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th batteries, almost all incurring small losses and the 39th suffering especially with 17 killed or mortally wounded and 246 missing, mostly prisoners. Lieutenant-Colonel Peirson was severely wounded, leaving Capt. F. R. Kinsley in command of the 39th, who was himself made prisoner a day or two later. Lieut. Wm. T. Spear was mortally wounded. Lieut. Horace M. Warren, adjutant of the 59th, was also killed, with Capt. J. W. Ingell (15th Mass.) and Lieuts. Robert T. Bourne (22d Mass.) and A. J. White (35th Mass.). Captain Ingell, a brave and valuable officer, who was at the time suffering from a previous wound. (Official Army Records, 87, p. 357.) A small battalion of recruits and re-enlisted men, formerly belonging to the 18th Mass., captured 50 prisoners and a flag. At Summit Point, Va., the 37th Mass. Infantry had a picket skirmish with some loss (August 21), and at Reams' Station (August 23-25) the 28th Infantry and the 10th Battery lost some lives and the latter 19 prisone
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 17: (search)
s first intrenched line to the second, beyond Burden's causeway, and occupying the elevated ground necessary to the Federals to enfilade Taliaferro's line on James island. The entire Confederate loss was 37 killed and 9wounded. General Robertson specially commended, aside from the gallant Georgians who led in the charge on the 9th, the Washington, Marion, and Inglis batteries, under Colonel Kemper, Major Jenkins, Sergeant Jervais and Privates Miller and Bryan of the Stono scouts; Private A. J. White, of the Second cavalry, and a portion of the Second cavalry under Captain Clark, who defended the right of the line on the first day and lost 13 out of 21 engaged. Captain Dean, of the same regiment. with 13 men, also participated in this heroic fight. While the battle was in progress on John's island, a Brooke gun, brought to Battery Pringle, drove the enemy's wooden boats down stream. An attempt of the enemy to float fire rafts with the tide against the Stono bridge was defea
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
ort, J. R. Davidson, J. J. Evans, Private A. J. Pruett, W. F. Mooney, J. M. Pratt, J. L. Smith, R. B. Scott, J. V. Thrailkil, J. C. Trailer, G. A. Weldon, J. W Wyche, D. H. Zackery. Co. F. 1st Sergeant Jas. Wooten. Sergeant J. M. Hayes. H. H. Davis. J. A. Johnson. Corporal H. H. Dixon. C. J. Kicklighter. Private W. F. Costlow, E. Costlow, A. H. Covington, Private W. B. Gossett, J. T. Johnson, E. L. Nix, G. Stringer, F. M. Simpson, J. Shelton, J. A. West, A. J. White, Co. G. 1st Sergeant E. M. Sivell. Sergeant J. S. Thomaston, E. C. Daniel. Corporal J. H. Moore. W. C. Thomaston. Private H. T. Armstrong. J. H. Colyer, J. H. Farr, J. W. Forbes, Private Wm. Johns, M. Leddy, Jas. McCaucle, Thos. McEachen, Wm. McElrath, J. Newsome, J. Riely, C. M. Russell. Co. H. 1st Sergeant R. W. Powell, Sergeant W. L. Hall. R. H. Hart. J. L. Pitman. Corporal J. Fussel. J. H. Hand. J. W. McCloud. R. J. Browning. Private J. M. Bryant,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
ve. Co. G. Sergeant W. McEachen, Corporal E. B. Quick, Private R. J. Bearden, W. E. Cox, H. C. Dew, S. S. McCall, Private N. D. McLaurin, G. McLaurin, James Seals, R. F. Haithcock, D. H. Hamer. Co. H. Sergeant W. S. Turberville, Corporal H. G. Bryant, Private P. Bryant, D. Calden, Zeno Johnson, J. W. P. Lewis, P. McCormick, Private W. T. McKenzie, J. H. Porter, Jno. Smith, G. W. Turberville, A. B. Turberville, Jno. A. McMillian, M. Watson. Co. I. Private A. J. White, J. T. Stukes, H. W. Ward, J. J. Readon, H. M. Wise, Private J. P. Mitchum, W. I. Clark, Jas. Jannette, W. N. Stukes. Co. K. Sergeant L. B. Scarborough, Corporal J. L. Poyas, Private W. J. Andrews, J. W. Baker, C. J. Joye, A. G. Murphy, Private H. H. Scarborough, N. B. Scarborough, A. H. Weeks, R. E. Wilson, H. G. Foxworth, Joshua Myers. [100] Twenty-sixth South Carolina Regiment. Field and Staff. Q.-M. Sergeant H. C. Stubbs, Hosp. Steward H. J.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 27. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Gettysburg. (search)
Milton, J. P. Strickland, K. Ward. Company H—Private B. F. Wood. Company I—Private M. B. Swearinger. Company K—Captain R. M. Gardner, Privates L. W. Shine, W. H. Arnell, M. W. Baggett, A. F. Berry, W. B. Barney, J. C. Folkel, J. M. Grambling, T. J. Isler, J. W. Nash, A. H. Wheeler. Company L—Privates R. Faircloth, R. W. Ashmore, J. F. Herring, J. Jenkins, S. C. Revell. The following of the 5th Florida were reported wounded and left on the field: S. M. Sutton, J. M. Merritt, A. J. White, J. D. Russell,—— Wentworth, Lieutenant George Walker, J. S. Ayres, M. C. McFall, B. Hinman, J. Bryant. Eighth Florida. Company A—Lieutenant H. Bruce, Privates W. H. Newman, W. Barnier, S. Barinton, J. M. Laughton, J. Chasin, P. Hall, William Campbell, B. Gibson, H. Love, W. Andrews, F. M. Bryant. Company B—Captain T. R. Love, Lieutenants E. R. Dismukes, John Malone, Privates H. S. Stone, W. W. Johnson, G. F. Cox, M. Lambert, J. Russell. Company C—Privates H. Sutar,—
Virginia Post-office affairs, --Post-offices have been established as follows: White head's Store, Pittsylvania co., A. J. White. head, postmaster. Mount Airy, Pittsylvania county, Joshua J. Hubbard, postmaster.--Spring Mills, Appomattox county, Thos. A. Hancock, postmaster. Appointments.--Martin Crouse, postmaster at Tumbling Creek, Tazewell county, vice James B. Crabtree, deceased. L. G. Martin, postmaster at Rosby's Rock, Marshall county, vice John L. Gibson, deceased. J, W. Bowman, postmaster at Lebanon Church, Shenandoah county, vice Jonathan Meadley, resigned. Robert Jackson, postmaster at West Milford, Harrison county, vice Marquis G. Patton, resigned, W. N. Horn; postmaster at Sneedville, Washington county, vice T. B. Edmundson, resigned. Wilson Bane, postmaster at Whits Gate, Giles county, vice James W. Newcomb, resigned. George W. Singleton, postmaster at Australia, Nansemond county, vice Wm. H. Smith, resigned. Susan Hank, postmaster at Maple Lawn, Monroe
The fire at Hickman, Ky. --The following are some of the principal losers by the late fire at Hickman, Ky.; R. D. Holt, $3,000; F. W. Irwine, $8,000; Ralpoe & Landerdale, $5,000; W. D. Walker, $2,000; Lewrett & Horner, $12,000; White & McMahan, $4,000; Samuel Lanson, $25,000; A. G. Payne, $1,000; Miller &Warren, (Courier office,) $2,000; Adams & Brem, $1,500; Nebbane & Cole, $1,000; Blondin & Mahan, $7,000; T. Barter, $1,000; Mick Pierpont, $3,000; Cooper & Young, $2,500; Post-Office, $1,000. Total loss $200,000.
Northern Markets. New York, April 18. --Flour steady and unchanged. Wheat — Red $1,30@1.33; White $1.40@1.60. Corn steady. Pork firm — Mess $20; Prime $15. Coffee firm at 13@14 Whiskey dull. New York, April 18. --Flour 5 better. Wheat steady. Corn firmer and unchanged. Whiskey firm at 19
ins $2.50 to $4. Bacon.--market firm. We quote to-day: sides 11 cts., Shoulders 9 cts.; plain Hams 11½@12 cts; Sugar-cured 12@13½ cents; Todd's Hams 14 cts. Bags.--Seamless Bags, 25; Manchester do., 18@23; Gunny do., 12@14 Beans.--White $1@1.10 per bushel. Beeswax.--27 cts. Brooms.--$2@3, according to quality. Buckets, &c.--Painted Buckets $1.87½@$2 per dozen; three-hoop Painted Pails $2.25@2.50 per dozen; heavy Cedar Tubs, neat, $3.50@$5 per nest; heavy Cedar Feecents; B and Extra C. c. Tobacco.--sales still limited, at former quotations. L $3 to $4; no one ing in market. Stock on hand of the old crop very light, and mostly of inferior quality. Wheat.--Receipts light and market firm at for White; 1 for Red. Whiskey.--Richmond Rectified 21½@23 cents; Stearns' old Malted Rye $1.50; other qualities per gallon. Wood.--Wholesale Oak in quality. We quote Exchange scarce, at 10 per cts. South Carolina and North Carolin
dence, owned by M. D. Hyams, and occupied by George O'Neill. Three story brick dwelling house and grocery store, owned and occupied by Henry Gridts. Two story wooden building, owned by Henry Gridts, and occupied by John D. Leseman. Two story wooden building, owned by John F. Schaffner, occupied by F. W. Wagner. Two story house, owned by Dr. J. F. Schaffner, occupied by P. Rinsett. Two story wooden houses, owned by F. Shulken, occupied by John R. Haseloop.--Two two story houses, owned by A. J. White, and occupied by Jacques Gotti and Ferdinand Christman. Two story wooden house, occupied by Thomas O'Sullivan. Two story house, owned by Ann Francis. Two story wooden building, owned by Catherine Pritchard, occupied by E. C. Pritchard. Ware-house, occupied by O. J. Chaffe. Two three story houses, owned by George Kinloch.--One two story house, owned by Jos Guy, occupied by E. de Purtel. One two story house, owned and occupied by Z. Miller, slightly damaged. Market Street--West Sid