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ting by Locket of Manchester, England. See under the following heads: — Amalgamator.Oil-cake mill. Arrastra.Oil-mill. Bait-mill.Ore-mill. Bark-mill.Paint-mill. Barker's mill.Pearl-barley machine. Barley-mill.Pearling-mill. Battery.Peat-machine. Bean-mill.Percussion-grinder. Bone-mill.Pestle. Boring-mill.Plaster-mill. Camp-mill.Polishing-machine. Cane-mill.Polishing-mill. Caoutchouc-mill.Porcelain-mill. Cement-mill.Porphyrization. Chilian mill.Post-mill. Chocolate-mill.Powder-mill. Cider-mill.Pug-mill. Clay-mill.Pulp-mill. Coal-breaker.Quartz-mill. Cocoa-mill.Quern. Coffee-huller.Rasping-mill. Coffee-mill.Revolving-pan mill. Corn-sheller.Rice-huller. Corn-mill.Rice-mill. Croze-mill.Rock-pulverizer. Crushing-mill.Roller-mill. Current-mill.Roughing-mill. Cylinder-mill.Runner-ball. Decorticator.Sand-crusher. Devil.Sand-pulverizer. Diamond-mortar.Saw-mill. Disintegrator.Sheller. Drug-mill.Shingle-mill. Edge-mill.Shingling-mill. Flatting-mill.Slitting
ade consisting of a box charged with powder, old nails, etc., to be hurled at boarders. Powder-flask. A pouch or metallic case for holding gunpowder, and having a charging nozzle at the end. Powder-horn. A horn fitted to hold powder and used as a flask. Powder-hose. (Blasting.) A tube of strong linen, about an inch in diameter, filled with powder, and used in firing military mines. Powder-ing-mill. See grinding-mill; snuff-mill; ore, etc. See list under mill. Powder-mill. Works in which the materials for gunpowder are prepared and compounded and the powder grained and faced. See gunpowder. Pow′der-mix′er. A pharmaceutical device for intimately mixing various powders. This is usually done on a small scale in a Wedgwood mortar, but in some cases a cylinder with spiral revolving beaters is employed. Pow′der-prover. See ballistic pendulum; eprouvette. Powder-room. (Nautical.) The apartment in a ship where powder is kept. Power
Powder Mill at Kingston, Ga. --We are credibly informed that a company has been formed at Kingston, of which Col. John D. Gray is a prominent member, for the purpose of commencing immediately to manufacture powder. The Saltpetre Cave near that place contains an abundance of nitre almost pure, and scientific men will soon turn it to immense value to our country.--Rome Courier.
Powder Mill, We learn that a competent gentleman of this city has it in contemplation to go immediately into the manufacture of powder, provided the requisite funds can be raised.
The Daily Dispatch: July 17, 1861., [Electronic resource], Arrival of Judge W. P. Hill at Galveston. (search)
Powder mill in Tennessee. --Mr. A. B. Dodgion, of Carter county, Tennessee, has erected a mill, and will be ready to manufacture powder in a few days. Plenty of saltpetre is found in the caves in Carter. A large supply of lead can also be procured in that county.
Powder Mill exploded. --The Austin Powder Mills at Akron, Ohio, were accidentally blown up last, week. They contained some seventy-five kegs of powder. The English papers in announcing the first battle at Bull Run, speak of it as the battle of Dulbrun, and another as the battle of Dullrim. Money has been received in Halifax from the United States for investment. Heretofore colonial investment in the United States was the order of the day. Geo. N. Saunders.--The New York Herald states the balance of Geo. N. Saunders account shows deficit of $5,268 only, instead of $21,000, as reported. Gov. Buckingham, of Connecticut, has issued a call for four more regiments, to be enlisted for three years or the war. All of the diplomatic corps, except Lord Lyons and Assateague, are absent from Washington. The thousandth year of the existence of the Russian empire is to be celebrated next year. The Hon. Thomas F. Marshall fell down a flight of stairs at Newp
Explosion of a Powder Mill, &c. New Orleans, Dec. 29. --Last night the Powder Mill opposite to this city exploded.--The guard had inspected the premises half an hour before the explosion, and it is believed that the explosion was caused by an incendiary. All the powder, except about 1,000 pounds, was removed on yesterday. The stock of saltpetre and brimstone was in another building, and was saved. Another mill will go into operation in a few days, and the loss of the mill will not affect the Government supply. The remains of Capt. Samuel G. Risk were interred to-day with military and masonic honors.
Powder Mill explosion. --On the 9th inst., Custis's powder mill at Gretna, opposite New Orleans, was accidentally blown up, and five persons were killed and buried under the ruins. The Bee says: Just as it happened two months ago at the powder mill in the Old Marine Hospital, one explosion took place in the drying room, and a short moment after a second one was heard from another part of the building. The only difference is, that this time the interval between the two explosions was long enough to induce, people in the city to believe the reports they had just heard were caused by the firing of a gun. It is said there were 8,000 pounds of gunpowder in the different rooms of the manufactory.
Powder Mill blown up. --A melancholy disaster occurred at the powder mill, about four miles from Raleigh N. C., on Monday morning last. The Standard says: Three of the workmen were engaged in the finishing house, when it was suddenly blown up, dreadfully mangling and killing all three, viz: Mr. Moonahan, Sir. Rig- and Mr. Warren. The force of the con- on hurled them from 20 to 60 feet. In a few seconds after, the pulverizing house and stamping room were blown up, in the of which Mr. Strace, the superintendent, was at the time engaged, and is supposed to have been killed instantly, but his body was not discovered until it was nearly destroyed by fire which consumed the buildings. The hands in the other houses not far off made their escape, with slight injury! Three of the tenements remain. On part of the premises the effects of the explosion are so It is supposed that only about 2,000 pounds of powder, nearly ready for use, were destroyed.