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ord, which are bounded as follows, viz.: The southerly tract, lying in Charlestown, is bounded northerly with Mistic or Medford River, westerly with the westerly bounds of Mr. Smith's farm, southerly with the southerly bounds of Mr. Smith's, Mr. James Tufts's, and Mr. Jonathan Tufts's farms, and then running from the south-easterly corner of said Jonathan Tufts's farm eastward straight to the westerly side of Colonel Royal's farm, again westerly with the westerly bounds of Colonel Royal's farm,on. Samuel Brooks, Committee for Medford. Ebenezer Brooks, Committee for Medford. Z. Pool, Committee for Medford. Joseph Tufts, Committee for Medford. Stephen Hall, Committee for Medford. Caleb Brooks, Benjamin Parker, Benjamin Teal, James Tufts, Ebenezer Marrow, Jonathan Tufts, John Jenks, Robert Crane, John Degrushy. This petition was granted April 17, 1754. March 4, 1754: Samuel Hall was chosen Constable, and refused to serve; and the town took up with £ 5, old tenor, inasmu
men composing the company on that memorable occasion are all recorded on the muster-roll; and they were all Medford men, as follows:-- Isaac Hall, Captain; Caleb Brooks, Lieutenant; Stephen Hall, Ensign; Thomas Pritchard, Isaac Tufts, and Moses Hall, Sergeants; John Tufts, Gersham Teel, and Jonathan Greenleaf, Corporals; Timothy Hall, Drummer; William Farning, Fifer. Privates as follows: David Vinton, John Bucknam, Isaac Watson, Jonathan Lawrence, Jonathan Davis, Abel Richardson, James Tufts, jun., Samuel Tufts, 3d, Andrew Floyd, Benjamin Floyd, Andrew Blanchard, Samuel Tufts, John Francis, jun., Paul Dexter, John Smith, Abel Butterfield, Josiah Cutter, John Kemp, Eleazer Putnam, James Bucknam, jun., Aaron Crowell, Jonathan Tufts, Benjamin Peirce, Thomas Wakefield, Jonathan Teel, Aaron Blanchard, Richard Cole, William Binford, Thomas Bradshaw, Daniel Tufts, Peter Tufts, jun., Ebenezer Tufts, Isaac Cooch, Daniel Conery, Richard Paine, William Polly, Peter Conery, David Hadley, Ja
town. The pews in the meeting-house were chosen according to the vote of the town and the tenor of subscription, Feb. 8, 1770, as follows :-- Thomas Brooks, jun.No. 1 John Bishop2 Stephen Hall3 Aaron Hall4 Ebenezer Hall5 John Wade6 Samuel Hall7 Watts Turner8 William Tufts, 3d9 William Tufts10 Simon Bradshaw11 Samuel Angier12 Francis Burns13 Zachary Pool14 Jonathan Patten15 E. Hall16 Nathan Tufts17 Samuel Tufts, 2d18 Benjamin Teal19 Timothy Tufts20 Henry Fowle21 James Tufts22 Richard Hall23 Isaac Hall24 Thomas Seccombe25 Benjamin Hall26 Minister's Pew27 Isaac Royal28 Timothy Newhall29 Peter Jones30 Nathan Tufts, jun.31 Timothy Hall32 Hezekiah Blanchard33 Thomas Patten34 Joseph Thompson35 Henry Putnam36 Seth Blodget37 Willis Hall38 Jacob Hall39 John Leathe40 Samuel Jenks41 Andrew Hall42 Isaac Warren43 Isaac Greenleaf44 Samuel Kidder45 Simon Tufts46 Ebenezer Blanchard47 Edward Brooks48 It is specially recorded, that, at the raisi
rs. Benjamin and Ebenezer Hall. Saltpetre was made in considerable quantities by Mr. Isaac Brooks. Wheelwrights carried on their business to a large extent. Mr. James Tufts and Son carried on for many years the pottery business. Tanning was vigorously pursued, with a great outlay of capital, by Mr. Ebenezer Hall, on land a few rn; and Medford then divided the fishing districts thus: First, from Charlestown and Malden line to Medford Bridge; second, from the bridge to the beach opposite James Tufts's barn; third, from the above-named beach to the Charlestown line westerly. Among the earliest fishermen were John Cutter, Jonathan Tufts, and Benjamin Teel. In 1803, Cutter paid sixty-five dollars, Tufts thirteen dollars, and Teel thirteen dollars, for the right of fishing. John Cutter fished near the Dike, or Labor in Vain; Isaac Tufts fished from the Bridge to Rock Hill; and Captain Samuel Teel and his nephew, from Rock Hill to the Pond. The names of the fishermen are seldom gi
hard036 Jacob Shepherd0130 Nathaniel Peirce026 James Tufts045 Timothy Prout016 Mr. Thomas Swan018 John Tu aforesaid040 Due to Thomas Hall, constable, for James Tufts's headmoney0100 Due to Stephen Willis, sen., forncis Lock0100000000 Aaron Blanchard0100000000 Mr. James Tufts000046046 Mr. Thomas Tufts0100069028 Mr. SamueRichard Rookes0100000000 Thomas Oakes0100000016 James Tufts000090000 Stephen Hall000023000 John Albery01000 Jonathan Tufts000039000 James Wright0000011000 James Tufts0000310000 Joseph Wright0000011000 William Symmehomas Hewes. Benjamin Reed. Peter Tufts. James Tufts. G. Williams & Dan. Farrington. William Bucl Tufts. Jonathan Tufts. Ebenezer Tufts. James Tufts. Gershom Teal. Watts Turner. Hutchinson r Billings, in 1775. It was afterwards kept by Mr. James Tufts and Son. It became a private dwelling about halis passed in the affirmative; and the selectmen, Captain Tufts, Deacon Willis, Deacon Whitmore, Ensign Francis,
-52Jonathan.  53Lydia, b. Apr. 27, 1705; m. Jas. Tufts, of Chas., June 27, 1722.  54Gershom, d. Deamily has been a very great aid to me.  246James Tufts is said (B) to have been a son of Peter (Noamily tradition reports. He had--  246-247James Tufts, who m., 1st, Phebe Woods, of Groton, and h From him may have been descended--  248James Tufts, jun., who m. Tabitha Binford, Apr. 19, 1757, 1778.  354Call, b. Oct. 30, 1781.  355James Tufts, jun., m. Elizabeth----, and had--  355-356Mats, b. Jan. 2, 1760; d. July 23, 1760.  368James Tufts m. Ruth----, who d. Nov. 26, 1721, aged 39;mon Hancock, of Charlestown. Sept. 1, 1730.James Tufts, of Charlestown, m. Mary Dill. Nov. 18, 17. 26, 1784.Jonathan Tufts, d. Nov. 5, 1786.James Tufts, d. Sept. 10, 1787.Eleazer Tufts, d. aged , d. aged 54. Dec. 23, 1753.Lydia, wife of James Tufts, d. aged 50. June 22, 1778.Lydia, wife of aged 14 days. Nov. 26, 1721.Ruth, wife of James Tufts, d. aged 40 years. Nov. 2, 1721.Sarah, d. [2 mor
oseph Belknap, Nathaniel Bemis, Oliver Brown, John Burns, John Cutter, Josiah Dana, James Fillebrown, Thomas Fillebrown, Belcher Hancock, William Harrington, Moses Hovey, James Kettle, Isaac Learned, Joseph Trask, Isaac Tufts, Elkanah Welch, Jeduthun Wellington; Corporals, Michael Applebee, Ebenezer Brown, Stephen Cook, Moses Coolidge, John Cooper, Thomas Cutter, James Fowle, Joshua Gamage, John Hackleton, Nathaniel Learned, James Locke, James Perry, Solomon Phipps, Seth Stone, John Tidd, James Tufts, John Warland, Thomas Warland. Abraham Watson, Jr., was Surgeon of Col. Gardner's Regiment, and James Winthrop was aid-de-camp to Gen. Prescott. Besides the private soldiers whose names appear on the before mentioned rolls of the two companies commanded by Capt. Samuel Thatcher and Capt. Benjamin Locke, those who are named in the list below appear to have been a portion of the Cambridge quota:— John Abbott. John Acres. Daniel Adams. John Adams. Thomas Adams. George All
Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, Committees appointed for the school outside the Neck, together with the annual appropriations. (search)
muel Hutchinson, Henry Gardner, £ 30. May 14, 1739, Joseph Kent, Samuel Hutchinson, Henry Gardner, £ 30. May 13, 1740, Captain Caleb Brooks, James Peirce, James Tufts, £ 40. May 11, 1741, Joseph Kent, Captain Caleb Brooks, James Tufts, £ 40. May 10, 1742, and May 10, 1743, the same committee. May 8, 1744, Captain CalJames Tufts, £ 40. May 10, 1742, and May 10, 1743, the same committee. May 8, 1744, Captain Caleb Brooks, Joseph Kent, Nathaniel Francis, £ 50. May 13, 1745, the same committee. May 19, 1746, Joseph Kent, Nathaniel Francis, John Bradshaw, £ 50. May 11, 1747, Peter Tufts, Philip Cartwrite (Carteret), John Bradshaw, £ 60. May 6, 1748, Nathaniel Lamson, Joseph Kent, John Bradshaw, Nathaniel Francis, and Henry Gardneexpense. Concerning the teachers of these outlying districts, the records are provokingly silent. We are indebted to them for one name, however, that of Cotton Tufts, who may have taught on Somerville soil, but it is more probable that his labors were confined to the Medford precinct. This is the record:— June 12, 1751,
Clifford, 20, 21. Tufts, Anne Adams, 89. Tufts, Asa, 22, 42. Tufts, Charles, 70. Tufts College, 70. Tufts, Cotton, 17, 18. Tufts, Daniel, 24. Tufts, Edmund, 22, 38, 41. Tufts, Elizabeth, 21. Tufts, Esquire, 91. Tufts, Gilbert, 42. Tufts, James, 16. Tufts, Mary Jane (Fitz), 20. Tufts, Nathan, 20, 21, 89, 92. Tufts, Nathan, Jr., 20. Tufts, Nathan, 2nd, 42. Tufts, Nathan, Sr., 38. Tufts, Oliver, 38. Tufts. Peter, 16, 66, 88, 89, 92. Tufts, Peter, Jr., 69, 89. TuftsTufts, Mary Jane (Fitz), 20. Tufts, Nathan, 20, 21, 89, 92. Tufts, Nathan, Jr., 20. Tufts, Nathan, 2nd, 42. Tufts, Nathan, Sr., 38. Tufts, Oliver, 38. Tufts. Peter, 16, 66, 88, 89, 92. Tufts, Peter, Jr., 69, 89. Tufts, Rebecca, 89. Tufts, Samuel, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93. Tufts, Dr., Simon, 18. Tufts, Timothy, 66, 89, 90, 91, 92. Tufts, Timothy, Esq., 93. Tufts, W., 89. Tufts, Widow, 24. Tufts, William, 42. Turner, John, 66. Turnpike, .Medford, 22. Underwood, Joseph, 11. Unitarian Church, 40. Ursuline Convent, 22. Usher, Governor, 19, 31. Vane, Sir, Henry, 33. Vassall, William, 28. Venus, 88. Vermont, 56. Vinal, Anna Parker, 71. Vinal, Josephine, 71. Vinal, Leonora, 71. Vinal, Leslie T
y-ninth Massachusetts Infantry in the Civil War, 17-23, 43-47, 56-72. Thirty-ninth Massachusetts Regiment, 19, 46, 63. Thompson, James, 29. Thompson, Samuel, 13. Thorning, John, 11. Thoroughfare Gap, Va., 43. Three-Pole Lane, 29. Titus, Arch of, 80. Towne, Orr N., 55. Trowbridge, J. T., 12. Tufts, Benjamin, 53. Tufts, Charles, 9, 12. Tufts College, 9, 12, 74, 78. Tufts, Edmund, 55. Tufts, Elizabeth, 51. Tufts, Francis, 11, 41, 42. Tufts House, 77. Tufts, Isaac, 53. Tufts, James, 51. Tufts, John, 51. Tufts, M. Alice, 12. Tufts, Martha, 53. Tufts, Mary, 52. Tufts, Nathan, 12, 55. Tufts, Nathan, Jr., 12. Tufts, Nathaniel, 52. Tufts, Peter, 29, 51, 52. Tufts, Samuel, 15. Tufts, Sarah, 52. Tuttle, Isaiah W., 5, 41. Tuttle, James S., 5, 40. Twelfth Army Corps, 22. Twelfth Massachusetts, 67. Twenty-third Street, Washington, D. C., 19. Twombly, J. Q., 13, 41. Two Penny Brook, 27. Tyler, Columbus, 55. Underwood, James, 11. Union Hall, 76. Uni
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