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Owen Wister, Ulysses S. Grant, V. (search)
letter, and hope that, should an opportunity occur, you will earn for yourself that promotion which you are kind enough to say belongs to me. I care nothing for promotion, so long as our armies are successful, and no political appointments are made. He did not now relish the suggestion of his being ordered to the Potomac, which first came to him at this time. He wrote: My going could do no possible good. They have there able officers who have been brought up with that army. Meanwhile Vicksburg had made him a major-general in the regular army. Lincoln had written him his hearty personal thanks, and the cause of the Union had brightened at home and abroad. The London Times and Saturday Review had lately been quoting the Bible as sanction for slavery; for England dearly loves the Bible; but now many voices in London became sure that slavery was wicked; for England dearly loves success. Grant was more pestered than ever now with Jews and other traders. As he wrote Chase on Jul
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Cemeteries, National (search)
236575 Glendale, Va 234961 Hampton, Va4,930494 Poplar Grove, Va2,1973,993 Richmond, Va8425,700 Seven Pines, Va 1501,208 Staunton, Va 233520 Winchester, Va 2,0942,365 Yorktown, Va 7481,434 Newbern, N. C.2,1771,077 Raleigh, N. C.619562 Salisbury, N. C.9412,032 Wilmington, N. C 7101,398 Beaufort, S. C.4,7484,493 Florence, S C.1992,799 Andersonville, Ga12,793921 Marietta, Ga7,1882,963 Barrancas, Fla 798657 Mobile, Ala756113 Corinth, Miss 1,7893,927 Natchez, Miss3082.780 Vicksburg, Miss3,89612,704 Alexandria, La534772 Baton Rouge, La2,469495 Chalmette, La 6,8375,674 Port Hudson, La5963,223 Brownsville, Tex 1,4171,379 San Antonio, Tex324167 Fayetteville, Ark 431781 Fort Smith, Ark 7111,152 Little Rock, Ark 3,2652,337 Chattanooga, Tenn 7,9994,963 Fort Donelson, Tenn158511 Knoxville, Tenn2,0901,046 Memphis, Tenn 5,1608,817 Nashville, Tenn 11,8254,701 Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.. 1,2292,361 Stone River, Tenn3,8212,324 Camp Nelson, Ky2,4771,165 Cave Hill, Lou
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Authorities. (search)
12 Resaca, Ga. 38 i, 426 Pickett's Mills, Ga 38 i, 427 Hebert, Louis: Raft in Yazoo River at Snyder's Mill 24 III, 790 Henderson, Thomas J.: Gulley's, N. C. 47 i, 972 Hickenlooper, Andrew: Vicksburg, Miss. 24 II, 201 Hotchkiss, Jed.: McDowell, Va. 12 i, 474, 475 Hotchkiss, William Augustus: Chickamauga, Ga 30 i, 504a Hovey, Alvin P.: Champion's Hill, Miss. 24 II, 43 Port Gibson, Miss. 24 i, 605 Howard, Ocran H.: Vicksburg, Miss 24 i, 135 Howard, Oliver O.: Acworth to Chattahoochee River 38 i, 210 Adairsville to Cartersville, Ga. 38 i, 208 Cartersville to Dallas and Acworth, Ga. 38 i, 209 Chancellorsville, Va. 25 i, 629 Chattahoochee River to Atlanta, Ga. 38 i, 211 Gettysburg, Pa. 27 i, 698, 699 Resaca to Adairsville, Ga 38 i, 207 Ringgold to Resaca, Ga. 38 i, 206 Huger, Benjamin: Savannah, Ga., defenses 14, 855, 858, 859 South Mills, N. C. 9, 3
Monroe, Ouachita County, Louisiana a town of 1,000 pop., on Onachita River, about 65 miles W. of Vicksburg, Miss. Steamboats make regular landings in passing up and down the river.
and disaster to the northern column prevented this; but besides this, Port Hudson, which in the early fall of 1862 had only a small garrison and few cannon, had during the intervening time been gradually strengthened; so that in January, 1863, it had become a powerful fortification, with complete armament, and a garrison of some 16,000 men. Thus was the problem of opening the Mississippi changed so far as Banks was concerned, and Port Hudson became plainly his objective point, in place of Vicksburg. Upon arriving in New Orleans, Banks had sent a large force up the river to Baton Rouge. On March 7, 1863, leaving a sufficient force to protect New Orleans, we sailed up the river. By March 12 all the troops had arrived at Baton Rouge. In this force there were in all some twelve regiments, three batteries, and two troops of cavalry. On the evening of March 13, the army was under way towards Port Hudson for the purpose of making a demonstration and distracting the attention of its g
The reason Why. --A great many comments have been made upon the defective firing of our batteries at Vicksburg when the enemy's gunboats passed down some two weeks ago, and both officers and men in the batteries have been pretty severely injured therefore. The following letter from Vicksburg explains the cause of this inefficient firing, and as the defects spoken of have probably been remedied before this time, there can be no harm in giving this letter to the public: "The passage by our batteries of the Yankee fleet on Thursday night developed a fact which I think ought to be made known, that it may be properly remedied. It being the first scene of the kind ever witnessed by me, I felt some surprise that the firing from our batteries was more slow and irregular than I had expected, and on yesterday, being in company with the commanders of two of our most serviceable guns, I mentioned the fact, when I was told by them that it was not the result of inefficiency in the work