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The Photographic History of The Civil War: in ten volumes, Thousands of Scenes Photographed 1861-65, with Text by many Special Authorities, Volume 1: The Opening Battles. (ed. Francis Trevelyan Miller), Engagements of the Civil War with losses on both sides December, 1860-August, 1862 (search)
Union, Gen. Geo. B. McClellan's command. Confed., Gen. R. E. Lee's command. Losses: Union 13 killed, 40 wounded. Confed. 20 killed, 10 wounded, 50 prisoners. Confed. Gen. R. S. Garnett killed. July 16, 1861: Millsville or Wentzville, Mo. Losses: Union 7 killed, 1 wounded. Confed. 7 killed. July 17, 1861: Fulton, Mo. Losses: Union 1 killed, 15 wounded. July 16, 1861: Scarey Creek, W. Va. Losses: Union 9 killed, 38 wounded. July 16, 1861: Martinsburg, Mo. Losses: Union 1 killed, 1 wounded. July 18, 1861: Blackburn's Ford, Va. Union, 1st Mass., 2d and 3d Mich., 12th N. Y., Detachment of 2d U. S. Cav., Battery E 3d U. S. Artil. Confed., 5th, 11th N. C., 2d, 3d, 7th S. C., 1st, 7th, 11th, 17th, 24th Va., 7th La., 13th Miss. Losses: Union 19 killed, 38 wounded. Confed. 15 killed, 53 wounded. July 21, 1861: Bull Run or Manassas, Va. Union, 2d Me., 2d N. H., 2d Vt., 1st, 4th, and 5th Mass., 1st and 2d R. I., 1st,
hall Ney of Gettysburg, a name given to Gen'l G. E. Pickett, II., 261. Marston, G., X., 219. Marston, J., VI., 174. Martha's Vineyard, Mass., VI., 318. Martin, J. G.: II., 322; X., 279. Martin, J. W.: Sixth Independent New York Battery, horse artillery, IX., 61. Martin, R. M.: attempts to burn New York City, VII, 300 seq. Martin, W. F.: I., 350; II., 330, 348. Martindale, J. H.: I., 333; X., 191, 226. Martinsburg, Md., I., 348. Martinsburg, Mo., I., 348. Martinsburg, W. Va.: II., 336; III., 144, 148; IV., 82, 84. Marye's Heights, Va.: II., 81; Confederates, strongest position of, on, II., 84, 86; national cemetery at, II., 87; Union assault upon and slaughter at, II., 92-96 inc.; Marye's house at, II., 95; Union and Confederate losses and wounded at, II., 102, 113, 120, 123 seq.; havoc wrought on, II., 125, 126; Union success at, dearly bought, II., 127; V., 16, 58; federal wounded at, VII., 252, 253; Indian sha