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The Convention. The secession resolutions adopted by the people of Charlotte were presented on Staturday, by Mr.Bouldin.Two petitions for an Ordinance of Secession, from the people of Norfolk county, were presented by Mr.Chanbliss. It was after wards stated by Mr.Holladaythat the signers of the petitions constituted but a small minority of the voters of the county. Mr.Johnsonpresented a secession memorial, signed by 1,530 citizens of Richmond, and Mr.Macfarlandfollowed it up by presenting the resolution lately adopted by the Union men at the African Church. All these documents were referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. In Committee of the Whole, various amendments were offered to the 9th resolution of the report, and rejected, after which the resolution was adopted without essential alteration. The Committee then referred back to the 8th resolution, which recognizes the right of secession for just cause. Mr. Carlilemade a persevering but unavailing effort to am
number largely, and the most of them expert gunners, having seen actual service before this. Ten guns, of the heaviest kind, have already been mounted at the Naval Hospital, and are still being mounted as fast as possible — besides, the Hospital itself is strongly garrisoned, and altogether this place is a strong point of defence. There have been, also, guns mounted at Craney Island and at Sandy Point, just opposite Craney Island, and about three miles be low the Hospital. The Norfolk county Light Guard, numbering 76 members, went into service last Sunday and were ordered on scout duty. They, with the Wise Dragoons and Seaboard Rifle Company, (brave sets, all of them,) will do good duty in protecting our sea coast, from Willoughby's Point opposite Fortress Monroe, all the way down to Cape Henry, and below. Three steamers with a brig in tow were reported as going up the bay last night. They were supposed to be bound for Annapolis, with troops. With the exception of th
Stephen B. Tatem, Esq., has received the county nomination as one of the delegates to represent Norfolk county and Portsmouth in the next General Assembly.
. Carr, and for each of the companies, were then respectively given, when the crowd dispersed. By order of the Faculty, the flag of the Southern Confederacy, with its eight stars, floats from the dome of our rotunda. A correspondent in Norfolk county, alluding to the harbor defences and matters connected therewith, writes: At Craney Island, the people from Norfolk county and the lower part of Nansemond have taken the matter in hand, and a strong battery has already made its appearanNorfolk county and the lower part of Nansemond have taken the matter in hand, and a strong battery has already made its appearance.--Each man contributed his number of slaves to aid in the work, and there are several hundred of them engaged in throwing up the embankment. The people begin to feel safe for the present, and if the Republican Ape's fleet attempt to force another entrance, we hope to give them the warmest kind of a reception.--We are confident that we will be victorious in the great struggle which is now upon us.--We, in the South, have our firesides, our property, and our honor to fight for. The North has n
hose parents are not in a situation to incur the expenses of education at the University without aid. The term of appointment is for two years; but for extraordinary proficiency it may be prolonged. By way of remuneration to the State, students admitted on this foundation are required to teach in some public or private school within the limits of Virginia, for two years after leaving the University. The following Districts will be vacant at the close of the present Session: 3. Norfolk county and Princes Anne. 5. Sussex, Southampton and Greensville. 6. City of Petersburg and Prince George. 7. Dinwiddie, Amelia and Brunswick. 8. Powhatan, Cumberland and Chesterfield. 9. Lunenburg, Nottoway and Prince Edward. 15. Campbell and Appomattox. 17. Hanover and Henrico. 19. Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex. 22. Caroline and Spotsylvania. 23. Stafford, King George and Prince William. 26. Fauquier and Rappahannock. 27. Madison, Culpeper, Orange and Greene. 29. Louisa, Gooch
The Chambersburg (Va.) Democrat announces that Judge Stuart declines a re-election to Congress. Hon. Robert Mallory is a candidate for Congress in the Seventh Congressional District of Kentucky. The "credit" of starting the lie that Leonard S. Hall was mobbed in Parkersburg, belongs to the Wheeling Intelligencer. A lot of muskets and pikes were seized by the United States soldiers at the McKim House, Baltimore, on Tuesday. The Second Regiment of New York infantry arrived at Baltimore on Tuesday. Thomas Corwin, Minister to Mexico, arrived at Vera Cruz on the 30th of April. The Court of Norfolk county on Monday appropriated $10,000 for war purposes.
lexandria, May 23. --For secession, 950; against, 105. H. W. Thomas is elected Senator for Fairfax and Alexandria, and W. G. Cazenove Delegate for Alexandria. Pittsylvania. Danville, May 23. --For secession, 407; against, none. For amendment, 348; against, 6. For House of Delegates--Gilmer, 362, Buford, 348; Finney, 28; Miller, 31. Pittsylvania Court House, 3 o'clock.--For secession, 210; Gilmer, 210; Buford, 144. Gilmer and Buford are probably elected. Norfolk county. Portsmouth, May 23.10½ A. M. --For Secession 659; against 70. For House of Delegates, Murdaugh and Wilson 930, Watts 122, Martin 112. [Second Dispatch.] Portsmouth, May 23. --The poll closed with 901 for Secession, and 74 for Union. Murdaugh and Wilson are elected to the Legislature. There is some talk of tar and feathers being used on three obnoxious Union-loving men here. Nansemond. Suffolk, May 23. --Riddick is re-elected to the Legislature.
The Daily Dispatch: June 12, 1861., [Electronic resource], The Yankees still wasting their ammunition. (search)
The Yankees still wasting their ammunition. --On Sunday one of James' patent rifled-cannon concussion shells was fired from the Quaker City at Fred. Wilson, Esq., of Norfolk County, who was riding on the beach near Cape Henry. The steamer was about a mile and a half from the shore, and the shot was lodged in a sand hill about fifty feet from the mark at which it was aimed. Nobody scared. The projectile, which was brought to town by Mr. W. is of singular and ingenious construction, makes a shrill noise when flying through the air, like that of a steam whistle, and generally explodes on striking any object.--Norfolk Argus.
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.another company in Norfolk county--the Jackson Greys. Camp of Instruction, Pussast Grove, Norfolk County, Va., June 17, 1861. We have raised, without difficulty, a new company of Infantry, numbering sixty men, We call ourselves the "Jackson Greys," after the late valorous host of the Marshall House, Alexandria, and we are here encamped tea the purpose of being thoroughly drilled in the Infantry faction, and at least partially drilled in camp life. We are dependent the liberality of the farmers in the neighborhood for our fare. So far, they have supplied us most generously with hams, poultry, and other good things of law season, and as all give us a hearty "God speed," we doubt not we shall keep supplied Our uniform is being made and we are furnished with a black drummer and fifer, and the ladies of the neighborhood have subscribed the money to purchase a handsome flag for us. We are doing our bees to be mustered into service, armed an
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