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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones) 36 0 Browse Search
Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865 34 0 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: June 30, 1862., [Electronic resource] 24 4 Browse Search
Horace Greeley, The American Conflict: A History of the Great Rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-65: its Causes, Incidents, and Results: Intended to exhibit especially its moral and political phases with the drift and progress of American opinion respecting human slavery from 1776 to the close of the War for the Union. Volume I. 22 2 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: June 3, 1862., [Electronic resource] 11 1 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: May 29, 1863., [Electronic resource] 10 0 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: January 16, 1863., [Electronic resource] 8 0 Browse Search
William F. Fox, Lt. Col. U. S. V., Regimental Losses in the American Civil War, 1861-1865: A Treatise on the extent and nature of the mortuary losses in the Union regiments, with full and exhaustive statistics compiled from the official records on file in the state military bureaus and at Washington 8 0 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: July 1, 1862., [Electronic resource] 8 0 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: June 28, 1862., [Electronic resource] 8 0 Browse Search
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r power to the Executive to prevent the construction in British ports of ships destined for the use of belligerents; and your memorialists would further suggest to your Lordship the importance of endeavoring to secure the assent of the Government of the United States of America, and of other foreign countries, to the adoption of similar regulations in those countries also. All which your memorialists respectfully submit. Signed, Thomas Chilton, Jones, Palmer & Co., Farnworth & Jardine, Thos. & Jas. Harrison, L. H. Macintyre, Potter brothers, Chas. Geo. Cowre & Co., M. J. Sealby, R. Gervin & Co., J. Aikin, Finlay, Campbell & Co., Cropper, Ferguson & Co., J. Campbell, S. R. Graves, Rankin, Gilmore & Co., Rathbone Bros. & Co., James Brown & Co., Liverpool, June 9, 1863. James Poole & Co., W. T. Jacob, Henry Moore & Co., Imrie & Tomlinson, Sampson & Holt, James Barnes, Richard Nicholson & son, W. B. Boadle, J. Prowse & Co., Currie, Newton & Co., Nelson, Alexander & Co., Kendall brot
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
d-Assistants, W. J. Howard, J. K. Hickey, Wm. Mason and J. H. Mathews; Acting-Third-Assistants, E. Prest, Jos. R. Peterson, J. D. Wauklin and E. E. Porter; Acting-Gunner, Joseph Furlong. Pontoosuc--Third-rate. Lieutenant-Commander, Wm. G. Temple; Acting-Masters, B. S. Weeks and C. H. Frisbie; Acting-Ensigns, A. D. Campbell, J. J. Kane and L. R. Chester; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Pierson; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, G. A. Lyon; Acting-Master's Mates, E. H. Richardson, F. C. Bailey, Thos, Brown and D. Lewis; Engineers: First-Assistant, Geo. J. Barry; Second-Assistants, M. T. Sumstron and E. J. Whittaker; Third-Assistant, J. H. Thomas; Acting-Third-Assistant, G. C. Brown; Acting-Gunner, C. Moran. Eutaw--Third-rate. Lieutenant-Commander, H. C. Blake; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, J. W. Simmons; Assistant-Surgeon, C. H. Page; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Thos. Carstairs; Acting-Masters, C. F. Keith, S. B. Davis and T. O. Scranton; Acting-Ensigns, C. E. Rich, W. C. King and T
lle, Va., captured by Gen. Cox, 524. Barber, Thos. W., shot dead in Kansas, 243. Barker, GeorJ., letter from Gov. Price to, 439. Burnett, Thos. L., of Ky., Rebel Congress, 617. Burns, An A., of N. C., resolution by, 305-6. Gilmer, Thos. W., to The Madisonian, 156; 158. gist, Gov, Ks., Free-State meeting at, 242. Hicks, Gov. Thos. H., of Md., refuses to convene his LegislaH., report of fight at Bethel, 531. Hindman, Thos. C., of Ark., proposes an amendment to the Conchard am., an amalgamationist, 136. Johnson, Thos. B., of Ky., in Conf. Congress, 617. Johns., 75; 108-9-10; 154; 175; 266; 267. Monroe, Thos. B., sr., of Ky., 614; becomes a member of the Rebel Congress and a Senator, 617. Monroe, Thos. B., Jr., 614. Montreal, the sheriff of, temdge Samuel, 252; on Dred Scott, 257. Nelson, Thos. A. R.,of Tenn., renounces the Union on his wam. N. H., supported for Speaker, 305. Snead, Thos. L., Jackson to Davis, 577. Soule, Pierre, [2 more...]
lvania Barlow's Second 12 198 210 9th Massachusetts Griffin's Fifth 15 194 209 81st Pennsylvania Barlow's Second 18 190 208 7th Michigan Gibbon's Second 11 197 208 55th Pennsylvania Ames's Tenth 7 201 208 17th Maine Birney's Third 12 195 207 3d Vermont Getty's Sixth 5 201 206 145th Pennsylvania Barlow's Second 18 187 205 14th Connecticut Gibbon's Second 17 188 205 36th Illinois Sheridan's Fourth 11 193 204 6th Vermont Getty's Sixth 12 191 203 49th Ohio Wood's (Thos. J.) Fourth 14 188 202 51st New York Potter's Ninth 9 193 202 20th Indiana Birney's Third 14 187 201 57th Massachusetts Stevenson's Ninth 10 191 201 53d Pennsylvania Barlow's Second 5 195 200 It may be of interest to state here that on the records of the War Department some of these regiments are not credited with quite so many men killed; and, that if a tabulation were to be made from the official figures at Washington, the relative positions of some of these regiments wou
, August 5, 1862, making a gallant and successful defence against the attack of Breckenridge's Division. General Williams was killed in this battle. Another brigade, under General Weitzel, was engaged in a lot fight, October 27, 1862, at Georgia Landing (Labadiesville) in the LaFourche district. Soon after the date of the order creating the Nineteenth Corps, an organization was effected. The returns for April, 1863, show four divisions, commanded respectively by Generals Augur, Sherman (Thos. W.), Emory and Grover. In addition, the corps command included seven unassigned regiments, stationed at Brashear City, Key West, Tortugas and West Florida; in all, 65 regiments of infantry, 19 batteries of light artillery, one regiment of heavy artillery, and 5 regiments of cavalry. It numbered, all told-present and absent--55,229; present, 44,832; present for duty, 35,670. Forty of these regiments had been organized in the fall of 1862, under the second call for troops, and twenty-two of
h New York Morell's Fifth 22 103 --- 125 Murfreesboro, Tenn.             July 13, 1862.             9th Michigan Crittenden's ---------- 11 89 37 137 Baton Rouge, La.             Aug. 5, 1862.             21st Indiana Williams's (Thos.) ---------- 24 98 4 126 14th Maine Williams's (Thos.) ---------- 36 71 12 119 Cedar Mountain, Va.             Aug. 9, 1862.             2d Massachusetts Williams's Twelfth 40 93 40 173 46th Pennsylvania Williams's Twelfth 31 102 11Thos.) ---------- 36 71 12 119 Cedar Mountain, Va.             Aug. 9, 1862.             2d Massachusetts Williams's Twelfth 40 93 40 173 46th Pennsylvania Williams's Twelfth 31 102 111 244 7th Ohio Augur's Twelfth 31 149 2 182 10th Maine Williams's Twelfth 24 145 4 173 Kettle Run, Va. Preliminary actions at Manassas, or Second Bull Run.             Aug. 27, 1862.             73d New York Hooker's Third 12 41 -- 53 Bull Run Bridge, Va. Preliminary actions at Manassas, or Second Bull Run.             Aug. 27, 1862.             2d New Jersey Slocum's Sixth 8 58 64 130 Thoroughfare
Benjamnin F. Butler, Butler's Book: Autobiography and Personal Reminiscences of Major-General Benjamin Butler, Chapter 20: Congressman and Governor. (search)
part of the debt secured by mortgage of the whole property of the United States, without depreciation. Our debt now is $2,500,000,000, about $2,200,000,000 of it interest-bearing. Suppose we issue our legal-tender greenbacks, as I will call them for convenience, and buy up or redeem our interest-bearing debt that is due to the amount of $1,000,000,000. Then our debt stands, James F. Wilson, Iowa. Geo. S. Boutwell, Mass. John A. Logan, El. Benj. F. Butler, Mass. Thaddeus Stevens, Penn. Thos. Williams, Penn. Jno. A. Bingham, Ohio: managers of the House of Representatives of the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson. $1,000,000,000 of non-interest-bearing debt, and $1,500,000,000 of interest-bearing debt. Now, if that $1,000,000,000 of circulation is too much, i. e., more than is needed for currency, I agree with the gentleman from Maine that it will be depreciated. But what is too much? Too much is more than will be absorbed. as currency in the business of the country. T
em that in Western New York thousands of young men were prepared to enrol themselves to fight for the Union and the Constitution. At Stand No. 3, located on the northwest side of Union Square, the meeting was called to order by Mr. Richard Warren, who nominated Mr. Wm. F. Havemeyer as Chairman of the meeting. The following gentlemen acted as Vice Presidents: Jno. A. Stevens, R. A. Witthaus, R. M. Blatchford, Elijah F. Purdy, Samuel B. Ruggles, James Owen, S. B. chittenden, Thos, C. Smith, August. F. Schwab, Wm. Lyell, Chas. P. Daly, W. H. Hays, Samuel D. Babcock, A. V. Stout, Geo. R. Jackson, Jno. T. Agnew, Francis Hall, Thos. A. Emmett, Wm. Allen Butler, Edwin Hoyt, Jno. E. Devlin, James W. Beekman, P. M. Wetmore, Geo. S. Coe, N. Knight, Jno. A. C. Gray, Cyrus Curtiss, Henry A. Smythe, David Thompson, T. H. Faile, Isaac Bell, Jr., Dan. P. Ingraham, W. M. Vermilye, J. L. Aspinwall, Richard Schell, Fred. Lawrence, J. G. Vass
t he was under conviction, and asked by him if he had given himself to Christ: Yes, said the stalwart warrior with a glowing countenance, I have found him. Why, sir, when we set off on that march I felt such a weight upon my soul that I could scarcely drag myself along, but after a while God heard my prayers, and then the burden was gone and I felt as if marching was no trouble at all. Good men that work for God faithfully die well even in war, on the field or in the hospital. Captain Thos. 0. Byrd, of the Fourth Mississippi regiment, was a zealous Christian among his comrades. He says, writing to his friends at home: I have prayers in my tent every night with the boys, and assist others to take up the Cross. I have just had prayers with some wild young men, who are now engaged in singing with much zest and feeling. Oh, what a field is open here! Fare is rough, but gladly would I live thus for life for Christ's sake and the good of man. I have gained a great victo
Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Roster of the Nineteenth regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (search)
30, ‘62; disch. disa. Oct. 16, ‘62, Callahan, Thos. H., priv., (—), Mar. 5, ‘64; 18; rejected Maro evidence of disch. in A. G.O. Mass. Dawson, Thos. R., priv., (A), Aug. 4, ‘63; 32; sub. Chas. M; 30; transf. to V. R.C. Dec. 14, ‘63. Homan, Thos. B., priv., (K), Aug. 13, ‘61; 23; M. O. as seunded June 30, ‘62; disch. Jan. ‘63. Manning, Thos. P., priv., (I), Aug. 13, ‘61; 21; killed in aan. 18, ‘65; 21; M. O. June 30, ‘65. McCullus, Thos. J., priv., (I), May 31, ‘64; 29; sub. M. R. Cub.; abs. pris. since June 22, ‘64. Mitchell, Thos. A. S., corp., (B), July 26, ‘61; 23; wounded en. Dec. 21, 1863; M. O. June 30, ‘65. Morse, Thos. A., priv., (H), Nov. 26, ‘61; 20; re-en. Dec to 1st Co. S. S.; M. O. June 30, ‘65. Smith, Thos. H., priv., (H), Nov. 20, ‘61; 40; killed in as. pris. since June 22, ‘64; N. F.R. Sweetzer, Thos. A., priv., (I), July 26, ‘61; 23; wounded Sep 1, ‘61; disch. disa. Dec. 12, ‘62. Winthrop, Thos. F., priv., (A), July 26, ‘61; 19; M. O. as
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