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Mayor's Court. --The extraordinary demand upon our space compels us to dispose of the proceedings before this Court in the briefest manner possible: Mary and Elias Vanderlip, who keep an oyster saloon on Broad street, appeared to answer a charge of making a violent demonstration upon several of their customers, and were required to give $150 bail for their good behavior.--Nat Mayo was fined $5 for employing a coal cart without having his initials and the number of the vehicle painted thereon.--James M. Taylor was fined $5 for permitting a pile of rubbish, bricks, &c., to remain in the street between the Dock and Cary street.--Dr. Newton was summoned up because his servant had been caught tying a horse to a city gas lamp, on the 6th inst. The case was continued. --John, slave of Dr. McCaw, was ordered 25 on a conviction for stealing a lot of candles, soap, and sugar, from the Chimborazo Hospital.
or the Legislature, McGinness was sent to jail to be tried before the Hustings Court. --Godfrey Roberts, free negro, arrested on suspicion, having been found in possession of two passes and a sword, was acquitted.--Francis T. O'Brien, arrested for attempting to play policeman while corned, on Sunday, was admonished and discharged. John Beatty was acquitted of the charge of assaulting and beating Mary Tracy in her own house.--Jefferson H. Delks was committed for examination for cutting Elias Vanderlip with a knife.--Major Wilcox was fined $15 for huckstering; Pat Sweeny $10 for ditto; Martin Eagan $5 for ditto. --Alexander Hansbury was fined $5 for violating the health ordinance.--Mrs Gill was committed in default of surety for assaulting a child of James Morris, by throwing a brick at it.--Paris McIlhaney, arraigned for secreting a daughter of A. O. and Mary Miller, for matrimonial purposes, was examined and discharged.--Case of Mrs. Patsy Wash, charged with beating Thos. Stone and
J Smith was ordered to be whipped for stealing $15 from Tabby Clayton. Both parties are colored. Charles, slave of Col. Ayres, was sent on to be tried before the Hustings Court on the 2d Monday in November, on the charge of stealing a box of clothing from R. L. Steward, at the American Hotel. His master gave bail for his appearance. Mary Garrity was required to give $150 security for assaulting and beating John Coyle and his wife, and child. Failing, she was committed. Elias Vanderlip and Owen Riley underwent a lengthy examination on the charge of stealing $107 from Lindsey Smith, a paroled C. S. soldier, on Saturday evening, at the upper end of Grace street. The evidence of the soldier being positive as to the loss, and by whom inflicted, and defendants' witnesses being equally prompt in proving an alibi, the case was continued until this morning for further examination. Mary E. Sawyer, alias Carrington, formerly of Washington, was committed in default of suret
The Daily Dispatch: October 22, 1862., [Electronic resource], The opinion of the Northern press on Lincoln's proclamation. (search)
n Kinsey, and Mrs. Susan Tyrer and Catherine Williams, for their children throwing rocks in the street. Sarah, slave of Wm. W. Minor, was ordered to be whipped for using obscene and violent language to Joanna Shehan. Owen Riley and Elias Vanderlip, a citizen of Richmond, were required to answer the charge of garroting Lindsay Smith, a soldier, on Saturday night, on Grace street, and robbing him of $107. The soldier, as previously stated, testified positively as to the identity of the men who robbed him; but some half a dozen witnesses were introduced on the part of the defence to prove that they were not the men who did the deed. Owen Riley was discharged unconditionally, and Vanderlip on account of previous mishaps, was required to find $300 security to keep the peace and be of good behavior. Hustings Court--Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge--Oct. 21st, 1862.--The attention of the Court was occupied yesterday in disposing of civil business, no criminal cases having been calle
only designed to have a little fun. B. W. Knowles was fined $1 for obstructing 7th street with ashes, and the same fine was assessed against Tyler, Wise & Allegre, for obstructing 12th street by the same means. George Wilkinson and Elias Vanderlip were committed for indictment by the Hustings Court Grand Jury for fighting in Broad street. Vanderlip was also charged with resisting the watchmen. Joseph Wingfield was arraigned for interfering with the police while in discharge of thVanderlip was also charged with resisting the watchmen. Joseph Wingfield was arraigned for interfering with the police while in discharge of their duty on Franklin street, while executing a search warrant. Wingfield said he regretted his interference. The case was continued until Friday. Wm. Robinson, a soldier, arraigned for drunkenness, was sent to the Provost Marshal. John P. Smith, a doubtful-looking character, with full face and blood-shot eyes, from Vicksburg, Mississippi, was arraigned for stealing a pocketbook containing $25 and papers worth $6,000, belonging to Josiah H. Harris, on Wednesday evening. The robbery o
nged to a gang of ruffians who had set upon Jones for the purpose of beating him without any provocation, and that he in a fit of desperation had shot him for the purpose of escaping serious and undeserved bodily harm. Jones was acquitted. The Grand Jury assembled and were sworn in, George W. Smith acting as foreman. After retiring to their room and examining a large number of witnesses, they returned into Court with indictments against the following parties for misdemeanor, viz: Elias Vanderlip and George Wilkinson, Elias and Mary Vanderlip, Anthony Bradley, Charles, Mitchell, Mary Stephens, John F. Hockaday, Josephine DcMerritt, Mary Brown, Kate Clinton, Anna Lewis, Belle Jones, John R. Blankinship, Timothy Lotsey, Samuel W. Chipley, Margaret Paffey, Andrew J. Winn, Britton Allen, John M. Michie. Richard D. Mitchell was presented for an assault on Wm. H. Beveridge. The Grand Jury returned the misdemeanor presentments against Patrick Shahes. Wm. B. Cooke, and Henry
The Daily Dispatch: November 17, 1862., [Electronic resource], A Bloody Leaf in the history of this War--ten lives for one. (search)
Proceedings in the Courts. Hustings Court, Saturday, Nov. 15 --Recorder Jas. K. Caskie, Presiding.--A number of misdemeanor cases were disposed of to-day, the Court being in session from 11 o'clock till after 6. Elias Vanderlip and George Wilkinson were put on trial for making an affray on one of the public streets of this city and fighting together. The affray took place at the oyster saloon kept by the first-mentioned prisoner, on the south side of Broad street, above 2d, and was fully proved by the testimony. Verdict of the jury, guilty. They were fined $5 each by the Court, and sentenced to six months imprisonment in the city jail. William O'Brien, a dubious-looking customer, was next arraigned, and tried for attempting, in the night time, to break into the house of William H. Stewart for the purpose of committing a larceny.--Verdict of the jury, guilty. Sentenced by the Court to 12 months imprisonment in jail, and to work as a member of the chain gang during t
entered in the case against Allies Ashleigh, indicted for keeping a disorderly house. Also, in the cases of Chas, Summers and Samuel Stanley, for misdemeanors. Wm. H. Drice was tried on information for misdemeanor, (assaulting Ann Shannon.) The jury found the prisoner guilty, and fined him $100.--The Court ordered him to pay the same and be imprisoned in jail for 90 days, and during that time be employed under the direction of the Council at labor on the public streets, etc. Elias Vanderlip and Mary Vanderlip were tried for keeping a disorderly house on Broad street, and were acquitted, in another case against Mrs. Vanderlip, for misdemeanor, the case was continued until the next term, and she gave bail for her appearance. Alfred W. St. Clair, who stands charged with having, on the 14th day of January, 1863, at the said city, feloniously forged a certain paper writing in the words and figures following: "Richmond, Jan. 14, 1863 "As my daughter wishes to get
Arrests. --The city police accomplished the following arrests yesterday, viz: John slave of Henry Corners for stealing $65 from Taylor, slave of Jno. H. Bowen; Hansford Jenkins, free negro, for stealing one blanket from Peyton Carrington; Scarborough Carter, a white man, for selling as a slave a Petersburg free negro for $2,000, Elias Vanderlip on the order of Judge Lyons; and James Booner, a free negro, for not having a copy of his register.
f the 2d of April rioters, for stealing goods from Pollard &Walker; James White, for forging, on the 13th of April, Mary A. Paris's name to a check; Frederick Gansler, for stealing 5 dozen calf skins on the 30th of October, 1862; Mary Johnson, for felony, (rioting and theft) John Jones, for ditto; John W Butler, for stabbing with intent to kill Albert H. Hardle, on the 16th day of April; Patrick Martin and James Organ, for garroting William H. Hardgrove and robbing him of a gold watch; Elias Vanderlip and Philip Colgow, for stealing a seine belonging to John Hitchcock; David Preston and Philip Reynolds, for breaking into the store of D. Epstin &Co., on the 17th of February, and robbing the same; Fendall Thomas and Charles Porter, for stealing a lot of writing paper from Adolphus Morris; John Murphy, for shooting Martin Callahan, with intent to kill, on the 27th of April; E. D. Kenney, for receiving, on the 20th of March, a watch stolen from Mary A. Herman; John McCabe, for stealing t
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