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History of Mount Auburn. The celebrity attained by Mount Auburn, pronounced by European travellers the most beautiful Cemetery in existeMount Auburn, pronounced by European travellers the most beautiful Cemetery in existence, and which, perhaps, without assuming too much, may be called the Pere la Chaise of America,--the extraordinary natural loveliness of the it is probably a result of the formation of the establishment at Mount Auburn itself. Something more and better than the mere love of noveltycontinually made from these parties, for information relating to Mount Auburn. The multitudes of foreigners and other strangers, who frequent adoption of measures for the foundation of the establishment at Mount Auburn, are such as are already familiar, we must presume, to such of otee was appointed to procure an accurate topographical survey of Mount Auburn, and report a plan for laying it out into lots. This service wain every heart, and pervaded the whole scene. Some account of Mount Auburn itself, as it existed at this stage of its history, may with pro
aple to Maple. Laurel Avenue leads from Walnut to Walnut. Locust Avenue leads from Beech to Poplar. Magnolia Avenue leads from Mountain to Maple. Maple Avenue leads from Larch to Garden. Mountain Avenue leads from Chestnut round Mount Auburn. Oak Avenue leads from Magnolia to Willow. Pine Avenue leads from Cypress to Central. Poplar Avenue leads from Central to Chestnut. Spruce Avenue leads from Pine to Walnut. Walnut Avenue leads from Central to Mountain. Willowo Spruce. Sedge Path leads from Fir to Heath. Trefoil Path leads from Spruce to Orange. Tulip Path leads from Trefoil to Walnut. Thistle Path leads from Spruce to Cowslip. Violet Path leads from Walnut avenue to Ivy path. Vine Path leads from Moss path to Iris path. Woodbine Path leads from Hawthorn path round Cedar hill. Yarrow Path leads from Greenbrier to Fir. Hills. Cedar hill, Pine hill, Laurel hill. Mount Auburn, Harvard hill, Temple hill, Juniper hill.
se. The Legislature of this Commonwealth, with a parental foresight has clothed the Horticultural Society with authority (if I may use its own language) to make a perpetual dedication of it, as a Rural Cemetery or Burying-Ground, and to plant and embellish it with shrubbery, and flowers, and trees, and walks, and other rural ornaments. And I stand here by the order and in behalf of this Society, to declare that, by these services, it is to be deemed henceforth and forever so dedicated. Mount Auburn, in the noblest sense, belongs no longer to the living, but to the dead. It is a sacred, it is an eternal trust. It is consecrated ground. May it remain forever inviolate! What a multitude of thoughts crowd upon the mind in the contemplation of such a scene. How much of the future, even in its far distant reaches, rises before us with all its persuasive realities. Take but one little narrow space of time, and how affecting are its associations! Within the flight of one half centu
Monuments. Probably one of the first objects of the stranger's attention in approaching Mount Auburn, will be the Egyptian gateway at the principal entrance. Of the design of this we have spoken before. It has met with general favor; but the nsiderable or conspicuous Botanical establishment, to be connected with the Cemetery, (as the reader of the history of Mount Auburn will have noticed was the design,) has, as we understand, been long since abandoned. One of the most remarkable in every respect of the monuments at Mount Auburn will be likely to attract the visitor's notice-notwithstanding the charms of sweet little Garden Pond which he leaves on his left-before he has advanced far up the principal avenue leading from the gate-e Committee first above named, viz: That a place for the permanent deposit of the body of Dr. Spurzheim be prepared at Mount Auburn, in case it should not be requested to be sent to Europe by his friends and relatives; and that a monument be erected
merican version of this characteristic. The feeling in which the beautiful establishment at Mount Auburn originated, and the spirit which has sustained it so well, are consolatory symptoms of a bettton vaults. The poorest village may be far abler than the most opulent metropolis to emulate Mount Auburn in its way, for nature, and the love of it, are all it needs. All? I think I hear some rea may include. And yet, for such as incline to be discontented with the historical poverty of Mount Auburn,--for such, still more, as commit the error of confounding this want (a comparative want) of lands,--for these, it may be well to consider how much better and fitter an establishment is Mount Auburn, for the purposes its founders and friends had in view when they reared it, than Pere la Chaiseless clod, It rests until that trump shall sound, The awaking trump of God! A thought of Mount Auburn. Miss M. A. Browne. Of Liverpool. Received by the Editor in reply to a letter communicati