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eted, is probable. The streets in Medford are, in most places, furnished with sidewalks and ornamented with elm-trees. It is cheering to see the spaces at the meeting of some roads occupied with trees. The delta of four hundred feet at the meeting of Grove and High Streets, in West Medford, was the first example. The trees were planted, and the fences made and maintained, by Hon. Peter C. Brooks. The town granted him permission, Nov. 22, 1822. A legacy of five hundred dollars from Turell Tufts, Esq., was expended, according to his directions, in planting ornamental trees on the roadsides. May this growing charity of a good friend of Medford be imitated by many hereafter! Others, from motives of taste and profit, have adorned our highways with forest-trees, whose summer shade will soon shelter the fashionable lady in her morning promenade, and the weary animals in their noonday labor. Streets in Medford have received the following names: High, Main, Forest, Salem, Ashland,
Porter1808. Nathan Waite1810. Nathaniel Hall1812. Luther Stearns1813. Jeduthan Richardson1821. Nathan Adams1822. Turell Tufts1823. Joseph Swan1826. Dudley Hall1827. Turell Tufts1828. John Howe1829. John B. Fitch1830. John King1831. John Turell Tufts1828. John Howe1829. John B. Fitch1830. John King1831. John Symmes, jun1832. Thomas R. Peck1834. Galen James1836. James O. Curtis1837. Galen James1838. Lewis Richardson1839. Thomas R. Peck1840. Alexander Gregg1841. Timothy Cotting1844. Alexander Gregg1845. Henry Withington1847. Peter C. Hall1849. Samuel Buel1794. John Bishop1798. Joseph P. Hall1804. Joseph Manning1808. William Rogers1823. Henry Porter1825. Turell Tufts1827. Timothy Cotting1836. George W. Porter1837. Names of the town-clerks. J. Wade1674. Stephen Willis16ees, garlands, and flowers, the Selectmen of the town met the General and his cortege; and they thus addressed him, by Turell Tufts, Esq., their Chairman:-- General Lafayette,--The Selectmen of Medford, as representatives of the town, deem it a gr
niel Hall1800. Timothy Bigelow1808. Dudley Hall1813. Abner Bartlett1815. Turell Tufts1824. Thatcher Magoun1825. John B. Fitch1826. John Sparrell1831. Thomas RHallAug. 20, 1819. Abner BartlettJan. 26, 1820. Samuel SwanJan. 12, 1821. Turell TuftsJune 16, 1821. Abner BartlettFeb. 16, 1822. Jonathan PorterMay 7, 1822. DudamsFeb. 8, 1825. Nathaniel HallJuly 7, 1826, Abner BartlettJan. 4, 1827. Turell TuftsJune 5, 1828. Jonathan PorterFeb. 21, 1829. Dudley HallOct. 19, 1829. JonamsJan. 25, 1832. Nathaniel HallMay 18, 1833. Abner BartlettDec. 18, 1833. Turell TuftsMar. 28, 1835. Jonathan PorterJan. 27, 1836. Dudley HallAug. 30, 1836. JohmsJan. 8, 1839. Nathaniel HallApril 16, 1840. Abner BartlettOct. 1, 1840. Turell TuftsFeb. 22, 1842. Jonathan PorterDec. 17, 1842. Henry PorterJan. 5, 1843. Juduntry-seat in Medford, he would probably have taken side with his old friend, Dr. Tufts, and his young friend, Dr. Brooks, and given generously for the cause of free
urgundian wine In crystal glasses on my sideboard shine; No wine, but what does from my apples flow, My frugal house on any can bestow. Mr. Turell was not pleased with the conduct of the popular Whitefield, and did not scruple to say so. Mr. Turell Tufts, son of Dr. Simon Tufts, writes thus concerning this subject:-- There were some zealots in Medford, who were desirous that their minister should invite Mr. Whitefield to preach in his pulpit; but he opposed it strongly; and, to justify hiiciated at 990 funerals. Every arrangement for a public funeral which respect for their venerable pastor could suggest was made by the town; and their Committee for the occasion were Messrs. Abner Bartlett, Jonathan Brooks, Thatcher Magoun, Turell Tufts, and Dudley Hall. The funeral services were on Saturday, Dec. 14. The prayer was offered by President Kirkland ; and the sermon preached by Dr. Abiel Holmes, from 2 Tim. IV. 6, 7. The pall-bearers were the Rev. Drs. Kirkland and Holmes, of
cure an organ, if four hundred and fifty dollars can be raised by subscription for that purpose. Committee to procure subscriptions: Messrs. George W. Porter, Turell Tufts, and Darius Wait. The organ was purchased for the amount, and gave satisfaction. Jan. 2, 1826: Voted, that the money received from the sale of the new pews, a committee report, that they find the act incorporating trustees passed the 9th of March, 1827; and it appears that Messrs. Jonathan Brooks, Nathaniel Hall, Turell Tufts, Dudley Hall, Nathan Adams, John Symmes, jun., and Jonathan Porter, were incorporated trustees by the said act. These originators of the fund performed the 823. One silver dish,--gift of Mr. David Bucknam, 1824. One antique silver cup; donor and date unknown. One silver spoon; Two silver cans,--gift of Turell Tufts, Esq., 1842. Previously to 1759, there were the following:-- One pewter flagon,--gift of Hon. John Usher. One pewter flagon,--gift of Deacon John Whit
ave unbroken success! Medford literary Institute. This interesting society was formed, March 10, 1853, by several intelligent and enterprising young men, for their advancement in literature. They began well, and have proceeded with enthusiasm. At their anniversary exhibitions, the Town Hall is always crowded. Forti et fideli nihil difficile. Medford social library. This excellent institution was established about 1825, and has been silently doing its good work ever since. Turell Tufts, Esq., bequeathed to it five hundred dollars, the interest of which must be expended annually for the purchase of valuable books. The constitution says, The design of the society is to form a collection of books strictly useful, promotive of piety and good morals, and for the diffusion of valuable information. Books of a light and unedifying character shall not be admitted. Price of a share, one dollar; annual tax, fifty cents. Each proprietor may take out two volumes at a time. Any
, m. Isaac Wetherbee.  67Elizabeth, m. Daniel Hitchins.  68Martha, m. Abiel Winship. I find, in the church records, a copy of the inscription on the Wade Tomb, with the following remark on it: The following is copied from a communication of Turell Tufts, Esq.; there is apparently some error in it.--C. Stetson. Major Wade's tomb was purchased by the late Ebenezer Hall, and is now in possession of his children. The old tablet removed by Mr. Hall was of red sandstone, and contained the folloancis Whitmore m., 1st, Anna Peirce, Dec. 7, 1699, and had--  12-15Sarah, b. May 4, 1701.  16Hannah, b. Jan. 22, 1703; d. same year.  17Anna, b. May 4, 1707.  18Eliot, b. Mar. 13, 1710; d. Mar. 16, 1713.  19Rachel, b. Apr. 1, 1712; m. Eben. Tufts, Feb. 17, 1731.  20Mercy, b. Mar. 11, 1714.  21Elizabeth, b. July 21, 1716; m. Thos. Fillebrowne, Mar. 30, 1732.   His wife d. Aug. 6, 1716. His 2d wife, Mary----, d. Mar. 29, 1760. He d. Feb. 6, 1771.   He was associated in business
as most fortunate that the ecclesiastical polity was in harmony with the spirit of liberty, that democracy in the church went hand in hand with democracy in the state. It was good when the time came that church and state were separated here and when; in 1833, the last remains of the connection of the church with the civil power were removed, religion entered upon a freer and wider career. The portrait of Rev. Ebenezer Turell, from which the frontispiece in this number of the Register is taken, was given to the First Church in Medford by Dudley Hall, Sen., father of the late Dudley C. Hall, to whom it came by inheritance from Turell Tufts, of Medford. It was loaned at one time to the Hon. Samuel Turell Armstrong, Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts, and a great-grand-nephew of Rev. Mr. Turell. The loan of the picture was continued to Mr. Armstrong's widow and on her death was returned to the church. The name of the painter of the portrait is not known, so far as can be learned.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 3., The Royall House loan exhibition. (search)
be guides should restoration of the house be attempted. The uniform, cocked hat, and pistols of Gov. John Brooks suggested the gallant soldier of the Revolution, while his lancet-case recalled the physician whom his townsmen loved. Among the portraits were those of Governor Brooks, Nathaniel Polly (a Medford soldier in the Revolution), Lucy Dudley, the wife of Dr. Simon Tufts, Andrew Hall, whose home in 1800 was the present 43 High street (the third frame house built in Medford), and Turell Tufts, who died in 1842, son of Dr. Simon Tufts. A print of the Blanchard Tavern was shown. Here the New Hampshire troops were mustered in, and public meetings were held after the meetinghouse ceased to be town property. Hezekiah Blanchard was the tavern-keeper in Revolutionary times. He and his son both served in the army. His name is on the roll of minute-men. A warrant for Isaac Royall, Senior, issued in 1734, a pair of spectacles inscribed The gift of I. Royall to Simon Tufts, Esq.,
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 2., The development of the public School of Medford. (search)
This was referred at the March meeting to a committee of five persons to consider and report. These five were Andrew Blanchard, Galen James, William Bradbury, Turell Tufts, and Nathan Adams. April 7 they reported that they have ascertained the number of children living in that district to be of boys from 7 to 16, 56; boys from 5e Building for the purpose of passing out a stove pipe or funnel.—and a stone step to be fixed at the Door, or inlaid with the foundation. Signed May 5, 1823. Turell Tufts— Joseph Swan, Nathan Adams for the Town. Medford seems to have been singularly fortunate in one respect at least: she did not drop into the educational decer Seccomb for his Pew10[ ][ ] 13To Do Recedd: of Ebenr. Brooks Junr. for his Pew9[ ][ ] To Do Recedd: of Nathl: Hall for his Pew3[ ][ ] To Do Recedd: of Benja: Tufts for his Pew3[ ][ ] 14To Do Reced of Capt Ebenr. Brooks for his Pew1[ ][ ][ ] To Do. Recedd. of Richard Waite for his Pew3[ ][ ] June 10To Cash Recedd: of ye Tru
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