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.Packfong. Aluminium bronze.Parisian gold-colored alloy. Argentum mosaicum. Artimourantico.Parisian white metal. Aurum mosaicum.Petong. Babbitt metal.Pewter. Bath metal.Pewterer's solder. Bell-metal.Pewterer's temper. Biddery ware.Plumber's solder. Billon.Pot-metal. Blanched copper.Queen's metal. Brass.Red brass. Brita again into nineteen bays, which are roofed over with bricks, groined vaulting of red and black alternating with red and buff. The arches, ribs, and bosses are of Bath stone. The extreme length of the corridor is broken most effectively by a central square 55 by 45 feet, the groined vaulting forming a sort of cloister around theure of 81°. 8, indicating a rate of increase of 1°.7 for each 100 feet below the limit of constant temperature. The springs which supply the King's Bath, at Bath, England, have a temperature of 117°, and the spring of Orense, in Gallicia, has a temperature of 180° Fah. The artesian Brine-well of Kissingen, in Bavaria, was beg
ation and propelled by oars or by poles. b. A ponton of a floating bridge. Bath. 1. A vessel in which the whole or a part of the person may be washed or bathbber. Bath-brick. A fine silicious material, found in the vicinity of Bath, England, compacted into the form of bricks, and used as an abradant. Bath-chair. (Vehicle.) A small hand-carriage with a hood. So called from the city of Bath, England, whose mineral waters are much frequented by invalids, and where the vehicle seems to have originated. For the legends of Bath, see Pickwick and the History of Prince Bladud. Bath-furnace. A furnace for heating the water supplied to awer parts of the bathingtub, and has a middle coil which traverses a furnace. Bath′ing-ma-chine. A portable room on wheels, for the convenience of bathers. It 1/4 Semilor51 Mosaic gold (Hamilton and Parker's patent)3233 Mock platinum85 Bath metal329 White brass108010 Ormolu4852 Speculum metal (Martin's patent, August
everybody in either capacity. He was a better king than some better men have been. 2. (Railway.) A foot-piece or baseplate for a railwayrail, by which it is secured to the sleeper or cross-tie. The edge-rail, as at first constructed, needed such a support to give it stability; the T-rail with a broad foot-flange may be spiked directly to the sleeper. See Railway-chair. 3. (Vehicle.) A kind of carriage. Originally a sedan; now a small carriage for a single person, an invalid. A Bath-chair. Chair-back ma-chine′. These machines may be band or jig-saws, which cut out the curved backpiece which is placed on the top of the pillars of the chair-back. Molding or rounding machines for chairbacks have a holder for the stuff, which is moved against a rotary cutter of peculiar shape, the stuff traveling in a prescribed path, so as to receive the conformation desired. Scraping, dressing, and polishing machines for chair-backs are similar in their mode of presentation of
eakwater. Armor. SubmarineBreakwater-glacis. Artesian well.Breasting. Ash-leach.Bridge. Back.Bubbles. Back-cutting.Bucket. Backwater.Bucket-engine. Bag and spoon.Bucket-wheel. Balance-bar.Bung. Balance-gate.Burette. Ballast-engine.Burrock. Ballast-heaver.Bye-wash. Bank-protector.Caisson. Barker's mill.Camel. Barrack.Camp-sheeting. Barrel-filler.Canal. Barrel-filling gage.Canal-lift. Barrel-washer.Canal-lock. Bascule.Canal-lock gate. Basin.Cane. Hydraulic. Batardeau.Cap. Bath.Catch-basin. Bath-heater.Catch-feeder. Bath-tub.Catch-water drain. Bay.Catch-work. Bearing-pile.Cauf. Beck.Centrifugal filter. Beer-cooler.Centrifugal pump. Beer-engine.Cesspipe. Beer-float.Cesspool. Beer-fountain.Chain-pump. Beer-tap.Chain-towing. Bilge-water alarm.Chamber-closet. Bilge-water discharge.Chapelet. Blast-hole.Cheek. Blower. HydraulicChute. Boiler-prover.Cistern. Bollard.Clap-sill. Bond-rail.Cleansing-vat. Clepsydra.Ejector. Clough.Emissarium. Clow.Enroc
ed straightening by the foot, while the superior metal of the Romans stood the brunt. Strabo mentions that one of the exports of Britain was iron; the bold islanders met their invaders with scythes, hooks, broadswords, and spears of iron. The arrival of the Romans and the introduction of artificial blast, which the Romans had derived from their Eastern neighbors, gave a great impulse to the iron works of England. Under Adrian, A. D. 120, a fabrica or military forge was established at Bath, in the vicinity of iron and wood. During the Roman occupation of England, some of the richest beds of iron ore were worked, and the debris and cinders yet exist in immense beds to testify to two facts: one, that the amount of material worked was very great; the other, that the plans adopted were wasteful, as it has since been found profitable to work the cinder over again. During the Saxon occupation the furnaces were still in blast, especially in Gloucestershire. The early Norman
, which is known as hard plate when used in this connection. See under the following heads: — Addressing-machine.Knotter. Antiquarian paper.Label. Ass.Lace. Atlas-paper.Laid-paper. Autographic paper.Letter-clip. Bark-paper.Letter-file. Bath note-paper.Letter-paper. Beating-engine.Letter-stamping machine. Bill-holder.Lifter. Billet-note.Linen-paper. Binder's board.Lithographic paper. Blotter.Littress. Blotting-paper.Mailing-machine. Board.Manilla-paper. Bond-paper.Map and charof which is connected with a casing fitted with a slide-valve, so that it acts alternately for exhaust and delivery. The two cylinders b b communicate by a pipe c at bottom. Pneu-mat′ic Le′ver. (Music.) A device invented by Barker of Bath, England, in which the elasticity of the air itself is made to overcome the resistance of the valve. The valve, being kept to its seat by a spring and the pressure of the air in the wind-chest, requires a certain expenditure of force to withdraw it
Fort Vancouver, Washington Territory38.84 Fort Colville, Wash. Ter.9.83 Neah Bay, Wash. Ter123.35 Sitka, Alaska83.39 Vera Cruz, Mexico183.20 Cordova, Mexico112.08 Bermuda55.34 San Domingo107.6 Havana, Cuba91.2 Rio Janeiro, Brazil59.2 Maranham277.00 Cayenne116.00 Toronto, Canada35.17 St. Johns, Newfoundland58.30 St. John, N. B.51.12 To these may be added the following figures of foreign rainfall:— London, England24.4 Liverpool, England34.5 Manchester, England36.2 Bath, England30.0 Truro, England44.0 Cambridge, England24.9 York, England23 Borrowdale, England141.54 Dublin, Ireland29.1 Cork, Ireland40.2 Limerick, Ireland35 Armagh, Ireland36.12 Aberdeen, Scotland28.87 Glasgow, Scotland21.33 Bergen, Norway88.61 Stockholm20.4 Copenhagen18.35 Berlin23.56 Mannheim22.47 Prague14.1 Cracow13.3 Brussels28.06 Paris22.64 Geneva31.07 Milan38.01 Rome30.86 Naples29.64 Marseilles23.4 Lisbon27.1 Coimbra Port118.8 Bordeaux34.00 Algiers36.99 St Pet
y those of the Chalybes, so famous in the time of Marathon (490 B. C.), and those of the fabrica or military forge established in England by Hadrian (A. D. 120) at Bath, in the vicinity of iron ore and wood. The brave islanders met their Roman invaders with scythes, swords, and spears of iron, and the export of that metal from th04 Spar, fluor3.138-3.183 Spar, other varieties2.43-3.873 Steatite2.61 Stone, building varieties1.386-2.945 Stone, building, common2.520 Stone, building, Bath, England1.961 Stone, building, Bristol, England2.510 Stone, building, Norfolk, England (Parliament House)2.304 Stone, building, Portland2.368 Stone, building, Caen,uto-laryngoscope.Decussorium. Auto-ophthalmoscope.Dental forceps. Autopsy-instrument.Dental hammer. Bandage.Dental instruments. Baromacrometer.Denti-scalpium. Bath.Deodorizer. Bdelometer.Dermal instruments. Bidet.Dermopathic instrument. Bistoury.Diacaustic. Blooding-stick.Dilator. Blunt hook.Director. Body-supporter.Dis
rior290 100 Cement, blue stone77 Cement, hydraulic234 Cement, Harwich30 Cement, Portland, 6 months414 Cement, Sheppy24 Cement, Portland 1, sand 3380 Chalk118 Glass, crown2,346 Gutta-percha3,500 Hydraulic lime140 Hydraulic lime mortar140 Ivory16,000 Leather belts330 Limestone670 2,800 Marble, Italian5,200 Marble, white9,000 Mortar, 12 years old60 Plaster of Paris72 Rope, Manilla9,000 Rope, hemp, tarred15,000 Rope, wire37,000 Sandstone, fine grain200 Slate12,000 Stone, Bath352 Stone, Craigleth400 Stone, Hailes360 Stone, Portland857 1,000 Whalebone7,600 compositions. Gold 5, copper 150,000 Brass42,000 Brass, yellow18,000 Bronze, least17,698 Bronze, greatest56,788 Copper 10, tin 132,000 Copper 8, tin 1, gun-metal30,000 Copper 8, tin 1, small bars50,000 Tin 10, antimony 111,000 Yellow metal48,700 woods. Ash14,000 Bay14,000 Beech11,500 Box20,000 Cedar11,400 Chestnut, sweet10,500 Cypress6,000 Deal, Christiana12,400 Elm13,400 L
Booby-hut.Horse-litter. Booby-hutch.Hose-carriage. Break.Hose-reel. Brett.Ice-boat. Brick-truck.Ice-carriage. Britzska.Ice-chair. Brougham.Jaunting-car. Buck-wagon.Jumper. Buggy.Jump-seat. Cab.Kellach. Cabriolet.Kibitka. Calash.Ladder-carriage. Caleche.Landau. Camion.Landaulet. Car (varieties; see car).Liquid-manure cart. Caravan.Litter. Cariole.Locomotive-chair. Caroche.Log-sled. Carriage.Lorry. Carryall.Lumber-wagon. Cart.Mail coach. Casemate-truck.Manumotor. Chair. BathMortar-wagon. Chaise.Night-cart. Chaise-cart.Noddy. Chariot.Omnibus. Chariotee.Outside-car. Child's carriage.Palanquin. Clarence.Perambulator. Coach.Petroleum-cart. Corf.Phaeton. Coupe.Pilentum. Curricle.Pony-chaise. Cutter.Post-chaise. Dan.Railway-car. Dearborn.Refrigerating-car. Dennet.Revolving-car. Diligence.Road-locomotive. Dog-cart.Rockaway. Drag.Sailing-carriage. Dray.Sedan. Droitska.Sled. Drosky.Sledge. Dummy-car.Sleigh. Dumping-car.Sling-cart. Dumping-cart.Socia