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Affairs in Norfolk. --The following are called from a letter from lady in Norfolk to her son, who is stationed in one of the batteries near this city: I wish to tell you something about the negroes, and Peter H Whitehurst. The negroes are doing as they please perfectly unrestrained; they have parties and balls every week — last Tuesday night they had a very large one on Union street and I am told they had every delicacy which could be bought or stolen. Last week, I and Mary (manding near, but he said if he were to do anything be would be seriously injured. Is not this a sad state of things? But we are hoping for the day when we shall be delivered, and we will patiently bear up under our troubles. Now for Peter H. Whitehurst. He has been unremitting in his efforts to oppress and afflict every Secessionist in the city. A week ago he went to one of the Banks and exchanged for other money all the Virginia Treasury notes which he had, and then went to General Vi
ket, which was unanimously elected; President, Robert Bull, Esq., Portsmouth; 1st Vice President, Peter H. Whitehurst, Esq., Norfolk; 2d Vice-President, Thomas M. Brown, Esq., Norfolk; Recording Secrfollowing is the list: James Green, Esq. $1,000; His Honor, May or Wm B Brooks, $500; P H Whitehurst, $500; Dr. D W Todd. $300, Dr. Z Sykes, $200, Wm A Mehagen, $200; John Belote, $150; L W WebbBunkley, $170; Samuel Frost, $200; John T Daniels, $280, Frank Zautzinger, $200; Hon Charles H Whitehurst, $100; Thos M Brown, $200; John H Borum, $300; R B Lovitt; $200; D C Crowell, $200; Asa Jennineded to the election of company officers resulting as follows: Company A.--Capt Peter H Whitehurst, 1st Lieut Geo B Fitzgerald, 2d Lieut Robt Butt, 1st Orderly Sergeant R B Lovitt, 2d Orderly Sag, 16 by 30, is now floating from the Methodist African Church, Butte street, presented by P. H. Whitehurst, Esq., who gives a ball to-night in his beautiful mansion, formerly owned by Commodore Jame
The Daily Dispatch: September 5, 1863., [Electronic resource], The Banks at Norfolk — spirited action of the Directors. (search)
4th day of June last.-- W. W. Wing, Samuel Patterson, D. C. Crowell, F. Zantzinger, and W. R. Jones, Directors of the Exchange Bank in this city. Peter H. Whitehurst, John T. Daniels, T. P. Crowell, and William Ward, Directors of the Bank of Virginia in this city. In addition to the persons mentioned in the followiniarism upon the treason of Governor Letcher's friends in the Bank of Virginia: Office of the Bank of Virginia, Norfolk, Va., July 28, 1863. Whereas, P. H. Whitehurst, Thos. P. Crowell, and J. T. Daniels, this day presented in person to the Board of Directors a paper dated June 4th, 1863, purporting to emanate from the Exeichmond and by the Executive: Therefore, Resolved, That this, Board cannot, with their sense of their rights and duties, recognize the claim of the said P. H. Whitehurst, T. P. Crowell, J. T. Daniels, and William Ward, to take their seat at this Board as Directors, and that they be so notified by sending them a copy of this r