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estown End. George Y. Wellington, President Arlington Historical Society. December 5—Business Meeting. Light refreshments will be served.December 7—Incidents in a Long Life in the Public Service. Jairus Mann. December 21—The Beginnings of the Boston and Lowell Railroad. Frank E. Merrill. Light refreshments will be served.January 4—An Evening with Edwin day Sibley. January 18—Concerning Some Neighboring Historical Societies. David H. Brown, President Medford Historical Society. Eugene Tappan, Secretary Sharon Historical Society. Light refreshments will be served.February 1—Neighborhood Sketch.—In and About Union Square, No. 2. Charles D. Elliot. February 6—Business Meeting. February 15—Boston in the Civil War—Chiefly from a Naval View Point. Light refreshments will be served.March 1—The Flora of Somerville. Louise A. Vinal. March 15—Some Peculiarities of Our Ancestors. D. P. Corey, President Malden Historical Society.
The flora of Somerville By Louise A. Vinal A city of 70,000 inhabitants, bounded on two sides by still larger cities, offers an unpromising field of research to the most enthusiastic botanist. But the interests of this society are largely in the days that are gone, and for this half-hour we will try and picture the vegetation of Somerville from the arrival of the first colonists to the time when the encroachments of the rapidly-growing city drove from its limits all but the most common of its native plants. The first mention of the vegetation of that particular part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony which since 1842 has been known as Somerville was made by the surveying party that left Salem shortly after the arrival of Endicott and his colonists. They traveled through an uncouth wilderness until they reached Mishawum, now Charlestown, and they reported that they found it was a neck of land generally full of stately timber, as was the main. And Thomas Graves, who came over a
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