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City601485 Jefferson458959440 Jackson50938864 Kanawha5131765 King George22318437 King William3151428 Lancaster10612560 Lee89446210 Lewis604332247 Loudoun7782033120 Louisa7544982 Lunenburg52725132 Logan2711006 Madison8347420 Marshall809928108 Marion1337569137 Matthews3062510 Meeklenburg90143063 Mercer4324431 Middlesex24115100 Monroe52069383 Morgan2543020 Montgomery42571274 Monongalia60162277 Nansemond4294771 Nelson390733112 New Kent1722642 Norfolk City439984233 Norfolk County44770452 Northumberland3502761 Northampton2142346 Nottoway17923228 Ohio9151292716 Orange47542717 page93714175 Petersburg223970613 Pittsylvania10571702177 Pocahontas3316330 Portsmouth559678214 Preston942562239 Princess Anne37945116 Prince Edward42337465 Prince George191243126 Prince William74824326 Pulaski2503325 Patrick43243370 Pleasants166140119 Powharan127224120 Putnam32740038 Randolph243259143 Richmond City11672402753 Richmond County1853536 Ritche54422473 Roano
and the Speaker informed Mr. Crump that the motion heretofore offered had been withdrawn at the time it was made. As indicated heretofore and to-day, the House is decidedly against any adjournment, and will proceed in the dispatch of the public business. Laid on the Table.--The bill authorizing the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad Company to construct a branch of their road to some point on the North Carolina line, was, on motion, laid on the table; also, the bill incorporating the Norfolk County Railroad Company. General Business.--A large number of bills were read the requisite number of times, and ordered to be engrossed. The bill to carry out the 19th section of the Constitution of Virginia, (respecting free Negroes and the mode of voluntary enslavement of said class of persons,) was taken up and considered. Messrs. Duckbill and Kaufman advocated its passage, and Messrs. McKenzie, Hammond and Myers advocated laying on the table. A motion of the latter to that effect f
obertson and Saunders. Progress of Business.--A large number of bills were read and ordered to their engrossment. Motion to Adjourn.--Mr. Haymond moved a resolution (which was carried,) to the following effect-- That when this House adjourn on Thursday, it adjourn to meet on Monday next. The Speaker suggested that the motion be amended so as to grant leave of absence to Wm. F. Gordon, Jr., Clerk of the House, till Tuesday. Unanimously agreed to. Adjourned. [Note.--The report of yesterday's proceedings in some of the papers, represented the bill for a branch of the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad as being tabled on motion of Mr. Bisbie, for want of sufficient attendance. Also, bill for Norfolk county Railroad. They should have stated that the branch bill was laid on the table because the Senate bill for the same purpose had become a law, and that the other bill was tabled on motion of Mr. Bisbie, in view of certain amendments which he proposed to offer.]
A fireman attached to the Norfolk county Ferry fell down the hatchway of one of the steamers at that place on Saturday night last, and was very much injured. The Confederate States troops in Norfolk were paid off on Monday last.
ship "States," whom the Lincolnites thought to destroy.--The officers at Old Point also fired a salute from the Fortress, but we have heard of no further demonstration on their part. During the day the National Grays, of Portsmouth, and the Norfolk County Patriots, from Norfolk county, paid us a visit, which was in every way agreeable. They paraded through our streets for several hours, and attracted an admiring crowd to witness their evolutions. Father Pinakett, the esteemed pastor of tNorfolk county, paid us a visit, which was in every way agreeable. They paraded through our streets for several hours, and attracted an admiring crowd to witness their evolutions. Father Pinakett, the esteemed pastor of the Catholic Church in Portsmouth, I understand, delivered a most excellent oration at one of the camp near that city. At about o' clock a beautiful flag was presented to the Lynchburg Beauregards, encamped some five miles from our city, by a patriotic Indy from the above city, whose address was replete with wholesome sentiments and sound patriotism. A large number of ladies and gentlemen graced the occasion with their presence, and a most lively time was occasioned. The Young Guards,
d by Gen. Huger and staff. A more imposing military display was never witnessed in this section, and the accuracy of movements, precision and promptness in drill, exhibited the highest degree of proficiency and skill on the part of officers and men, and excited the admiration of the immense concourse of spectators present. The movements of the Light Artillery, Capt. Grimes, and the salute fired by that company at meridian, elicited special complimentary notices from Gen. Huger as well as others. After the arduous duties of the field, the brigade retired, the regiments and companies, with many invited guests, to their several quarters for rest and refreshment. In the city, the National Greys, Capt. John E. Deans, and Norfolk County Patriots, Capt. William Etheredge, made a parade in the morning, passing through most of the principal streets. With this exception and a salute of fifteen guns from the good old ship United States, no other public notice was taken of the day.
Monroe — A. T. Caperton, J. H. Harnesberger, James M. Nickell. Montgomery — R. D. Montague, John B Radford, A. P. Eskridge. Morgan — J. S. Duckwall, Col. S. Johnston, Johnson Orrick. Nansemond — J. R. Kilby, H. H. Kelly, W. S. Riddick. Nelson — John B. Coles, Thomas J. Massie, F. L. Whitehead. New Kent — Ira L. Bowles, E. B. Lacy, W. W. Taliaferro. Nicholas — John McAnany, John Duffy, Joseph A. Alderson. Norfolk City — Charles Sharp, F. F. Ferguson, J. Marsden Smith. Norfolk County--F. Wilson, Tapley Portlock, E. A. Hatton. Northampton — Geo. T. Yerby, L. B. Nottingham, M. W. Fisher. Northumberland — S. F. Rice, F. Downing, S. A. M Leland Nottoway — T. H. Eppes, T. H. Campbell, A. B. Miller. Ohio — G. A. Craycraft, Jno. B. Wilson, Isaac Burkham. Orange — Joseph Hiden, Wilson Newman, L. B. Williams, Sr. Page — Mann Almond, John McPherson, Gabriel Jordan. Patrick — S. G. Staples, John W. Shelton, D. A. Robertson. Pendleton —
Their contraband dodge on the negro question is too mean a sophism for a London prig, in whose category stealing is stealing. On Sunday night party of negroes, some eight or more in number, two of them the property of P. S. Hancock, Esq., of Norfolk county, and the others belonging to R. H. Wilkins, Esq., of the same county, made their disappearance. As an old seine-boat belonging to Major W. E. Taylor, at his fishery at Willoughby spit, was missing at the same time, there is no doubt that somget all the work out of them they can. Five more are believed to have gone off last night. One is owned by Col. Samuel Watts, of Portsmouth, two by Maj. Wm. E. E. Taylor, of Norfolk, and two belong to Messrs. Ironmonger and Williams, of Norfolk county. There is nothing more irritating to the people of this neighborhood than the taking of their negroes under the miserable pretexts used by the Federals to cover up the true character of their thefts. If our enemy openly acknowledged the
ile nobly and patriotically serving his country. On Saturday next a beautiful flag will be given to the Virginia Defenders, by the fair daughters of Portsmouth. The presentation address will be delivered by James Barron Hope, Esq., formerly of Hampton, favorably known as a writer of prose and poetry, and who, by the meritorious productions of his pen, and his decided literary ability, has justly acquired considerable celebrity. The ladies of a portion of St. Bride's Parish, in Norfolk county, have organized the "Hope Soldiers' Aid Society." The following are two of the resolutions passed at the meeting held for the organization: 1st.Resolved, That the independence of our country is to us of the first consideration.--Unto this end all of our purposes shall tend. The soldiers we will make the sharer of our household comforts, unto the tented field they shall be conveyed for his use; for him we will ply the busy needle, and it shall be our constant duty to look after th
The Daily Dispatch: October 31, 1861., [Electronic resource], The blockading fleet off New Orleans — News direct from the enemy. (search)
inst the following parties, to sequester the property of aliens: Peter V. Daniel, President of the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Company — to affect Moncure Robinson and others, alien enemies. Mrs S. Henderson White--Henry C. Bankhead, alien enemy. Isaac N. Wolff — Simon Elhers, alien enemy. Edmund Fontaine Rose, trustee — John Potts and Louisa E., his wife, alien enemies. John K Cooke — O. E. Maltby, alien enemy. Samuel Etheridge, Sheriff of Norfolk county--Rufus S. King, alien enemy. M. J. Ryan and John A. Higgins — Stanwood, and Proctor, and others, alien enemies. Thomas Lewis's heirs. W. Leigh Burton — Chickering & Co., alien enemies. James A. Moore--New York and Richmond Coal Company, alien enemies. Wm. Moody — John H. Rathein, alien enemy. Wm. J. Shepherson — D. M. Tallmadge, alien enemy. William Hudson — Francis R. Rives, alien enemy. James Anderson — Wm. C. Rives, Jr., alien enemy
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