second Corps could join it, the latter being recalled from Todd's Tavern for that holding and developments there indicated. At noon General Warren was prepared on the turnpike and attacked with Griffin's and Wadsworth's divisions. General Lee's orders were against a general engagement until his forces were
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