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h Mexico, IX., 93; songs. IX., 342 seq.; X., 40. War is Hell, III., 237. War-horse, nickname of Gen'l Longstreet, II., 4-7. Ward, A., IX., 175. Ward, Elizabeth S. P., A message, IX., 144, 145. Ward, J. H.: VI, 96, 97, 99, 308. Ward, J. H. H., X., 227. Ward, W. T.: III., 125; X., 91. Ward, W. W., VII, 21. Ware, C. P., IX., 352. Ware, J. H., X., 2. Warehouse: on the banks of the Rappahannock, used as hospital, VII., 270. Warfield, H. M., VII., 198. Waring, G. E., X., 23, 24. Warley, A. F., VI., 192. Warner, J. M., X., 307. Warner, W., X., 296. Warner,, U. S. S.: III., 318; VI., 230. Warren, Fitz-H., X., 205. Warren, G. K.: I., 32, 70 seq.; II., 251, 252, 253, 255; III., 30, 34, 36, 41, 42, 43, 44, 54, 56, 58, 64, 67, 72, 73, 74, 75, 83, 84, 86, 90, 176, 178, 197, 199, 204, 284, 318, 344; IV., 119; headquarters of, at Spotsylvania, IV., 207; VIII., 246, 327, 328, 330; IX., 225
Wm. Grosse, J. H. Weaver, N. Strong, J. Smith. From Fort Warren.--J. R. Barbour, B. Barton, R. I. Truman, J. A. Douglas, P. F. Newton, G. Shackleford, F. D. Flanders, James Brown, Edward Bawm, Ed. O'Neil, Wm. St. George, Charles Kane, Wm. H. Gulchill, J. Hanson, Thomas T. F. Rainn, J. R. Flanders, W. W. Raw, A. De Costa, Wm. H. Hindor, R. S. Guinn, S. F. Newton, E. Gibon, Parker H. French, E. C. Myatt, Geo. Van Amminger, J. English, Wm. G. Harrison, Robert M. Dennison, W. T. McCune, H. M. Warfield. From Fortress Monroe. Fortress Monroe, Feb. 20. --Gen. Burnside is negotiating with the rebel authorities at Norfolk for their release. No further advance had been made by Gen. Burnside, nor was any immediately expected. The gunboats had returned from Elizabeth City. All the fleet were at anchor off Roanoke Island. An immense amount of trophies has been captured, including the splendid State flag of North Carolina, worked by the ladies of that Stat
Advices from the East, state that there has been a flood of rain at Mecca. Three hundred lives were lost, and one-third of the city destroyed. The great sacred mosque, Haram Esh Sherif, was flooded; the Holy Black Stone submerged, and the great library almost destroyed. The following political prisoners in Fort Warren have declined accepting their liberty except on "unconditional" terms, viz: Wm. G. Harrison, Wm. H. Winder, H. M. Warfield, and Wm. H. Gatchell. They are all four Baltimoreans. Two Federal gunboats made their appearance at Eastport, Miss., seven miles from Luks, on the Tennessee river, a few days since, but returned without doing any damage. Mr. Dafottaine, the well known "Persons" of the Charleston Courier, is lecturing in Georgia, on "Incidents of the war upon the Polemist."
The Daily Dispatch: October 19, 1863., [Electronic resource], Secret history of the subjugation of Maryland. (search)
the members from one to four attached to their names indicates the intensity of secession principles. Among them we find the following bad cases: R. M. Denison, 4; J. W. Dennis, 4; John B. Brown, 4; G. W. Goldsborough, 4; Barnes Compton, 3; H. M. Warfield, 3; T. Parkin Scott, 3; S. Teackle Wallis, 3; W. H. Legg, 3; G. Kilborn, 3. In the Senate — Franklin Whittaker, 4; Coleman Yellott, 4; Thos. J. McKaig, 3; Teagle Townshend, 3. Suggestions of arrest — the Altered Complexion of the Legislurant, George H. Morgan; Somerset, James U. Dennis; Talbot, Alexander Chaplain, J. Lawrence Jones; Washington, Martin Eakle, John C. Brining; Worcester, George W. Landing. Wallis, Pitt, Scott, Sangston, Morfit, Winans, Thomas, Harrison, and Warfield, of Baltimore city, and Dennison and Quinlan, of Baltimore county, are in custody. The list I marked with you has been carefully revised and corrected by the Legislative journals, so that the propriety of the foregoing selection is unquesti