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Hustings Court. --This tribunal was presided over yesterday by Recorder Caskie, and closed its session at 3 o'clock, after accomplishing the following business: John Pero, Emmett Pero, and Mary Hix, charged with assaulting John and Margaret Wheeland were tried and found guilty. John Pero was fined $25 and coats, and the other two defendants half of that amount, on payment of which they were discharged from custody.--Ellas Vanderlip was tried for and receiving hay stolen from Paul Bredick. The jury, after hearing the evidence, retired, but after some time spent in consultation, returned and reported that there was no chance of their agreeing on a verdict; whereupon a jury man was withdrawn, and the case continued until the next term. The Court refused as grant the application of defendants attorney for a discharge, submitted for the reason that he belonged to Capt. McCanley's cavalry company, and was under marching orders — Delta Reynolds was tried for selling liquor contrary
y the happening of events, the Mayor continued the case until Saturday morning. Granville, a diminutive "ebony idol," belonging to Thomas Neal, of Danville, lately removed to this city, was committed to the watch-house to be called for, having been picked up lost in the streets. Catherine Summers, a free negress, of tippling proclivities, found in a flat position on the sidewalk, was ordered a whipping. George Wilkinson, continued on yesterday on a charge of fighting with Ellas Vanderlip, was brought up again and was sent on for examination on a charge of disturbing the public peace. Sam, a slave of A. J. Berry, was arraigned for keeping a couple of "Keno" tables, for the amusement of all who were desirous of investing their money on the wheel of fortune, and was ordered twenty-five lashes. Trial by Court Martial.--John F. Park, a member of the Richmond Zouaves, has been tried by the Court-Martial now in session here, for deserting from his company at the batt
Rejected. --The petition presented to His Excellency the Governor for the pardon of Margaret, a slave, condemned to be hung on the 9th inst., for the murder of an infant child of Mr. Samuel C. Tardy, has been rejected. Also, a petition for the pardon of Ellas Vanderlip, condemned to six months imprisonment in the city jail and fined $500 by the Hustings Court for a violent assault.
The Recent Garreting case in the City jail. --Ellas Vanderlip, Patriak Cunningham, George Hoppell, John Kelly, Julius Desplanque, Wm. Hannan, Thomas Tyror, James Barry, John A. Whitman, and John Barry were carried to the Hustings Court room yesterday, at 11 o'clock, and arraigned before a called Court, composed of Recorder Caskle, Senior Alderman Sanxay, and Alderman Bray, Lipscombe, Timberlake, Gwathmey, and Baveridge, to undergo an examination for committing a felony in the city jail onumerous cut-throats and outlaws confined in the jail to replenish their depleted exchequers. Several of the parties after the robbery were brought before the Mayor and ordered into the chain gang. All of the parties concerned in robbing Jacobs were sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. A similar case, where the same parties were charged with robbing Linman Farrell, also a prisoner in the jail, resulted in all of them being committed for trial save Vanderlip, John Barry, and Desplanqua.
ed a whipping for stealing $65 from Taylor, slave of John H. Bawen. Hausford Jenkins, free, got 20 inches for making way with a blanket belonging to Payton Carrington. Charles Pryor, free, from Fredericksburg and Martha Hewitt, do, from Goochland were put in jail for being in the city contrary to law. Lewis, slave of Jar. M. Wilde charged with stealing three blankets, one bolster case, and piano cover, from Barwell Crump, was acquitted. Pat McGarry, drunk and lying on the side walk, and Henry Taylor, drunk and lying in the gutter, were admonished and let off. Lucy Arm Melton, white was required to give security to keep the peace for making a belligerent demonstration against Lucia Parsons. Mary and Ellas Vanderlip arrested by order of Judge Lyons for committing a breach of the peace, were required to give bond for their good behavior. John C. Hatcher, charged with appearing at the Theatre under the incidence of ardent spirits, was fined one dollar.
operty recovered. They were sent on before the Husting Court for further examination. Ellas Vanderlip, Thomas Mack, Philip Colsan Christopher Russell, Tom and Billy, slaves of Jno. Sledd, were f a fishery on one of the islands in James river. It appeared that a gentleman had applied to Vanderlip, (who is in the oyster business,) to supply him with a value for use in the canal and country arried it broke down Monday night, about 12 o'clock near the corner of 9th and Main sts. While Vanderlip went for assistance the watchmen came by, and learning the contents of the wagon and the name found in possession of the seine, they having been not fled by Mr. Gitchoock of his loss, When Vanderlip came back with another wagon they asked him who the property belonged to, and he replied to hie committed, without bail, for examination on the charge of grand larceny. About a week since Vanderlip was released from jail, having just finished a six months term for misdemeanor. On Saturday t