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hos. Shephard1657. Thos. Danforth1658. Thomas Greene1659. James Pemberton1659. Joseph Hills1662. Jonathan Wade1668. Edward Collins1669. John Call1669. Daniel Deane1669. Samuel Hayward1670. Caleb Brooks1672. Daniel Markham1675. John Whitmore1678. John Greenland1678. Daniel Woodward1679. Isaac Fox1679. Stephen Willis1680. Thomas Willis1680. John Hall1680. Gersham Swan1684. Joseph Angier1684. John Bradshaw1685. Stephen Francis1685. Peter Tufts1686. Jonathan Tufts1690. John Tufts1690. Simon Bradstreet1695. The following owned lands in Medford before 1680:-- William Dady.Increase Nowell. Rob. Broadick.Zachary Symmes. Mrs. Anne Higginson.John Betts. Caleb Hobart.Jotham Gibons. John Palmer.Richard Stilman. Nicholas Davidson.Mrs. Mary Eliot. The lands of Medford were apportioned to the first settlers according to the decision of the Court of May 1, 1629; and Josselyn speaks of the town, in 1638, as a scattered village. We suppose that the three for
d £ 10, old tenor. Francis Whitmore, 2d Constable, but refused to serve, and paid £ 10, old tenor. Samuel Reeves, 3d Constable. He refused to serve, and paid £ 10, old tenor. Samuel Page, hired to serve as Constable, for £ 25, old tenor. Jonathan Hall,Tything-men. Henry Fowle, Stephen Bradshaw,Surveyors of Highways. Lieut. John Francis, Stephen Greenleaf, Samuel Brooks, jun,Fence-viewers. William Tufts, John Hall, Stephen Greenleaf,Hog-reeves. John Bishop, Ebenezer Francis, John Tufts,Wood-corders. Jacob Polly, Thomas Brooks, Jonathan Watson,Surveyors of Boards and Timber. Capt. Saml. Brooks, Samuel Reeves, Pound-keeper. Samuel Francis,Haywards or Field-drivers. Benjamin Tufts, Simon Bradshaw,Deer-reeves. Joseph Tufts, Dea. Thomas Hall, Sealer of Leather. Benjamin Parker, Sealer of Weights and Measures. Stephen Bradshaw, Grand-juror. Andrew Hall, Esq.,A Committee to manage the affair of obtaining some part of the lands now belonging to Charlestown, with th
lves there as early as 1636. The father of our townsman, who gave his own Christian name to his son, possessed great wealth, and, turning his eyes to Massachusetts, purchased of Elizabeth, widow of John Usher (Lieutenant-Governor), five hundred and four acres, three quarters, and twenty-three rods of land, for £ 10,350. 7s. 9d., on the 26th December, 1732. The record runs thus:-- This estate is bounded south-west on Menotomy Road; west, on land of Nathaniel Tufts, Aaron Cleveland, and John Tufts; east, on the river and salt marsh of Captain Samuel Brooks in part, and part on river and salt marsh now improved by Josiah Whittemore; and south-east, on land of said Whittemore, lying on both sides of Medford or Mystic Road. Colonel Royal came here with his family in 1738. He died in Medford on Thursday, June 7, 1739, in the forenoon, was buried in Medford on Saturday, 10th inst., and was carried, the same night, to Dorchester, and there buried in his marble tomb. His wife died Ap
it was commanded by Captain Isaac Hall. This company came out, says the Adjutant-General, on the 19th of April, 1775, and were in service five days, and were undoubtedly in the battles of Lexington and Concord. The names of the men composing the company on that memorable occasion are all recorded on the muster-roll; and they were all Medford men, as follows:-- Isaac Hall, Captain; Caleb Brooks, Lieutenant; Stephen Hall, Ensign; Thomas Pritchard, Isaac Tufts, and Moses Hall, Sergeants; John Tufts, Gersham Teel, and Jonathan Greenleaf, Corporals; Timothy Hall, Drummer; William Farning, Fifer. Privates as follows: David Vinton, John Bucknam, Isaac Watson, Jonathan Lawrence, Jonathan Davis, Abel Richardson, James Tufts, jun., Samuel Tufts, 3d, Andrew Floyd, Benjamin Floyd, Andrew Blanchard, Samuel Tufts, John Francis, jun., Paul Dexter, John Smith, Abel Butterfield, Josiah Cutter, John Kemp, Eleazer Putnam, James Bucknam, jun., Aaron Crowell, Jonathan Tufts, Benjamin Peirce, Thomas W
church as its preacher; for, in the next year, Mr. John Tufts is a favorite, and commended for settlement. preaching in Medford for the time aforesaid. Mr. John Tufts, son of Mr. Peter Tufts, of Medford, proved so happiness, both in this and in the world to come. John Tufts. Mr. Tufts afterwards concluded not to settleMr. Tufts afterwards concluded not to settle; and the town resolved to hear candidates with reference to ordination. The town also concluded to have a ch for three months. This gentleman refused; and Mr. John Tufts was engaged for six months. At the end of this s the pastor. It proved that Mr. Amos Cheever, Mr. John Tufts, and Mr. Aaron Porter, were the candidates. minister of Danvers), Mr. Tuft, sen. (father of Rev. John Tufts, of Newbury), Madame Leverett (lady of Pres. Le town passed the following vote:-- To invite Mr. John Tufts, of Charlestown, to sit at the table in our meeting-house; and also his wife to sit in Captain Tufts's pew, by his consent. Aug. 2, 1721: At a church-meet
hirteen weeks, including the winter vacation; they continuing their studies the mean while. Graduates. List of persons, born in Medford or once resident there, who have received collegiate degrees:-- Thomas Tufts1701 Aaron Porter1708 John Tufts1708 Ebenezer Turell1721 Simon Tufts1724 Ammi R. Cutter1725 Joshua Tufts1736 Simon Tufts1744 William Whitmore1744 Cotton Tufts1749 Samuel Brooks1749 William Symmes1750 Edward Brooks1757 Samuel Angier1763 Simon Tufts1767 David Osgoodofession. He is called doctor in the town records, May, 1724. The college at that time had not commenced the giving of medical degrees. He is called the first physician of Medford. During a short residence with his townsman and relative, Rev. John Tufts, at Newbury, he connected himself with the church there, and was recommended by that church to the one in Medford, May, 1734. To show how much he labored, how well he succeeded, and how truly he was loved, we quote here the following brie
ys warned, voted that there shall be a meeting-house erected, to be finished the first of October following, on the land of Mr. Thomas Willis, near the gate by Marble Brook, on a rock on the north side of Woburn Road. It shall be seven and twenty feet long, four and twenty feet wide, and fifteen feet between joints. The committee to whom was intrusted this important work, with full power to act therein, were Caleb Brooks and Thomas Willis, to be joined by the Selectmen, Joseph Hall and John Tufts. Owing to some obstacles, the house was not built at the time first specified; and the next movement towards it we find in a vote passed Sept. 13, 1695. At this time a subscription was opened, and one pound was subscribed by the following persons: Thomas Willis, Caleb Brooks, Stephen Francis, Stephen Willis, John Francis, John Whitmore, John Bradshoe, Jonathan Tufts, John Hall, jun., Nathaniel Hall, Stephen Hall, sen., John Willis, Stephen Hall, Percival Hall, Ebenezer Brooks. Twelve sh
0 Mrs. Elizabeth Wade0189 Parcill Hall066 George Blanchard036 Jacob Shepherd0130 Nathaniel Peirce026 James Tufts045 Timothy Prout016 Mr. Thomas Swan018 John Tufts024 Mr. Joseph Prout0010 Francis Whitmore040 Benjamin Marble026 James Wright026 William Merroe026 Thomas Miler026 Mathew Miler025 William Walden026 Thom Mrs. Mercy Wade0000124027 Seth Richardson0100069049 Samuel Kendall0100069016 Joseph Blancher0100053070 Nathaniel Wilson0100094011 Samuel Wade01000192069 John Tufts0000156000 Stephen Willis, jun.0100170090 John Willis01400150080 Thomas Dill01000111039 Nathaniel Hall100046000 Thomas Willis, jun.0100060060 Benjamin Peir030041004 Benjamin Tufts0600510012 Aaron Blanchard030041014 Benjamin Weber030041004 Jonathan Weber030041004 William Benford030000012 John Atwood030000004 John Tufts060041000 Joseph Francis030013000 Stephen Greenleaf060044028 Richard Waite030094010 Jacob Polly030024009 Samuel Turner030039000 Oliver Atwood030019004 Jos
mention of his name on the records (about 1755). May 3, 1697.--Voted to pay the representative eighteen-pence per day during his service in the General Court. 1699.--John Bradstreet, of Medford, descendant of Governor Bradstreet, son of Simon, married his cousin, Mercy Wade, of Medford, Oct. 9, 1699. Their children were Dudley, born Oct. 26, 1701, married Sarah Pierce, Aug. 18, 1724; Ann, born July 7, 1704; Lucy, born May 30, 1706; and Patience, born Feb. 13, 1712. Sarah married Rev. John Tufts, of Newbury, who was born in Medford. Our ancestors generally assembled in town-meeting at six o'clock, A. M., during the warm weather. Nov. 26, 1700.--The above town-meeting was adjourned to the sixth day of December next, to meet at the house of Stephen Willis, sen., about sun-setting. 1700.--Meeting-house in Medford so cold that men struck their feet together, and children gathered around their mothers' footstoves. 1700.--At this time, black dogs were put into the contrib
June 29, 1704.  34Abigail, b. Jan. 7, 1707. 1-4John Tufts was of Malden. His residence was standing in 1821; and John Tufts, who was then alive, possessed a silver-headed cane,--an heirloom, descended from this early b. Jan. 23, 1725.  49David.  50Frederick. 2-17John Tufts m. Elizabeth Sargent, Mar. 28, 1723, and had--  0Jacob.  130 1/2Mary, b. 1779; d. c. 1795. 39-76John Tufts m.--------, and had--  76-131John.  132Peter. s.  155William.  156Samuel.  157Edward. 66-108John Tufts m. Elizabeth Perry, and had--  108-158John, m. A4; d. 1821.  c.William, b. Mar. 21, 1787.  267d.John Tufts m. Sarah----, and had--  267d.-268William, b. Seufts, m. Isaac Green, of Lexington. May 19, 1778.John Tufts, m. Elizabeth Perry, of Cambridge. May 11, 1779.ah Tufts, d. aged 2. May 18, 1747.Sarah, wife of John Tufts, d. aged 38. Jan. 26, 1750.Seth, s. of Jona. and Han. Tufts, d. aged 3. Mar. 24, 1843.Sarah Tufts, d. aged 78. Dec. 26, 1733.Thomas Tufts, d. aged 51
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