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Army appointment. --Calvin L. Sayre, late Lieutenant of Marines in the service of the "Old Wreck, " has received from Secretary Walker the appointment of Acting Assistant Adjutant General of the Provisional Army, and left for Texas yesterday, having been ordered there for the purpose of raising a regiment of Mounted Riflemen, to be called into service by the War Department whenever deemed necessary.--Montgomery Advertiser.
&c. Ladies of Mossingford Depot, coop of chickens, and bbl meal. Sh S A Lociety, green peas, and cordial, black berry vinegar, ham, &c. Mrs John E Perkinson, Amelia, biscuit, roast and fried chicken. From--, bbl ice. Mrs Dr Walker, Taylor, Bransford, and other ladies of Chesterfield, box eggs, bread, biscuit, &c. Some Ladies of Rockingham, coop of chickens. From--, one box hospital supplies. From--, box ice. E T Jeffress, Nottoway, lambs, onions, gr Miss Ida and Ella Cardwell, 23. Mrs Spiller, King William, 5. Chas J Fox, 4 G W Herring, Concert in Micosakee, Fla, 67.50. Mrs Emily Rutherfoord, 30. Mrs Emily Aylett, 20 Mrs Mollie Denoon, proceeds of Fair; 120. Mr Walker, for E P Hairston, of Henry county, 100. Mrs Henry, 10. Mrs Taylor, 10. C Walthall, proceeds of Fair, from young Misses on Canal street, 32.30 Stark & Cardoza, money found, 1.50. A friend, 10. Miss Compton, Lexington,
received by the men with the wildest enthusiasm, and no sooner was the order given than the men swept forward with a yell such as only a rebel can give, and the enemy's skirmisher were soon encountered and driven back upon the main line, where temporary works had been erected. Our men never faltered, but dashed forward through the leaden rain, and drove the enemy in disorder from the works, capturing a number of prisoners." Among those lost on our side are Brig. Gen. Stevens, of Walker's division, and Major Preston, of the artillery, killed during the action. Judging from the tone of the Georgia papers, Atlanta is to be defended at every sacrifice. No official dispatches were received at headquarters last night. Movements in North Mississippi. A dispatch from Tupelo, dated July 16, says our forces had been fighting on the prairies since the previous Sunday. On Wednesday the enemy declined battle and moved toward Tupelo. We struck them in the flanks on
Taking an airing. --Miss Dr Walker, the Yankee surgeons captured sometime since in Tennessee, was yesterday given an airing on our streets, under escort of that patriarchal looking individual, Capt John Caphart. She was uniformed in blue cloth pants, frock coat, buttoned up to the chin, a lady's black for hat, and a pair ofdogs brought up the rear, highly amused at the free exhibition which was being afforded by permission of Capt L W Richardson, the commandant at Castle Thunder. Miss Walker has recently been quite sick, and yesterday's promenade was recommended to facilitate her convalescence. The ostensible reason which took Miss Walker out yMiss Walker out yesterday was to lay before Gen Gardner, commanding the Department of Richmond, certain papers, which she expects will secure for her permission to return home by the next flag of truce. She seems anxious to make any concessions which are demanded of her, save that of her trifle to doctorship and the right to attire herself in men'
of the Mayor and the action of the Council on this subject, together with this report, be published twice in each of the daily newspapers of the city. Respectfully submitted, N. B. Hill, Chairman Committee of Police. Richmond, July 31st, 1864. The report was read and adopted by the Council by ayes and noes, as follows, to wit: Ayes.--Messrs Clopton, Crutchfield, Denoon, Griffin, Glazebrook, Hill, Randolph, Richardson, Stokes and Scott--10 Noes.--Messrs Epps and Walker--2. A. W. Morton Chamberlain, and Clerk of Council. Chamberlain's office,Richmond, May 22, 1864. At a meeting of the Council, held on the 13th day of June, 1864, the following communication was received from the Mayor of the city and read, to wit: Richmond, June 13, 1864. To the President and Members of the City Council: Very early in the morning on the 11th May, 1864, when a very large Yankee force, under the command of Gen. Sheridan, was very near the city of Ri