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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
rtify that the foregoing is a correct roll of all the men and officers of the company that are present and surrendered to U. S. Government this 9th day of April, 1865. N. Penick, Capt. Commanding Battery, Poague's Battalion Artillery, A. N. Va. Roll of Capt. A. W. Utterback's Battery, Poague's Battalion of Artillery, Third Corps, A. N. V. Capt. A. W. Utterback, one horse, 1st Lieut. William T. McCarty, one horse, 2d Lieut. Hugh N. Fry, one horse, Corporal Legh R. Kemper, Jno. W. White, Richard B. Tyler, Jno. C. Weems, Orderly Sergeant Wm. H. Bayne, Sergeant A. J. Carson, Chs. W. Downing, Jas. A. Sinclair, Bugler, one horse. Privates. Ayler, Henry L., Bailey, James H., Baker, Jacob H., Bridwell, Wm. T., Britton, Wm. C., Brown, David H., Caner, Wm. O., Embry, Jno. E., Gallahen, A. J., Hackley, Benj. F., Harris, Wm. P., Holtzclaw, C. Taylor, Jones, Jno. W., Yorrill, Kemper, Peter, Lillard, Jno. W., Lillard, S. M.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 21. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), United Confederate Veterans. (search)
Camp 4. Chattanooga, Tenn., Jos. F. Shipp, com.; med. offi., Y. L. Abernathy; private; members, 122; deaths, 13; Home at Nashville, Tenn. Camp 5. Knoxville, Tenn.; Col. Frank A. Moss, com. Camp 6. Alexandria, La.; Gen. Geo. O. Watts, com.; med. offi., Stephen H. Rushing, 1862, major; members, 122; disabled, 10; deaths, 3. Camp 7. Ruston, La.; Capt. Allen Barksdale, corn.; med. offi., R. Roberts, M. D., captain; members, 253; disabled, 13; deaths, 5. Camp 8. Chicago, Ill.; Capt. Jno. W. White, corn. Camp 9. New Orleans, La.; Wm. Laughlin, com.; med. offi., Joseph Jones, M. D., L. L. D., 1862, surgeon; members, 149; deaths, 6; Camp Nicholls. Camp 16. Pensacola, Fla.; W. E. Anderson, com.; members, 79; deaths, 18. Camp 11. Mobile, Ala.; Thos. P. Brewer, com.; med. offi., J. Gray Thomas, 1861, surgeon; members, 225; deaths, 14. Camp 12. Jackson, Miss.; Col. W. D. Holder, com; med. offi., Dr. F. L. Fulghan, private; members, 96; deaths, 1. Camp 13. Brooksvil
The Daily Dispatch: December 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], List of appointments by the Virginia annual Conference of the M. E. Church South. (search)
District--B. H. Johnson, P. E. Henry, Jas. E Joyner; Pittsylvania, Jacob Shough; Patrick, Geo. E. Booker; Patrick Mission, Wm. J Hunter; Smith's River, John G Bailey; Franklin, E. A. Gibbs; Alleghany, Jas. S. Porter. Randolph Macon District--P. W. Archer, P. E. R. M. College, Geo. H. Rav; Danville, Frank Stanley; R. M. Circuit, Wm. Carter; Union and Clarksville, Samuel. V. Hoyle; Mecklenburg. Thos. A. Pierce; Charlotte. Joseph Lear; Colored Mission, J. D. Southall; South Staunton, Jno. W. White; Halifax, J. J. Lampkin; South of Dan, David Wallace; Ringgold, Bedford B Shelton; Randolph Macon College, W. A. Smith, President; Danville Female College, James Jamieson, President. Farmville District--William H. Christian, Presiding Elder. Farmville, Nelson Head; Prince Edward. D. J. C. Slaughter, James W. Connelly; Colored Mission to be supplied; Powhatan. W. W. Spain; Chesterfield, John W. Howard, J. K. Powers; Coal Field, W. C. Allen; Amelia, Alfred Wiles; Colored Mission, to
The Daily Dispatch: November 27, 1861., [Electronic resource], Proceedings of the Methodist Annual Conference. (search)
Church, presented a report, embodving a pastoral address to the people and churches within the bounds of the Conference. The pastoral address was a lengthy but able paper. The report was adopted. The Secretary called the list of those circuits and stations from which no statistical report had been received. The examination of the character of Elders was resumed, and P. W. Archer, Geo. H. Rav, Frank Stanly, W. Carter, S V. Hoyle. Thos. A. Pearce, Jeseph Lear, John D. Southall, Jno. W. White, D. M. Wallace, B. F. Shelton, J. J. Lambkin, W. A. Smith, Jas. Jameson, were passed. Just here Bishop Andrew rose and announced a message to himself and the Conference from Dr. L. M. Lee, whose physicians considered the symptoms this morning favorable, and desired the Bishop to come and see him, and to give his love to all the preachers. Rev. Henry B. Cowles offered a series of resolutions, affirming a deeper interest in the cause of Missions, and pledging the Conference to ma
ge of feloniously conspiring with Peter Cullen to defraud Ezekiel White out of $1,200, by representing to White that he was Capt. Morris, of the Confederate States army, and had full authority to receive said Cullen as a substitute in lien of Jno. W. White. It appeared that Murphy under the name of Morris, got White's money, mustered Cullen into an imaginary company, gave a discharge to John W. White, and then, with his "pal" Callen, proceeded to divide the money obtained by the transaction — eared that Murphy under the name of Morris, got White's money, mustered Cullen into an imaginary company, gave a discharge to John W. White, and then, with his "pal" Callen, proceeded to divide the money obtained by the transaction — He was committed for final trial before Judge Lyons, and refused bail. Were all the cases of the above nature reported the people would be astonished at the amount of rascality practised by the so-called substitute agents and begun Confederate army captain