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y-eight days, the heaviest land and naval attacks known in history. On Sullivan's Island, north of Sumter, was old Fort Moultrie, and half a mile east of it Battery Beauregard, planned by General Beauregard and by him ordered to be built, as earlhe consideration of these questions, so as to discuss— 1st. The entrance, i. e., all outside of a line drawn from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter; thence to Cummings's Point, including, also—outside of this line—Battery Beauregard, at the entrance lusions were arrived at: 1st. The existing defences of the entrance are: Beauregard battery, with two heavy guns; Fort Moultrie, with nine; the Sand Batteries on the west end of Sullivan's Island, with but four yet mounted; and Fort Sumter, with thirty-eight. Of the Gorge, say nine guns in Fort Moultrie, thirty-two in Fort Sumter (not including seven 10-inch mortars), and as yet but four in the Sand batteries. Of the Harbor, say fourteen guns of Fort Sumter, and the four guns in the <
-pounder guns (on siege carriages) now on the eastern cremaillere lines of James Island will be sent to battery at Willtown Bluff, in Second Military District. 8. The 32-pounder recently ordered to be banded to replace a defective piece in Fort Moultrie, when ready for service, will be sent to Battery Glover, to take place of a 32-pounder to be brought here by commanding officer of First District, to be banded and rifled. 9. All guns, when sent or transferred to positions not already suff. General Ripley was directed to attend to the armament of the two redoubts in rear of Fort Pemberton, and to transfer thither as soon as possible one 24-pounder on siege-carriage from the cremaillere line, and one 24-pounder in barbette from Fort Moultrie or Castle Pinckney. 21. The battery at Church Flats was also ordered to be converted at once into a small enclosed work, to hold two 12-pounder smooth-bore guns, an 18-pounder, and two 6-pounder light pieces, to be taken from different wo
nfederates. cautious approach of the monitors. Fort Moultrie opens fire on them. Fort Sumter does likewise. four guns and mortars. Next in importance was Fort Moultrie, under Colonel William Butler, assisted by Major companies, one from Fort Sumter, the other from Fort Moultrie. The first was commanded by Lieutenant W. E. Er first shot on the assaulting squadron came from Fort Moultrie. The vessel fired at kept on her course until se minutes, and then replied, firing by battery. Fort Moultrie and batteries Bee and Beauregard did likewise. upon it, and only sending an occasional shot at Fort Moultrie and batteries Bee and Beauregard. It was a grans report, says: It is due to the garrison of Fort Moultrie and their soldierly and accomplished commander, ing principally to the repulse. The garrison of Fort Moultrie, under Colonel William Butler, seconded by Major convenient for accuracy or celerity of fire. Fort Moultrie and other batteries were not touched in a way to
may be transferred with advantage to Sullivan's Island, and wishes you to consider and give your views upon the matter. A covered way should be made between Fort Moultrie and Battery Bee, carefully secured from enfilade from the sand-hills on east end of Sullivan's Island. The gate-way in gorge of Fort Sumter must be closed, he wishes the rope obstructions to go on, and desires that they be laid between Castle Pinckney and Fort Ripley. He also wishes you to make an inspection of Fort Moultrie, to see if the glacis does not require to be raised, for the better protection of the brick scarp-wall. You will likewise see if Shell Point Battery does notvered way thence to Fort Johnson. The General wishes to know if mining wires cannot be established from Battery Gregg to Fort Sumter, and from the latter to Fort Moultrie, or if safety-fuses may not be prepared. Finally, he directs that you make a report on the Raine's torpedoes, which have been placed in front of Battery Wag
ne 6.40 Brooke gun, and three 10-inch mortars. The armament of Fort Moultrie was ordered to be increased by guns taken from Fort Sumter. on of the guns, also for the construction of a covered way from Fort Moultrie to Battery Bee. During the night Brigadier-General Taliaferrvanced works were shelled throughout the day by Battery Wagner, Fort Moultrie, and the James Island batteries. During the night the enemy're lost. Between 11 and 12 M. one of the monitors approached Fort Moultrie, and when within range was opened on by the fort. The enemy rthe fort for four hours; a steady fire was kept up on them from Fort Moultrie and other Sullivan's Island batteries. During the engagement the enemy fired about sixty shots, striking Fort Moultrie fifteen times, but doing no damage. The fort fired one hundred and thirty-two shotsn working order, but a heavy fire was kept up on the fleet from Fort Moultrie with good effect, two of the monitors being apparently injured,
ater, to the left of Cummings's Point. Battery Bee will be specially enjoined to direct her fire between Fort Sumter and Cummings's Point, so as to assist the gunboats in sweeping the interior water face of Morris Island. Some of the guns of Fort Moultrie must also be brought to bear on the same face of the island, the rest of her armament giving attention to the monitors, but being employed in strict conformity with the views of the Commanding General, hitherto expressed, on the subject of thyed by our troops unless too close to our batteries. It serves as a good object to draw the enemy's fire. The 8-inch rifled and banded gun heretofore ordered to the foot of Laurens Street (where a 10-inch gun has been put) will be sent to Fort Moultrie; Colonels Butler and Harris to determine its position. The 11-inch gun on Sullivan's Island will have to be transferred to the eastern chamber of Battery Bee, designated by Commanding General to Engineer officer, to a position east of an 8
by the same officers as on the 17th inst., Forts Moultrie and Sumter, which were found to be in fineline, and one 24-pounder in barbette, from Fort Moultrie or Castle Pinckney. The General request They steamed up main ship-channel towards Fort Moultrie, in line of battle, as follows: four singltion of the 7th of April. Headquarters, Fort Moultrie, S. C., April 13th, 1863. First-Lieutenant W. minutes later the first gun was fired from Fort Moultrie, and soon the engagement became general. service, will be added to the armament of Fort Moultrie; and you will also increase the armament bvided with carriage, etc., will be sent to Fort Moultrie, and the one as yet without carriage will lumbiads each shall be constructed between Fort Moultrie and Battery Beauregard, Sullivan's Island.ander. The south end of the quarters at Fort Moultrie next to the guns should be torn away and rn over rampart. August 31st: 2.30 A. M.—Fort Moultrie fired on steamer Sumter by mistake; sent o[15 more...]