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by he lies buried. Peter Tufts married the daughter of Thomas Pierce, of Charlestown, and had a large family of children. His four sons were Captain Peter, of Medford and Malden; James, who was killed in early life with Lothrop in the ambuscade at Bloody Brook in 1675; Jonathan, of Medford; and John, of Charlestown and Malden.Medford; and John, of Charlestown and Malden. The youngest son, John, was the only one identified with Somerville. It does not appear that John, himself, lived within our limits, but he bought large tracts of land here on which he established his sons, Nathaniel and Peter. These sons lived and died on these farms, and from them are descended nearly all of the Tuftses who hof Union square; and to Peter an equally large tract, principally on the southwesterly side of Somerville avenue, near Dane street. Nathaniel Tufts was born in Medford in 1692. His mother was Mary, the daughter of Nathaniel Putnam, of Salem Village. He was a man, as the record runs, much employed in public business, and was a
91 Lowell,33,385 Malden,3,520 Marlborough,2,941 Medford,3,749 Melrose,1,260 Natick,1,744 Newton,5,258 Prt of Somerville. Elm, from Broadway to Milk. Medford, from East Cambridge to Medford. Adams, from BroMedford. Adams, from Broadway to Medford. Central, from Broadway to Milk. Sycamore, from Broadway to Medford. Derby, from BroaMedford. Central, from Broadway to Milk. Sycamore, from Broadway to Medford. Derby, from Broadway to Medford Turnpike. Walnut, from Broadway to Bow. Cross, from Broadway to Medford. Rush, from BrMedford. Derby, from Broadway to Medford Turnpike. Walnut, from Broadway to Bow. Cross, from Broadway to Medford. Rush, from Broadway to Pearl. Glen, from Broadway to Flint. Franklin, from Broadway to Cambridge. Mount Vernon, froMedford. Rush, from Broadway to Pearl. Glen, from Broadway to Flint. Franklin, from Broadway to Cambridge. Mount Vernon, from Broadway to Perkins. Mount Pleasant, from Broadway to Perkins. Pearl, from Cross. Medford Turnpike leads from Charlestown to Medford, through the eastern part of Somerville. Park, from Bond to Broadway. Bough the western part of Somerville. Church, from Medford to Central. Milk, from East Cambridge to Cambrid Beacon. Binney, Moses, cushion manufacturer, h. Medford. Blair, Nathan H., brickmaker, h. Prospect. B
stence. It was planned and built by Lemuel Cox, of Medford, a shipwright. This same man, in 1787, built Malde direct, level and thoroughly constructed road from Medford to connect with this highway,—to connect also with ent which resulted in the building of the turnpike, Medford people were prominent. Three of the five incorporaoad nearly opposite to Dr. Luther Stearns' house in Medford, and running easterly of Winter hill and Ploughed Hroute. Later Colonel Jaques and the Cutters at the Medford line were the only intermediate dwellers on the linwas by way of Temple street to Winter Hill road. To Medford and the back towns, therefore, together with such othe only building standing in Somerville, if not in Medford, that stood along the turnpike originally. It is sy opposite the mill, and opened on to Main streeet, Medford, where the entrance to Combination Park is now; aftkyard adjoined the premises. I was driving in from Medford; having a little business there, I drove across fro
h Adams, a niece of Anne Adams. He settled in early life on the Royal farm in Medford on the site of the present trottingpark, and here all of his children were bor mansion house taken down a few years ago. This house was within the limits of Medford till 1811, when, through the efforts of Mr. Tufts, a small triangular piece ofn 1755. He married Elizabeth Perry, who was a granddaughter of James Tufts of Medford, a descendant of the first Peter's second son James. It may be observed in pa born in 1760. He married a daughter of James and Tabitha (Binford) Tufts, of Medford, and had eleven children. Joseph inherited the homestead of his father, and l Edmands families. Aaron, the youngest son of Peter of Milk Row, settled in Medford and there died in early manhood. His only son, the Hon. Aaron Tufts, lived inThat there should have been such a concentration of one family in Charlestown, Medford, and Malden as in the case of the Tuftses is natural and incident to the undev
k, h. Broadway. Brown, Edward, laborer, h. Medford. Brigham. Joseph B., b. merchant, h. BeachMcLean Asylum. Campbell, Owen, laborer, h. Medford. Carter, L. D., dealer in brushes, etc., hr, h. Broadway. Connoly, Owen, laborer, h. Medford. Cook, Mrs. Catharine, h. Cambridge. Coh. Broadway. Crimmins, Thomas, laborer, h. Medford. Crombie, William C., b. pianoforte maker,y, h. Broadway. Daley, James, gardener, h. Medford. Dane, Osgood B., stone dealer, h. Beacon.p-master, Bow. Dorety, Charles, yeoman, h. Medford. Dow, Lorenzo W., yeoman, h. Broadway. Broadway. Edgerly, Lewis C., carpenter, h. Medford. Edmands, Horace F., b. accountant, h. Spr b. blacksmith, h. Milk. English, Mrs., h. Medford. Evans, Benjamin, b. baggage wagon, Frankl. Spring hill. Foley, William, laborer, h. Medford. Fogg, George S., b. clerk, h. Cross. F h. Spring. French, George, brickmaker, h. Medford. Frost, Samuel T., yeoman, h. Milk. Ful
ectman. His house made the corner of a narrow street called Shawmut street, but, I am told, was known to the older people as Three Pole Lane, and on the other corner was a beautiful garden fronting on Washington street, and extending through to Medford street, owned by a Mr. Hill. On the opposite corner of Medford street was the Dugan house, standing in a large lot that extended to Boston street, and the house still stands, enlarged and improved. A brick building has been erected in the Medford-street corner, with store in the lower story, and is a successful business place. Coming up Medford street on the right, by the Hill house, was a well-remembered cellar door which sloped inward, and in the darkness that prevailed after nightfall, so many people fell there, that a petition was presented to the town authorities for a lamp, and, after some delay and due consideration, it was granted. From there up Medford street all was dark, and lanterns were a necessity. Gentlemen who w
r, h. Franklin. Hoyt, John, brickmaker, h. Medford. Howard, Mr., blacksmith, h. near L. R. Roambridge. O'Brien, Mr. charcoal dealer, h. Medford. Oliver, Francis, victualler, h. Franklin.h. Milk. Merrill, Lewis F., lard trier, h. Medford. Merrill, Asa, teamster, h. Medford. Milliam, plumber, h. Bow. Miller, Joseph, h. Medford. Miller, James N., yeoman, h. Broadway. ain dealer, h. Walnut. Munroe, Charles, h. Medford. Munroe, William, wheelwright, h. Cambridg, h. Linden. Sweeney, Michael, laborer, h. Medford. Swett, Mrs. Sarah, h. Cambridge. SulliMedford. Russell, Francis, b. merchant, h. Medford. Russell, Aaron W., mason, h. Bow. Russell, David, grain dealer, h. Medford. Sargent, Aaron, Jr., b. accountant. h. Franklin. Sawteer, h. Broadway. Tufts, Oliver, yeoman, h. Medford. Tufts, Miss Abby, h. Winter hill. TuftSummer. Weston, Israel A., on railroad, h. Medford. Wells, William, h. Medford. Wellington[9 more...]
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Historic leaves, volume 1, April, 1902 - January, 1903, Ten Hills Farm, with Anecdotes and Reminiscences (search)
worth (Wellington) bridge now stands. On October 6, 1631, the General Court granted to Governor Winthrop six hundred acres of land adjoining his estate on the Mystic. This, with the original possession, he called The Ten Hills Farm, from the fact that it contained ten hillocks. Probably the original farm contained about seven hundred and fiftyfive acres, or a goodly portion of what is now the city of Somerville and the city of Medford. On the death of Governor Winthrop, March 26, 1649, the property fell to his son, John, Jr., then governor of Connecticut, by whose executors it was deeded in 1677 to Lieutenant-Colonel Lidgett, afterwards to his wifevernor Usher, of New Hampshire, deeded a portion of it to Sir Isaac Royal in 1731. This was about five hundred and four acres, and was in what is now the city of Medford, the remaining or Somerville portion, which I will hereafter describe, containing about two hundred and fifty-one acres, the Lidgett heirs sold to Sir Robert Temp
ohn, III.—11, 12. Munroe, Ensign, Robert, I.—9. Munroe Family, The. I.—7. Munroe House, location of, 1853, III.—15. Mystic Avenue, III.—17; IV.—10. Mystic, Marshes of the, II.—13. Mystic River, IV.—9. Nathan Tufts Park, III.—13. N. E. Historic Genealogical Society, II.—28. Neighborhood Sketch No. 1, I.—3. Tufts, Isaac, son of Timothy and Anne Adams, II.—25. Tufts, Isaiah, son of Nathaniel, I.—22, 23. Tufts, James, son of Peter, I.—21. Tufts, James, of Medford, II.—23, 24. Tufts, James W., son of Leonard, II.—24. Tufts, Joel, son of Peter of Winter Hill, II.—22. Tufts, John, of Charlestown and Maiden, I.—21. of Peter of Milk Row, II.—21. Tufts, John, son of Peter of Winter Hill, II.—23. Tufts, John, Jr., son of John and Elizabeth, II.—23. Tufts, Jonathan, of Medford, I.—21. Tufts, Jonas, II.—25. Tufts, Joseph, son of Peter of Milk Row, II.—21. Tufts, Joseph, son of Peter of Wi