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Second Crop. --We saw yesterday two pears, a specimen of the second crop this year from a dwarf tree belonging to Mr. John Rowe, of Oregon Hill. Both were full crops.
Sudden death. --The acting Coroner was called on Thursday to view the body of Alexander Bowan, a private in the Public Guard of this city, who died very suddenly at his residence, on Oregon Hill, on that day.--There being no evidence of his having died from violence or suicide, an inquest was deemed unnecessary.
Marder. --A man named Colin Kitchen, living on Oregon Hill, was arrested yesterday afternoon by officers Davis and Green, charged with shooting Benjamin R. Reid on Saturday last, and inflicting on him a wound which terminated fatally yesterday morning. The difficulty originated, as we learn, from an alleged intimacy of Reid with Kitchen's wife. The prisoner made no effort to escape, and expresses no regret at the commission of the deed. He will be examined before the Mayor this morning.
Homicide. --Colin Kitchen, charged with shooting and killing Benjamin R. Reid, on Oregon Hill, last Saturday, was before the Mayor yesterday. His Honor, on learning that the shooting occurred beyond the corporate limits, ordered the accused to be taken before a county magistrate, by whom he was committed to prison.
aturday night last the thieves, finding that they had a clear field and no one to interfere with them, cleaned the house entirely of its contents, taking furniture, clothing, and some few groceries away with them Mrs. Dabney having been absent from the city for some weeks, and the Captain's duties calling him away most of the time, it was therefore known that no one was at home and the thieves thus went to work with very little apprehension of being detected. Captain D.'s residence is on Oregon Hill. On Saturday night the Orphan Asylum near Duval street, was entered and robbed of eight or ten pairs of shoes, which had just been made for some of the children residing therein. On Saturday some thief entered the back way of the "Gem Saloon," and took from the drawer about $40 in money, besides three or four bottles of very choice Scotch whiskey. An attempt was made on Friday night to rob the store of Blakey & Carter, on Franklin, between 17th and 18th streets. The thieves
Fire --The alarm of fire yesterday afternoon, about one o'clock, was caused by the partial burning of a house in the neighborhood of Mrs.-- Pilcher, on Oregon Hill. The firemen were promptly on the spot, but before arriving there it was extinguished by citizens in the neighborhood.
charged with stealing a purse containing $9 in specie and $42 in Confederate money from Mrs. Mary Wade. The plaintiff stated that in her absence from home, on Sunday morning last, the accused entered her house and abstracted the purse and its contents. A warrant was gotten out and placed in the hands of Lieut. Baptist, of the night police, for execution, whereupon that officer went in search of Marshall, but did not find him until Tuesday night, when he was overhauled in a ball-room on Oregon Hill. Baptist was not very mealy mouthed about making known his business, but as soon as he got his eye on the game he clamped him by the collar, and in the presence of the gay party assembled made known his business. This disconcerted the accused, and for a while he manifested considerable consternation; but he afterwards recovered his composure and forthwith made a clean breast of the matter by acknowledging that he stole the money, and surrendering the pocket-book with a portion of the sp