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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
, captain, I would say, that during the time the marine guard of this ship was on shore, they behaved with bravery and subordination on all occasions. It pleased the fleet-captain (Lieutenant-Commander Breese) to compliment the handsome manner in which my men advanced in skirmish line to the advanced line of intrenchments under a heavy fire, and I feel that his words of praise were not undeserved. All my men behaved well, but I would present especially to your attention the conduct of Corporal Tomlin, of the guard, who, under a heavy fire from the enemy's sharp-shooters, advanced into an open plain close to the fort and assisted a wounded comrade to a place of safety. I respectfully ask that his conduct may be made known to the honorable Secretary of the Navy, so that he may receive a medal of honor. The marine guard is at present accounted for, and on board the ship in good condition. Enclosed please find a list of wounded. I am, captain, very respectfully, your obedient
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Additional Sketches Illustrating the services of officers and Privates and patriotic citizens of South Carolina. (search)
nd Allegheny colleges. He also received a thorough military training in Rumford's military academy, which fitted him for effective service as a Confederate soldier. He left college in the spring of 1861, previous to the alliance of Virginia with the Confederate States, was first lieutenant in a military company before the war, which position he resigned to return to his native county. Subsequently he went to West Point and entered the Confederate States service as a private in Company D, Tomlin's infantry battalion, and served in this command until the latter part of 1863, winning promotion to the various grades from corporal to orderly-sergeant. He was then transferred to Company H, Fifty-third Virginia infantry, Armistead's brigade, Pickett's division, Longstreet's corps, army of Northern Virginia, with a commission as first lieutenant. The captain having fallen in battle, Lieutenant Brown took command, and held it during the remainder of the war, receiving promotion to captain
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 36. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.44 (search)
l B. Hofman, C. H. Jelks, William A. Jameson, W. A. Johnson, R. H. Jones, R. E. Jordan, Orris F. Kenney, Robert Kevan, William C. Kinsey, Levi A. Kull, Mark E. Lacy, William P. Lee, E. B. Lilly, William E. Lipscomb, Hersey Lufsy, H. Lewis Lyon, Daniel Robertson, J. T. R. Roberts, John P. Ruffin, Theo. B. Sandford, Paul W. Simmons, N. B. Smith, Joseph A. Smith, W. C. Smith, Robert L. Snead, John W. Summerville, J. B. Spottswood, Jos. E. Steel, Alexander Stone, Jordan Stywalt, Hiram Styles, Waverly R. Tally, George A. Talley, Peyton Taliaferro, J. B. Taylor, George A. Tatum, L. Tomlin, C. B. Topham, J. H. Totty, William G. Vaughan, Lycurgus Waller, Thomas J. Webb, Robert T. White, George R. Wells, Robert M. Wills, O. L. Williams, Wm. J. Weeks, E. The names in italic type indicate those who were present and surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse.
The Daily Dispatch: January 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], To James M. Estes, Wm. M. Caldwell, and others. (search)
uired to be employed by the Governor." The bill, with its proposed amendments gave rise to considerable discussion, Messrs, Haymond, Richardson, Smith and others participating therein. On motion of Mr. Haymond, who desired to offer an amendment acceptable to members from all sections of the State, the bill was laid on the table for the present. Committee on the Capital.--The Chairman announced the following Special Committee on the above subject, viz: Messrs. Magruder, Christian, Tomlin, Segar, Anderson, Thomas, Claiborne, Edginton, Watson of Accomac, Boreman, Edwards, Crane and Preston. Petitions, &c.--The following petitions, &c., were presented: by Mr. Haymond, the application of Thomas Hough for relief from any alleged erroneous assessment: by Mr. Haymond, a copy of the order of the County Court of Marion, refunding $65 to M. W. Selby; by Mr. Mong, the petition of A. S. Chambers and ninety-eight other citizens of Martinsburg, praying an amendment to their town char
rk River Railroad.--Senate bill amending the charter of the Richmond and York River Railroad Company, was read the first and second times, and, on the motion of Mr. Tomlin, the rules were suspended, and the bill was ordered to be read the third time. Mr. Tomlin explained the amendment, and advocated the passage of the bill. The Mr. Tomlin explained the amendment, and advocated the passage of the bill. The bill was passed unanimously. Commissioners from Seceding States.--The House proceeded to the consideration of a local bill, which was variously discussed by different members, when the Speaker arose and stated that Commissioners from Georgia, Alabama, and other seceding States, were present in the city, commissioned to attendvisit the Hall, in view of the fact that the Convention would soon assemble within its walls. On motion, Messrs. Jones of Gloucester, Kaufman of Ritchie, and Tomlin of Prince George, were appointed a committee to invite the Commissioners referred to, to seats in the Hall. On motion, the House adjourned. [Note.--On S
House of Delegates. Saturday, Feb.16, 1861. The House was called to order, at 11 A. M., by Mr. Tomlin, of King William, and opened with prayer. A message was received from the Senate, announcing the passage of certain Senate and House bills by that body; the former of which were read and appropriately referred. Bills Reported.--Bills were reported for amending an act concerning the voluntary enslavement of free negroes, and providing for the purchase of books of instruction Washington and Alexandria Railroad.--House bill amending an act incorporating a company to construct a railroad from Alexandria to Washington on the plan of James S. French being on its second reading, was debated on its merits in favor of by Messrs. Tomlin and Segar, and in opposition to by Messrs. Myers and McKenzie, and, on motion, was finally laid on the table. Proposed Change of Hour of Meeting, &c.--Mr. Keen asked the indulgence of the House to read a resolution which he proposed to o
A large number of bills were advanced a stage. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry were adopted and appropriately referred:--By Mr. Johnson, of prohibiting by law the sale of ardent spirits to free negroes; by Mr. Critcher, of refunding to John F. Hughlett certain expenses incurred by him in the service of the Commonwealth. On motion of Mr. August, the Senate adjourned. House of Delegates. Monday, Feb. 18th, 1861. The House was called to order by Mr. Tomlin, of King William county. Prayer by Rev. George Jacobs, of the Hebrew Church, as follows: Almighty God. Sovereign of the Universe, whose throne is the heaven, whose footstool is the earth — in whose presence we are as an atom of dust, like a single drop of the mighty ocean — we approach Thee this day in deep humility to supplicate Thy goodness and compassion. We acknowledge, oh Father, how weak and powerless we are; that without Thy aid, vain and futile would be all our endeavo
Wm. Martin, Massie, Matthews, Maupin, McCamant, McCue, McDowell, McGruder, John R. Miller, Montague, Morgan, Myers, Newton, Orgain, Patterson, Preston, Rutherford, Saunders, Seddon, Sibert, Isaac N. Smith, Staples, Thompson, Tyler, Walker, Ward, Welch, Willcox, Witten, and Woolfolk--63. Nays.--Messrs. Arnold, Bassel, Bell, Booker, Brown, Burks, Cassin, Childs, Collier, Crane, Crump, Davis, Dickenson, Edwards, Ferrill, Friend, John Gilmer, C. H. Gilmer, Hoffman, Hopkins, Hunt, Leftwich, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, Thomas Martin, McGehee, Medley, Miles, Mong, Morris, Phelps, Pretlow, Pritchard, Richardson, Wyndlram Robertson, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Scott, Shannon, James K. Smith, Tomlin, Arthur Watson, West, Wilson, Wingfield, and Yerby--48. So the bill was lost, for want of a constitutional majority. On motion of Mr. Graham, the vote was reconsidered. On motion of Mr. Chapman, the bill was laid on the table. On motion, the House adjourned to Saturday at 11 o'clock.
The Daily Dispatch: March 9, 1861., [Electronic resource], Arrival of Ex-President Buchanan at home (search)
Leftwich, Lynn, Mallory, Thos. Martin, McGohee, McKinney, Medley, Miles, Morris, Phelps, Pritchard, Randolph, Riddick, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Scott, J. K. Smith, Tomlin, Arthur Watson, Ed. Watson, Watts, West, Wilson, Wingfield, Woolfolk, and Yerby.--50. Mr. Carpenter offered the following resolution, which was laid on the t the order of the Board of Public Works through their Chief Engineers, and also to adjust and adjudicate all just claims due the contractors for work done. Mr. Tomlin desired the House to take up the motion for adjournment on the 20th inst. Mr. Anderson said he thought the bill concerning the sale of the James River and le of the James River and Kanawha Canal should be disposed of prior to that time. The Tax bill coming up as unfinished business, Mr. Tomlin moved to pass by to offer the resolution concerning adjournment. The House refused. Sundry amendments were offered to the Tax bill, and pending debate thereon the House adjourned.
House of Delegates. Saturday, March 9th, 1861. The House was called to order at 11 o'clock, by Mr. Tomlin, of King William, and opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Willis, of the Baptist Church. Armory Commissioners.--Mr. Haymond offered a resolution requesting the Armory Commissioners to report to the House the amount of bonds they obtained from the Board of Public Works under the provisions of the act appropriating $500,000 to repair the Armory and to purchase arms; whether they sold the bonds, and, if so, whether at par, or at what discount; and also to render an account of their expenditures, and for what purpose, giving items and prices, and, if they received the whole $500,000 of the bonds, what part thereof has been expended, and what disposition have they made of any part thereof not expended. Adopted. Military Officers.--Mr. Holdway offered a resolution, to the effect that the House, on the 12th inst., proceed to the election of Major and Brigadier Generals of Va
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