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General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter28: Gettysburg-Third day. (search)
olph, Capt. A. Judson Clark; N. J. Light, 2d Batt., Capt. A. Judson Clark, Lieut. Robert Sims; 1st N. Y. Light, Batt. D, Capt. George B. Winslow ; N. Y. Liglt, 4th Batt., Capt. James E. Smith; 1st R. I. Light, Batt. E, Lieut. John K. Bucklyn, Lieut. Benjamin Freeborn; 4th U. S., Batt. K, Lieut. Francis W. Seeley, Lieut. Robert James. Fifth Army Corps, Major-General George Sykes. General Headquarters, 12th N. Y. Inf., cos. D and E, Capt. Henry W. Rider; 17th Pa. Cav., cos. D and H, Capt. William Thompson. First division, Brig.-Gen. James Barnes:--First Brigade, Col. William S. Tilton; 18th Mass., Col. Joseph Hayes; 22d Mass., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Sherwin, Jr.; 1st Mich., Col. Ira C. Abbott, Lieut.-Col. William A. Throop; 118th Pa., Lieut.-Col. James Gwyn. Second Brigade, Col. Jacob B. Sweitzer; 9th Mass., Col. Patrick R. Guiney; 32d Mass., Col. G. L. Prescott; 4th Mich., Col. Harrison H. Jeffords, Lieut.-Col. George W. Lumbard; 62d Pa., Lieut.-Col. James C. Hull. Third Brigade, Col.
s during the war. George Bell, captain of the after-guard, United States frigate Santee, was pilot of the boat engaged in cutting out the rebel armed schooner Royal Yacht from Galveston Bay, November seventh, 1861, and evinced more coolness in passing the four forts and the rebel steamer General Rusk than was ever before witnessed by his commanding officer. Although severely wounded in the encounter, displayed extraordinary courage under the most painful and trying circumstances. William Thompson, Signal Quartermaster, United States steamer Mohican, in the action at Hilton Head, November seventh, 1861, steered the ship with a steady hand and a bold heart under the batteries; was wounded by a piece of shell, but remained at his station until he fell from loss of blood. Leg since amputated. John Williams, Boatswain's Mate, United States steamer Mohican, in the action at Hilton Head, November seventh, 1861. Captain of eleven-inch gun; was conspicuous for his cool courage, and p
sition, General Farnsworth's brigade was ordered on a road to the right leading to Cashtown, and General Custer's brigade was placed to the left. Company A, Captain Thompson, of the Sixth Michigan, was ordered to charge upon the rebel force then in sight; at the same time two companies of the Sixth were deployed as skirmishers iniquely to the road, so as to pour in a raking fire upon the enemy should the force sent forward be repulsed. The charge ordered was made, General Custer and Captain Thompson leading it. The company was repulsed, and the enemy came charging down the road at a fearful rate, yelling like fiends. But their tune was soon changed. Twar artillery duel commenced, and was continued until after nightfall. Our fire was very destructive to the enemy, as prisoners of rank have since admitted. Captain Thompson was severely wounded, two men were killed, and some twenty-five were wounded. The enemy's loss must have been very severe, for they left three dead lieutena
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1st-3d, 1863. (search)
. George E. Randolph (w), Capt. A. Judson Clark: 2d N. J., Capt. A. Judson Clark, Lieut. Robert Sims; D, 1st N. Y., Capt. George B. Winslow; 4th N. Y., Capt., James E. Smith; E, 1st R. I., Lieut. John K. Bucklyn (w), Lieut. Benjamin Freeborn; K, 4th U. S., Lieut. Francis W. Seeley (w), Lieut. Robert James. Brigade loss: k, 8; w, 81; m, 17 = 106. Fifth Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. George Sykes. General Headquarters: D and E, 12th N. Y. Inf., Capt. Henry W. Rider; D and I, 17th Pa. Cav., Capt. William Thompson. First division, Brig.-Gen. James Barnes. First Brigade, Col. William S. Tilton: 18th Mass., Col. Joseph Hayes; 22d Mass., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Sherwin, Jr.; 1st Mich., Col. Ira C. Abbott (w), Lieut.-Col. William A. Throop; 118th Pa., Lieut.-Col. James Gwyn. Brigade loss: k, 12; w, 102; m, 11 = 125. Second Brigade, Col. Jacob B. Sweitzer: 9th Mass., Col. Patrick R. Guiney; 32d Mass., Col. G. L. Prescott; 4th Mich., Col. Harrison H. Jeffords (k), Lieut.-Col. George W. Lumbard; 62d
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 2., Chapter 6: the Army of the Potomac.--the Trent affair.--capture of Roanoke Island. (search)
Kelley, Daniel Lakin, John Williams, John Breese, Alfred Patterson, Thomas C. Barton, Edwin Smith, Daniel Harrington, John Williams, J. B. Frisbee, Thomas Bourne, William McKnight, William Martin, John Greene, John McGowan, Amos Bradley, George Hollat, Charles Florence, William young, William Parker, Edward Wright, Charles Bradley, Timothy Sullivan, James Byrnes, John McDonald, Charles Robinson, Pierre Leno, Peter Colton, Charles W. Morton, William Martin, Robert Williams, George Bell, William Thompson, John Williams, Matthew Arthur, John MacKIEie, Matthew McClelland, Joseph E. Vantine, John Rush, John Hickman, Robert Anderson, Peter Howard, Andrew Brinn, P. R. Vaughn, Samuel woods, Henry Thielberg, Robert B. Wood, Robert Jordan, Thomas W. Hamilton, Frank Bois, Thomas Jenkins, Martin McHugh, Thomas E. Corcoran, Henry Dow, John Woon, Christ. Brennen, Edward Ringgold, James K. L. Duncan, Hugh Melloy, William P. Johnson, Bartlett Laffey, Richard Seward, Christopher Nugent, James Brown,
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 35: operations of the North Atlantic Squadron, 1863. (search)
lles, Milford Rogers and John Lear; Acting-Ensign, R. W. Rountree; Acting Master's Mate, John Quevedo; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, L. W. Simonds; Acting-Third-Assistants, C. C. Davis, H. D. Heiser, W. A. Windsor and J. W. Saville. Steamer Delaware. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Amos P. Foster; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Lorenzo Traver; Acting-Assistant-Paymaster, G. T. Benedict; Acting-Master, H. H. Foster; Acting-Ensign, J. H. Kerens; Acting-Master's Mates, J. H. Sprigman and Wm. Thompson; Engineers: Acting Second-Assistant, J. D. Williamson; Acting-Third-Assistants, T. J. Brown, James Mellon and R. O. Dennett. Steamer Valley City. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Hartman K. Furniss; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, F. E. Martinsdale; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. T. Whitmore; Acting-Master, J. A. J. Brooks; Acting-Master's Mates, John Cullaton and Thos. Langton; Acting-Third-Assistant-Engineers, B. Hilderbrand and Joseph Peddle. Steamer Southfield. Acting-Volunteer-Lieu
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 53: operations of the West Gulf Squadron in the latter part of 1864, and in 1865.--joint operations in Mobile Bay by Rear-Admiral Thatcher and General Canby. (search)
amour which generally attends a bloody affair was missing; but it was none the less a dangerous one, and all engaged in it deserve as much credit as if some had been shot. We have made it a rule to mention the names of the participants when good work was performed, and, this being a case in point, the following are entitled to a place: N. A. Blume, Acting-Ensign; William Stevenson, Master-at-Arms; James Webster, Gunner's Mate; Thomas Wallace, Coxswain; Jacob Bowman, Captain Forecastle; William Thompson, Captain Forecastle; Augustus Miller, Captain After-guard; Peter Miller, Seaman; Thomas K. Fenley, Landsman. On January 24th, 1865, quite as clever an affair took place off Calcasieu River, by a cutting-out expedition. under Lieutenant-Commander Richard W. Meade, which was a complete success without any casualties. A three-masted schooner, loaded with cotton, was lying at the second bend of the Calcasieu River, about two and a half miles from its mouth, ready to slip out at the fir
were rapidly disposed so as to command every available exit from the place. In taking the Shenandoah bridge, they killed one of the insurgents, and captured William Thompson, a neighbor of Brown at Elba, unwounded. The rifle-works were next attacked, and speedily carried, being defended by five insurgents only. These attempted ted followers from Kansas, was sent out with a flag of truce to call a parley, but was instantly shot down by the Virginians, receiving six balls in his person. Thompson, their prisoner, was attacked by scores of them in the parlor where he was confined, but saved for the moment by a young lady throwing herself between him and th over five years old, the oldest nearly sixteen. I have also two daughters-in-law, whose husbands have both fallen near me here. There is also another widow, Mrs. Thompson, whose husband fell here. Whether she is a mother or not, I cannot say. All these, my wife included, live at North Elba, Essex County, New York. I have a mid
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 3. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 36. battle of Port Royal, S. C. Fought November 7, 1861. (search)
rderly sergeant, and Wm. Price, second coal-heaver. Wounded seriously, one--Samuel F. Smart first class boy. Wounded slightly, two-Patrick Dwyer and Samuel Holbrook, second grade. Pawnee--Killed, two-John Kelly, Orderly Sergeant, and Wm. H. Fitzhugh, first class boy. Wounded slightly, three--Alfred Washburne, Master's Mate; Jacob House, ordinary seaman, and Patrick Quinn, ordinary seaman. Mohican--Killed, one--John A. Whittemore, Third Assistant Engineer. Wounded seriously, three--W. Thompson, Isaac Seyburn, Acting Master, and Sherman Bascom, ordinary seaman. Wounded slightly, four--Mayland Cuthbert, Third Assistant Engineer; John O. Pittman, Master's Mate; John W. Townsend, ordinary seaman, and Charles Browne, ordinary seaman. Bienville--Killed, two--Patrick McGuigan and Alexander Chambers. Wounded slightly, three--Peter Murphy, Alexander Ferey, and Wm. Gilchrist. Seminole--A few slightly wounded. The number not reported. total — Killed, 8; wounded severely, 6; wo
poral J. Engal, Co. B; Privates C. Reimenschneider, J. Kuntz, H. Wallbruch, Co. B; Sergeant L. B. Richards, Co. C; Corporal J. .G. Beale, Co. C; Privates D. K. Carson, Jas. M. Borland, S. M. Stuart, Geo. Barker, Co. C; Sergeants 0. S. McIlwaine, J. Toutman, Co. D; Corporals J. D. Taylor, A. J. Hollis, J. W. Clements, U. S. Sears, Co. D; Privates J. Young, M. McLaughlin, Co. D; Sergeant John S. Hollingshead, Co. E; Corporals Ralph White, (wounded,) C. B. Moushaur, James Freel, Co. E; Private William Thompson, Co. E; Sergeants J. Hamilton, C. H. Snyder, Theo. Hastings, Co. F; Corporals J. E. Turk, S. Quail, Co. F; Privates C. W. Baker, S. Birch, Co. F; Sergeants J. S. Reed, J. H. McMunn, A. McCord, Co. G; Corporal J. F. Smith, Co. G; Privates J. Zeigler, W. C. Torrence, D. F. Blood, Co. G; Sergeants W. H. Blanchard, T. Marshall, Co. H; Corporals W. H. Fulton, R. Lemon, Co. H; Privates William Broad, S. Veon, Co. H; Sergeants E. Milliken, William Lynch, W. Foral, Co. I; Corporals H. Stewa
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