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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.16 (search)
ships, relieving us three days in each week. This life in the trenches was awful—beyond description. The lines were nearer together than elsewhere, and the sharpshooters never ceased firing, while the mortar shells rained down upon us incessantly day and night. Finally, at the headquarters of the brigade—a hole in our embankment—I was left the only staff officer, and the brigade was commanded by one of the junior captains of the Seventeenth regiment, Captain George B. Daniel, of Granville county, N. C., all the field officers being hors de combat. I sent for Major-General Hoke and told him the hazardous situation, and he sent to command us Colonel Zachary, of the Twenty-seventh Georgia, of Colquitt's Brigade, an amiable and very brave officer, with whom my relations were very pleasant. I was feeble from exposure, but did not leave the men for a single day. How I survived all this I do not know. In August General W. W. Kirkland, a North Carolinian, was permanently placed in comm<
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.16 (search)
at the time being Adjutant-General of the State, was elected Colonel; John W. Leak, of Richmond, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Daniel H. Christie, at that time of Granville county, but originally from Virginia, was elected major. Isaac J. Young, of Granville, was the first adjutant of the regiment. During the war the office of colo., March 28, 1833. In early life he displayed a fondness for military studies, and was educated at a military school. He became a citizen of Henderson, Granville county, N. C., some time in 1857, taking charge of both the male and female schools of the town. Of the former he established the Henderson Military Institute. The brcommensurate with her sorrow, by the blessed privilege of spreading ever living flowers upon his grave. Charles Christopher Blacknall was born in Granville county, North Carolina, December 4th, 1831. He was a brother of Dr. George W. Blacknall and Major T. H., and father of Mr. Oscar Blacknall—a man of letters and well known
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.27 (search)
ieutenant, D. A. Moore. The regiment was organized (Company K being absent) by electing William J. Hoke, Lincoln county (Captain of Company K, Bethel Regiment), colonel. Captain Oliver H. Dockery, Richmond county, lieutenant-colonel; Captain George W. Sharpe, Alexander county, major. The following officers were then appointed: Horace L. Robards, Lincoln county, quartermaster; Benjamin H. Sumner, Lincoln county, commissary; Miles M. Cowles, Yadkin county, adjutant; Peter W. Young, Granville county, surgeon; J. Stuart Devane, Duplin county, assistant surgeon; D. M. McIntyre, Duplin county, sergeant-major; Marion Roseman, Catawba county, quartermaster sergeant; William C. Webb, Cleveland county, commissary sergeant; John O. Waters, Cleveland county, color sergeant; J. J. Johnson, Co. H, S. B. Herring, Co. C, F. A. Clifton, Co. C, J. H. Irving, Co. G, D. A. Black, Co. K, color guard; Rev. Julian P. Faison, Co. A, chaplain; Lieutenant R. W. Copell was elected captain of Co. E, to suc
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 27. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Tarheels' thin Gray line. (search)
y division—all Virginians, except the 1st Maryland cavalry, of Davidson's brigade. During the Appomattox campaign General Johnson commanded a division of Anderson's corps. He is now a resident of the State for which he fought in the dark days of 1861-‘65. Another North Carolinian who fought and fell in the Tarheels' thin gray line deserves special mention. The 23d North Carolina (General Robert Johnston's old regiment) was commanded by Colonel Charles Christopher Blacknall, of Granville county, N. C., a descendant of the Blacknalls of Wing, Buckinghamshire, who intermarried with the noble and exclusive Norman family of Harcourt. At the outbreak of the war, Colonel Blacknall organized the Granville Riflemen (Company G), 23d North Carolina, and was elected captain of the company. He rose rapidly to the colonelcy of the regiment. On the 19th of September, 1864, the 23d occupied, as a picket, the extreme outpost of Johnston's North Carolina brigade, and upon it fell the full for
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The honor roll of the University of Virginia, from the times-dispatch, December 3, 1905. (search)
Simms, R. D., Va., Mt. Meridian, 1862. Simpson, E. W., Asst., Ga., Charlottesville, Va., 1862. Smith, F. W., Lt. Col., Va., Amelia Co., Va., 1865. Smith, S., Capt. Va., University of Va., 1864. Somerville, J. M., Tenn., Atlanta, Ga., 1864. Somerville, W., Asst. Surg. Va., Mitchells, Va., 1862. St. Clair, O. M., Mo., Vicksburg, Miss., 1862. Stevens, H. L., S. C., Manassas, Va., 1862. Stirling, T. P., S. C., Richmond, Va., 1863. Stovall, J. B., Surg., N. C., Granville, N. C. Strain, E. H., Asst. Surg., Va., Richmond, Va., 1864. Stuart, G. W., Va., Fredericksburg, Va., 1863. Swann, S. R., Surg., Va., Norfolk, Va., 1862. Sykes. W. E., Adjt., Miss., Decatur, Ala., 1864. Scott, R. E., Va., Fauquier Co., Va., 1862. Scott, W. C., Col., Va., Powhatan, Va., 1865. Shields, W. S., Lt., Tenn., Corinth, Miss., 1862. Smith, R. B., Lt., Col., Va., Warrenton Va., 1865. Tallaferro, F. W., Va., Chancellorsville, Va., 1863. Tayloe, L., Lt. Col.,
The barn of Dr. W. Dorsey, of Granville county, N. C., was burnt on the 8th inst., with 1,800 pounds of tobacco, the property of John Tippett.
[for the Richmond Dispatch.]subscriptions for the sick and wounded. Messrs Editors: Please acknowledge through your paper the following subscriptions to the sick and wounded soldiers: George Parry, Granville, N. C.$20.00 William M. Watkins, Charlotte, N. C.100.00 Soldiers' Aid Society of Charlotte, through Miss Margaret Watkins25.00 Sundry citizens of Hanover, through Colonel Sydnor22.25 Ira L. Bowles, New Kent25.00 Martin & Kugh, Henrico15.00 Mrs. McArthur, S. C.5.00 R. A. Bur, Albany, Geo.20.00 Mrs. M. B. Chamberlayne5.00 Isaac W. Walker, Chairman Committee of Collection.
s called the "Moccasins," and after being disarmed, were released on taking the oath not to bear arms against the South. This news we get from the Cincinnati papers. Extortionate Price for necessaries. The people of New Orleans deal with the speculators in a rather summary fashion.--One evening last week, a meeting was advertised to take place at the Merchants' and Auctioneers' Exchange, in order to consider measures for abating the extortionate prices for necessaries now prevailing. The meeting was postponed before the hour designated, in consequence of steps having been taken to effect the object contemplated, without resorting to the deliberations of a public assembly. A liberal Patriot. In the Washington (N. O.) Dispatch we find thanks returned to Mr. Perkins, who resides near Pactolus, Pitt county, for kindly entertaining 200 horses and 170 men, free of charge, on their route from Granville county to Washington. This was doing things on a liberal scale.
Death of an old citizen. --We are pained to learn that Otis Manson, Esq., formerly for forty years a well known resident of Richmond, died on the 9th of April last, at the residence of his son, Dr. O. F. Manson, in Granville county, N. C., at the ripe age of seventy- two years. His remains were brought to this place for interment. Several years since Capt. Manson removed to North Carolina, where his last hours were spent. No man, perhaps, in his sphere, was more useful to the community in which he lived. In the war of 1812, he promptly volunteered in Capt. Richardson's corps d'clite for the defence of Richmond, and for a great many years was a useful member of the City Council. For many years he was the only architect in Virginia, and the principal edifices in the city and country were either wholly or partially planned by him. When living here, he was to the mechanic a guide and a friend, and was universally beloved by them. As a parent, he was noble, generous, and unselfis
Gen. D. H. Hill's Division,Gen. Garland's Brigade,near Richmond, July 23d, 1862 A Meeting, composed of the soldiers from Granville county, N. C., was held this day, for the purpose of selecting suitable persons to represent the county of Granville in the ensuing Legislature of North Carolina. Capt. A. D. Peace, 23d N. C. regiGranville in the ensuing Legislature of North Carolina. Capt. A. D. Peace, 23d N. C. regiment, was appointed Chairman, and Lt. N. A. Gregory, 23d N. C., and W. J. Roberts, 12th N. C., Secretaries. The Chairman appointed the following committee to report resolutions for the action of the meeting: Dr. R. J. Hicks, Lieut, J. T. Bullock, Lieut. G. M. Griffin, Lieut. Wm. F. Overton, K. W. Coghill, John S. Meadows, J. D the following preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously adopted: Whereas,, we will soon have to vote for suitable persons to represent the county of Granville in the ensuing Legislature of North Carolina, and whereas it becomes our duty to select able and true men at this important crisis: Therefore, Resolved, Tha
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