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ette. Starke's brigade, under Colonel Pendleton, the First regiment being commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Nolan, the Fifteenth by Lieut.—Col. McG. Goodwyn, the Second by Maj. M. A. Grogan and the Fourteenth by Capt. H. M. Verlander, supported Thomas' brigade early on the 13th, and on the 14th relieved General Pender on the front line. His skirmishers were engaged sharply through the day, and his brigade was three times under a considerable fire. Two men were killed and 34 wounded. Hays' bry a shell, after which Capt. A. Perrodin took command. The Second regiment, in very gallant style under a galling fire, drove the Federal General Tyler's brigade from its position, capturing a colonel and several officers of the command. Capt. C. Thomas, of the Guard artillery, with a section of rifle guns, was placed near the Plank road, opposite to the enemy's works, under Major McIntosh. With an enfilading fire the Guard succeeded in dislodging the enemy from his works. After this the
ournament, Sidney Lanier, IX., 25, 30, 284, 285. The Voice of the South, IX., 290. The volunteer, E. J. Cutler, IX., 76. The volunteer, illustration for, IX., 78, 79. The Webb, C. S. S., II., 330. The Year of Jubilee, H. C. Work, IX., 178, 183. The Zouaves, J. H. Wainwright, IX., 346. Theobold, F., I., 179, Thermopylae, I, 17, 30. Thoburn, J., III., 338. Thomas, A., X., 271. Thomas, Bill I., 179. Thomas, B. M., X., 265. Thomas, C., X., 288. Thomas, E. L., X., 111. Thomas, G., X., 288. Thomas, G. H.: I, 134, 180, 182; II, 144, 155, 170, 174, 274 seq., 288, 290; headquarters of, at Chattanooga, Tenn., Il, 291, 296, 301, 328, 330, 344, 346; II. 101, 106; headquarters at Ringgold, Ga., III., 107, 108; headquarters at Marietta, Ga., III., 119, 130, 132, 218, 220, 228, 248, 249, 251, 252, 259, 263 seq., 264, 269, 270, 318, 320, 322, 326; IV., 136, 155, 256, 314; V., 48, 50, 69, 208, 216, 251, 254; VII
4th484.32 Lyon, W. T., Trustee for S. WalkdenDHoward301.08 Murchie, R. D., est63Poplar452.03 McCarthy, James105H254.50 McCormick, M92d302.16 Moore, W. K120Charity581.57 Norvell, Ed., and S. H. Gordon7116th441.98 Neilson, Hall151B309.45 Neilson, Hall1 rood & 31 polesEast Tan-Yard....13.50 Price, Mary B., est188Rocketts69 ½1.26 Pickett, Geo. C., estNo. Water75 ½5.44 Parnell, Willis J132d and Jackson5211.88 Reeve, Jas. L175th401.80 Sinton, J. C., Trustee for J. W. Clarke110H and 24th4411.88 Sanphilip, SNicholson202.52 Satter white, W. L. 5-6, and C. Thomas 1-6Valley402.52 Sharpe, JasLester27017.01 Sharpe, Richard H9Nicholson503.15 Smith, Jno. WG4th601.62 Smith, Jno. WD5th1002.70 Shook, JacobWebster & Madison1232.21 Shook, JacobCabell and Alley2153.87 Shook, JacobMason and Alley610.55 Snyder, W. KSmall lotB. Road....0.90 Townsend, Darrel, est7Lester216.44 Wicker, F., est212Rocketts31 ¾3.67 Watt, Margaret and Jane6020th50.81 Williams, Wm. C., est7949th1488.46
t was found impossible to do much else than endeavor to save the adjoining property. The fire speedily communicated to the block of buildings on the east, the first of which, occupied by David A. Brown, saddler and harness maker, and by Mrs. Jackson, mantua maker, was entirely destroyed; Wm. H. Davidson's Hotel, the next tenement, was partially burnt, and the clothing store of N. W. Nelson, adjoining, somewhat damaged. The roof of the brick building on Grace street, below 7th, owned by Dr. C. Thomas, and occupied by Thomas Lawson and John M. Lindsay, took fire, and the furniture was moved out. No great damages was done here, except by water, and breakage. Mr. Lawson, who was sick in his house, was removed to the residence of Dr. Bolton; in the neighborhood. The rear wall of the theatre fell and crushed two small frame buildings, owned by Green & Allen, one of which was occupied by Wm. Wildt, manufacturer of military buttons, and the other, we believe, as a paint shop. This proper
ame of of F Ey.amount Dus. Atlee, Jacob S179Rocketts40$800 Adams, Thomas estR17th25150 Adams, Thomas est235,286Concord155310 Anderson, Frederick, est8Thomas est235,286Concord155310 Anderson, Frederick, est88Baker26578 Anderson, Frederick, est2d28224 Anderson, Frederick, estHarvie Plan, 88Canal33666 Barker, Kitty AnnBloody Run88152 Brockenbrough &HarvieDock513825 Bo E. A. Goddin15th17402 Gaines, Parkinson estAbigail3030 Hayes, Cath'e est and Thomas H.9D4815.36 Wynne, trustee for Ann Hayes23E4817.36 Hopkins, Stephen estHague4 Keeling, Henry7th802300 Kirby, Robert FL45825 Ladd, O. est37E32½1160 Ladd, Thomas M14th48480 Lyon, W. T., trustee for Sarah. J. WalkdenDHoward30120 Leake, Sam & Church30690 Sharpe, JosephLester1701190 Satterwhite, William L. 5-6, and C. Thomas est. 1-6Valley40280 Schwartz, MyerLester20560 Steane, EdmundK. and Mill RacRoss31½998 Shook, Jacob est42Cabel and Mason6161 Townsend, Dan'l7Lester21715 Thomas, Geo. W10.11I and Creek481864 Watt, Marg't and Jane6020th590 Wicker, Wm. F. A
The Daily Dispatch: January 23, 1862., [Electronic resource], Small Por and Starvation among the Yankees — a feeling of safety — during Brover. (search)
21 days--as follows: Airs--Messrs. Armstrong, Ball, Brannon, Carraway, B. Christian, Coliter, Day, J. Dickenson, Early, Frazier, Greever, Hart, Marshall, Massrs, McKenney, Neeson, Newlon, Newman, Pate, Robertson, Taliaferro, H. W. Thomas, C. Thomas, Whittle, and Wittten--25. Noks--Messrs. Alderson, Bales, Branch, Brace, J. Christian, Coghill, A. D. Dickinson, Douglass Finney, Garnett, Harvey, Isbell, Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Nash, Pennybacker, Quesenberry, Thompson, Urquhart, and Wiley large majority, voted to insist; which being communicated to the House, a message was returned by the House that it adhered to its refusal. Mr. Coghill moved to appoint a committee of conference; and thereupon Messrs. Coghill, Douglass, and Thomas, of Fairfax, were appointed such committee, to confer with a committee on the part of the House, on the subject of disagreement. The committee of conference reported that the joint committee being unable to agree on the subject referred to th
House again refused to cencur with the Senate in postponing, by a vote of ayes 48, noes 59. Mr. Buford moved an adjournment until 7.30 P. M., but the House refused to adjourn. After another long pause a fourth message was received from the Senate, asking for a joint committee of conference, and appointing three members of the committee on the part of the Senate. On motion of Mr. Shefeny, the House agreed to the joint committee of conference, and the Speaker appointed the following committee on the part of the House: Messrs. Sheffey, Rutherfoord, Jones, Thomas, and Wilson, of Isle of Wight. At ten minutes past six o'clock the committee appointed by the House to confer with the Senate committee made a report that the joint committee had been unable to agree upon any terms further than a postponement of the execution of the order of the day until to-morrow, (Thursday,) at 12½ o'clock P. M. The report of the committee was agreed to, and the House then adjourned.
ntertained with regard to the safety of the fleet. There appears to be great activity in Washington. A large number of field batteries have left the city for some point unknown. Dr. Blackwell was buried here to-day with military honors. The Philadelphia Press, of the 21st, has been received here. The following is an account of a Federal victory at Somerset, Ky.: "Cincinmati,Jan. 20.--A combined attack had been made on Zollicoffer's entrenchments by Generals Schaeff and Thomas, resulting in a complete victory, and the Stars and Stripes now wave over the rebel for tincations. Our troops captured all their camp property, and a large number of prisoners. The rebel loss was heavy. Zollcoffer's dead body is in possession of our forces. Balits Peyton, jr. one of Zollicoffer's staff, was also killed. There were 275 of the rebels killed and wounded, which were found on the ground. The 10th Indiana lost 75 killed and wounded. No further Federal loss." The report
Buchanan, chin and ; Wm W Buchanan, head, and left on field; A J Debask, head and thigh; and left on field, Jas Edmondson, head, severely; J W. Edmondson, slightly; A B Edmondson, hand; H. Garrett, thigh; John Glenn, breast; Geo. Kelly, arm; Wm. Kelly, thigh, and taken prisoner; R. Larimer, too; Samuel L fler, breast, J. M McCall, hand; James McVey, abdomen, mortally, J. thigh severely and left on field, J. B Roe, thigh, slightly; Thos Sewar, in leg and arm, severely; S Tison slightly; C. Thomas, severely, and taken prisoner; M. Thomas, thigh; J Wright, severely, and left on field. H Wright, body, severely and taken prisoner; John J. Widle, do Missing — Wm R Kelly, W W Pefford, J McCall, W. Allison, and B Horn. Co G, commanded by Lt Hurt--7 men in action. Killed — Richard Sword, H L Fletcher, and Wm Gant. Wounded — W C Fletcher, knee. Missing — J Fletcher. Co H commanded by Capt R E Grant--55 men in action. Killed — Cor Jos. Rhea Wounde