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ons — that of Gen. Sill having been detached and sent to Frankfort — had directed the posting of his troops and formation of his line of battle--Gen. Rousseau's division on the right, in line with the left of Gilbert's corps, and Gen. Jackson's on the left, near the little hamlet of Maxwell, on the Harrodsburg road — rode off and reported in person to Gen. Buell, 2 1/2 miles distant, in the rear of his right; and received verbal orders to make a reconnoissance in front of his position to Chaplin creek. Returning to his command, and finding nothing in progress but mutual artillery practice, to little purpose, he ordered his batteries to save their ammunition, while he made the directed reconnoissance; at the same time advancing his skirmishers and extending his left, in order to obtain a more advantageous position, and enable his men to procure from the creek the water for which they were suffering. So much being accomplished, and no enemy in sight save some cavalry on the bluffs acr<
, at the same time putting the batteries in position. Colonel Laiboldt drove the enemy back down the hill and across Chaplin Creek, after an obstinate contest, in which the loss was severe on both sides. Captain Barnett, with one section of his baof the belt of timber, where he had an enfilading fire on the enemy's batteries on the opposite side of the valley of Chaplin Creek; advancing at the same time six regiments to support him. The fire of Captain Hescock was here very severely felt by ell, understood to be two or three miles on our right. Waiting, perhaps, an hour, I concluded to resume the march to Chaplin Creek, then probably a mile to our front, to get water for my men, who were suffering intensely for want of it. There was a to take the advance of the brigade to which it belongs, and proceeded to the crest of a hill overlooking a branch of Chaplin Creek, when the enemy in front opened upon us from a battery, and we were ordered to retire to the foot of the hill, some h
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.26 (search)
th their brigades, were placed on the left of the Confederate line to protect from Crittenden. Cheatham's three brigades were moved to the extreme right along Chaplin creek, ready for an assault on Terrell and Webster's Brigades of Jackson's Division. Wharton, with a small command of cavalry, was placed at the Confederate right to strike the Federal left flank. Wheeler, on the other hand, placed at the extreme left. Semple's battery was placed near Seminary Hill, east of Chaplin creek, and maintained its position during the entire engagement. Preston Smith's Brigade was held in reserve. Smith, Turner, Carnes and other artilleryists did noble work as ocnius grasped the situation at Perryville—let his name be numbered among the glorious sons of the South. Can we recall the ascent of those hills of Doctor and Chaplin creeks, the storming of those batteries defended by such brigades as Gooding led, or Starkweather commanded, without a feeling of pride as Americans both? Let tho
g five charges, took two Kentucky batteries, and the enemy, after very hard fighting, were driven back eight miles. The foregoing relates to Wednesday's fight. No accounts have yet been received of the losses on either side; but ours is supposed to be large, from the mortality among the field officers. A large ambulance train is now leaving, Louisville, to bring the wounded hither. Louisville, Oct. 10, 4 P. M.--Early yesterday morning Gen. Buell attacked Gen. Bragg's forces at Chaplin Creek, in the immediate vicinity of Perryville. A short but terrific fight ensued, when the rebels broke and retreated rapidly over three diverging roads Southward, our forces in close pursuit. It is hoped that the lot will be bagged. At the last accounts Gen. Gilbert's forces were in the rear of the rebels and some distance below them. Military exigencies require the suppression of details. No further accounts of losses on either side have been received. Louisville is in great excite