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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Appendix. (search)
r, Hugh. Kinnear, John A. Langhorne, J. Kent. Lawson, S. M. Leman, A. H. Lock, Daniel. Love, S. A. Lucado, William F. Mays, C. J. Mays, H. H. Meriweather, C. J. Moore, Sampson. Norvell, Charles. Palmer, C. F. Perrigo, George. Pettyjohn, S. W. Purvis, W. C. Roberts, H. T. Sale, J. E. Seabury, R. M. Seabury, W. J. Smith, John Thomas. Sneed, S. Emmitt. Stone, Frank. Sumpter, S. R. Taylor, O. P. Thurman, Alexander. Toler, W. D. Tyree, Richard. Watson, W. H. Witt, J. C. Sherrar, John C. Smith, William N. Spencer, W. R. Sullivan, Dennis. Taylor, John O. Taylor, Thomas P. Thurman, Powhatan. Tucker, Willis. Wall, Thomas. Whitlow, W. H. Woodruff, A. M. Wright, J. L. Lee Battery, Company a, Braxton's Battalion, Virginia Artillery. First Capt., Pierce B. Anderson. Second Capt., Chas. J. Raine. Third Capt., Wm. W. Hardwicke. First Lieut., C. W. Statham. Se
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 34. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.29 (search)
utenants Wooldridge and Weisiger, of the Chesterfield troop; Baxter, of the Loudoun cavalry, and Messrs. Hendrick and Peters, civilians, who volunteered for the fight. Baxter is mentioned as deserving praise for the gallant manner in which he made a charge with ten men on two companies of the enemy's infantry. Lieutenant Charles Wildman, who will be heard from later on, is complimented, and Sergeant Strother, of the Madison cavalry; Sergeant-Major Baugh, of the Chesterfield troop, and Private Toler, of the Loudoun cavalry, rendered good service in carrying orders. And now, says Colonel White, was their best time to recross the river, for Hunton, with his Eighth Virginia (except Wampler's company, left at the Burnt Bridge to look out for McCall) was coming at a double quick, with 375 more people in bad temper. Then came the tug of the battle. Colonel Baker had now arrived with the rest of his brigade, making in all about 1,900 men, with two howitzers and one rifle cannon.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 37. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Black Eagle Company. (search)
Pickett. Sclater, Richard O., wounded at Gaines' Mill, Va., 1862. Spencer, John M., (volunteer), wounded at Gaines' Mill, Va., 1862. Steger, A. C., wounded at Gaines' Mill, Va., 1862. Steger, Robert H., killed at Sharpsburg, Md., 1862. Toler, Samuel A., killed at Gaines' Mill, Va., 1862. Toler, William, exempted from service, 1861; dead. Walton, Dr. Richard P., promoted surgeon of the regiment; dead. Weymouth, William, died from the result of wounds received at Gaines' Mill, VToler, William, exempted from service, 1861; dead. Walton, Dr. Richard P., promoted surgeon of the regiment; dead. Weymouth, William, died from the result of wounds received at Gaines' Mill, Va., 1862. Wilkinson, George, exempted from service, 1861. Wlikinson, Richard, exempted from service, 1862; dead. Wood, H. E., color sergeant; wounded at Gaines' Mill, Va., 1862. Wood, J. H., sergeant; wounded five times, losing at one time a pound and a half of flesh from his thigh and hip from a canon shot; is now living near Eaton, Weld county, Colorado, and an active business person. Recruits. Anderson, Nat., Carrington, Robert, wounded at Gettysburg, Pa., 1863; Clopton, Mor
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
Smith T P 2 Smith T E F Sneed & Young Sunders T. D Scotton Stephen Sadler O Shipman Frank Stevenson-- Scruggs C C Sternwell E E Swank Frank Stratton Fred Swinger Geo. W Scott J A Strong Jno. Stanley Jas. Stevenson J R Scooler J W Shirler J R 2 Scott J L Schrabacher J Satfren Jos. Stewart Prof J Snow Jos. Stealey T J Tollefer & Humphries Caldwell W B 2 Tolby W H Taylor Wm. Tobien Wm. Toffan W A Treego W H Terrell W Taylor W C Toler T Tinsley T C Taylor T Turner T B Traylor R K Toole Richard Temple Robt Thornton L D Truxwell A J Tyree Allen Thomas-- Tomson Dan Townsend E P Temple H Thomas J F Tyler John, Jr Thompson J H Temple Jos. Thellen Jas. Valentine W C Venable W S Williams Jno. Whitmore Jno. Wright Jas. Woods Dr J R Watkins J H Watterner J Weston Geo. W Webb E W Wayne C Woodson A C Watkins-- Williams M G Whiting M D 2 Westcott P C 2 Walker P J
liam miss H C W Powell miss Georgiana Quick mrs Wm Quarles miss Nannie Reeve mrs M A Richardson miss Mollie Rowlett miss Eliza Rowe miss Mollie Richardson miss M E Shelton miss L C Sharp miss J M Shiflett miss L E Sharp miss M L Searls miss L V Smith miss Anna Smith miss J S Snead miss J J Stone miss G G Seger miss Selia B Sallie mrs Jennie H Smith mrs Sarah F Smith mrs Wm Stephens mrs Ann Stegar mrs J H Simms Jane (colored) Turner miss A E Toler miss H Tomson miss M V Thompson miss M H Tucker mrs L H Trimmer mrs L E Traubue mrs M E Todd mrs Jane L Todd mrs Jane Tinsley mrs B T Tailor mrs Emily Vauniss miss Georgia Willis mrs E A Wise mrs E Wingrowe mrs E Wingfied mrs J E 2 West mrs E F Watkins mrs H W Warwick mrs A E Wimbish miss E C Wilson miss India Westbrook miss M E Wilson miss J A Walker miss Alice Wallace miss Ann Walker miss S J 2 Gentlemen's list. Adams L Anderson P Ed
, near Drewry's Bluff, Capt Geo K Griggs, commanding: field and Staff — wounded: Capt G K Griggs, flesh wound in left thigh; Capt G a Martin, in left shoulder, slightly. Co A--Capt Joyee, commanding.--Killed: J L Gosney. Wounded: T W Owen, in left knee; J M Ferrell, right arm; J M Marshall, right knee; J L Carier, right knee; H C Allen, right leg; T S Hawker, left arm amputated; J L Bennet, right thigh: W D H Richardson, right hip. Co B — Lt Clements, commanding — Killed: J L Toler. Wounded: S B Dunn, left thigh; H C Hankins, right shoulder, severely; T W Dodd, left arm; W E Robertson, in shoulder, slightly; C W Rigney, right shoulder, severely; J Collins, left knee, severely; W B Craddock, arm; Caleb Adkins, shoulder, severely; J W Allen, breast, slightly; J L Gregory, thigh, severely; R F Hankins, foot. Company C--Capt. Grubbs commanding. Killed: Sergt J. M Norman, Wounded: J. E. Richardson, hand; J. R. Payne, arm; J. B. McCormick, thigh; F. W. Bryant, shoulder;<