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od, who would have his annual sacrifice. On the borders of this stream, there have always existed what are now called landings. These were used by the Indians for rendezvous during their annual fishing seasons. Afterwards they were used by our fathers for loading and unloading of sloops and schooners. Later still, they were used by our fishermen for emptying their nets. Some have recently been occupied as ship-yards. In the Wade Family there is a tradition that their ancestor, Major Jonathan Wade, gave to the town, about the year 1680, the landing place now occupied by Mr. J. T. Foster. Feb. 21, 1698.--At this time the river was frozen, as it is in our day. Judge Sewall, under this date, says: I rode over to Charlestown on the ice, then over to Stower's (Chelsea), so to Mr. Wigglesworth. The snow was so deep that I had a hard journey; could go but a foot-pace on Mystic River, the snow was so deep. The absence of epidemics in Medford is to be attributed in part to the pr
n quotations in them. Only six pages of Mr. Jonathan Wade's records remain. As it was customary t land, after his death, to Edward Collins, Jonathan Wade, Richard Russell, Peter Tufts, Thomas Broo James Pemberton1659. Joseph Hills1662. Jonathan Wade1668. Edward Collins1669. John Call1669. with twelve hundred acres of his land, to Jonathan Wade, who lived near the bridge on the south siarlestown northerly, Mistick River southerly, Mr. Wade's land easterly, and Brooks's and Wheeler's ltile agent of Mr. Cradock, and who lived near Mr. Wade, petitioned the General Court, in the name ofirs; viz., Edward Collins, Richard Russel, Jonathan Wade, and Peter Tufts. These laid out new lotsthe most numerous family in Medford; those of Mr. Wade were few, but rich: he came over in June, 163f the Brooks family to the present day. Jonathan Wade, who for several years paid the highest taMedford agree to open a road from the market to Wade's bank, or Sandy bank (Cross Street), and build[2 more...]
extensive wealth, great moral influence, elevated Christian character, and solid happiness. Surely the lines have fallen to us in pleasant places, and God hath given to us a goodly heritage. Chairmen of the board of Selectmen. Jonathan Wade1676. Nathaniel Wade1678. John Hall1679. Nathaniel Wade1681. Jonathan Wade1683. Thomas Willis1684. Nathaniel Wade1685. John Hall1689. Nathaniel Wade1690. John Hall1693. Nathaniel Wade1694. Jonathan Tufts1695. Nathaniel Wade1696. PJonathan Wade1683. Thomas Willis1684. Nathaniel Wade1685. John Hall1689. Nathaniel Wade1690. John Hall1693. Nathaniel Wade1694. Jonathan Tufts1695. Nathaniel Wade1696. Peter Tufts1698. Nathaniel Wade1699. Peter Tufts1700. Nathaniel Wade1703. Peter Tufts1705. Nathaniel Wade1706. Stephen Francis1707. Stephen Willis1708. John Francis1709. Ebenezer Brooks1710. John Bradshaw1711. John Whitmore1712. Thomas Willis1713. Stephen Willis1714. Jonathan Tufts1715. Samuel Wade1717. Thomas Tufts1718. John Bradshaw1719. Jonathan Tufts1721. John Bradshaw1722. Thomas Tufts1723. Ebenezer Brooks1724. John Bradshaw1725. Ebenezer Brooks1726. Stephen Hall1730
cSprague & James'sJohn SparrellJohn BishopMedford70 151 ShipGibraltarSprague & James'sSprague & JamesE. E. BradshawCharlestown298 1521830BrigRomanT. Magoun'sT. MagounE. Hathaway & Co.Boston268 153 BrigNahantT. Magoun'sT. MagounBarker, Cofran, & WadeBoston234 154 BrigNabobS. Lapham'sS. LaphamS. Glover & G. B. LaphamRoxb'y & Medford309 155 ShipLintinSprague & James'sSprague & JamesR. B. ForbesBoston330 156 ShipHomerSprague & James'sSprague & JamesHartshorn & HomerBoston243 157 ShipCaliforniphereT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthJ. ParsonsNew York940 437 BarkIsabellaT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthLombard & HallBoston354 438 BarkSumterT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthLombard & HallBoston383 439 BarkG. E. WebsterT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthReed & WadeBoston354 440 BarkKremlinP. Curtis'sP. CurtisCraft & Co.Boston487 441 ShipShirleyP. Curtis'sP. CurtisGeorge PrattBoston948 442 ShipMohawkJ. O. Curtis'sJ. O. CurtisJ. P. MacyNantucket420 443 ShipJ. H. JarvisJ. O. Curtis'sJ. O. CurtisSnow &
in 1676, £ 4. 1s. 10d. During these years, Cambridge was paying £ 40; Woburn, £ 25; Malden, £ 16; and Charlestown, £ 60. A county-tax of £ 1. 13s. 9d., levied on Meadford, Jan. 17, 1684, was paid by the inhabitants as follows:--  £s.d. Capt. Jonathan Wade064 Capt. Nathaniel Wade043 John Hall033 Caleb Brooks0111 Thomas Willis037 Stephen Willis0110 Peter Tufts, jun.034 Stephen Francis0110 John Whitmore017 Gershom Swan015 Isaac Fox0011 John Bradshor008 Jonathan Tufts0010 Daniel Wos as he shall think meet, so as he sell not less than the quantity of a gallon at a time to one person, and not in smaller quantities by retail to the occasioning of drunkenness. The first tavern of which we have any record was built by Major Jonathan Wade, about 1690, and kept by Nathaniel Pierce. It stood a few rods south of the bridge, on the corner of Main and Short Streets, and, for more than a century, offered its accommodations to the public. It was bought by Colonel Royal, and had
ordered him to return the corn, and pay a fine; and hereafter to be called by the name of Josias, and not Mr., as formerly he used to be. 1657.--The name of Jonathan Wade first appears on the records of the registry of deeds in Middlesex County, June 11, 1657. Its next occurrence, May 20, 1662. 1670.--Some Indian children we per day during his service in the General Court. 1699.--John Bradstreet, of Medford, descendant of Governor Bradstreet, son of Simon, married his cousin, Mercy Wade, of Medford, Oct. 9, 1699. Their children were Dudley, born Oct. 26, 1701, married Sarah Pierce, Aug. 18, 1724; Ann, born July 7, 1704; Lucy, born May 30, 1706; a the spot where they continue to this day. 1775.--Before the battle of Bunker Hill, General Stark fixed his Headquarters at Medford, in the house built by Mr. Jonathan Wade, near the Medford House, on the east side of the street. After the battle, twenty-five of the general's men, who had been killed, were brought here, and bur
and grandson of Gov. Bradstreet, b. Nov. 3, 1676; m. Mercy Wade, Oct. 9, 1699, and had--  1-2Dudley, b. Oct. 26, 1701.  3n, d. Jan. 6, 1716.   Thomas Swan, of Roxbury, m. Prudence Wade, Sept, 27, 1692.  1Symmes, Zechariah, was the son of Revilliam Symonds.  7Elizabeth, m. Elihu Wardwell. 1-2Jonathan Wade, jun., m. Deborah, dau. of Hon. Thos. Dudley, who d. Nov. thaniel.  18William, killed at sea, Apr. 3, 1697. 3-11Jonathan Wade m. Mary----, and had--  11-19Mercy, b. Apr, 8, 1704. nscriptions:-- Here lyeth interred the body of Major Jonathan Wade, Esquire, who departed this life the 24th of November, a age. Also the body of Dorothy Wade, wife to said Jonathan Wade, Esquire, daughter of Honourable Thomas Dudley, Esquire, deer age. Also the body of Dudley Wade, son of said Jonathan Wade, Esquire; and Also the body of Dorothy Wade, daughter of the said Jonathan Wade, Esquire. And Elizabeth Wade, his last wife, who was born the 7th of February, 1637, and deceased the
niel Turell (No. 1), died June 23, 1659. Page 555.Daniel was captain 1683, not 1646. Page 556.Hezekiah Usher (No. 1) married, first, Frances----. Hannah (No. 5) was daughter by second wife, and was born Dec. 29, 1653. He married his second wife, Nov. 2, 1652. Page 556.Hezekiah (No. 1-2) married Bridget Hoar, 1686, and had no children. All those under that record — viz., Nos. 15, 16, 17--belong to Hezekiah No. 1. Page 556.John Usher married Elizabeth Slidgett, not Sidgett. Page 558.Jonathan Wade (No. 1) had Mary, baptized October, 1663, who married William Symonds; also daughter Sarah. Prudence (No. 5) married, second, Rev. Seaborn Cotton. Page 558.Jonathan (No. 1-2) had Deborah, baptized March 24, 1667; Prudence, June 6, 1669; Catharine, Aug. 27, 1671,--died soon; Catharine, June 22, 1673; Susanna, June 10, 1677; Dorothy, July 10, 1681; all before Dudley (No. 2-8). Page 563.Technically, Bedford was a precinct of Billerica when John Whitmore resided there. Page 568.I am auth
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