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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XIX. October, 1862 (search)
he said he would get Congress to pass. I doubt it. I wrote the bill, however. He says fifteen or twenty members of Congress visit his house daily. They dine with him, and drink his old whisky. Mr. B. has a superb mansion on Clay Street, which he bought at a sacrifice. He made his money at trade. In one of the rooms Aaron Burr once dined with Chief Justice Marshall, and Marshall was assailed for it afterward by Mr. Jefferson. It was during Burr's trial, and Marshall was his judge. Mr. Wickham, who was Burr's counsel, then occupied the house, and gave a dinner party. Marshall did not know Burr was to be one of the guests. I got these facts from Mr. Foote, whom I met there the other evening. A letter from Gen. Bragg to the President, indicates but too clearly that the people of Kentucky hesitate to risk the loss of property by joining us. Only one brigade has been recruited so far. The general says 50,000 more men are requisite. Can he have them? None! October 11
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 27 (search)
he will cut his wheat on the 28th (to-morrow), and both for quality and quantity he never saw it equaled. They have new flour in Alabama; and everywhere South the crops are unprecedented in amount. To-morrow is election day. For Congress, Col. Wickham, who voted against secession, opposes Mr. Lyons. But he has fought since! We have a letter from Gen. Jos. E. Johnston, dated at Calhoun, Miss., 16th inst. He says the enemy on the railroad at Clinton numbered 25,000. We got our baggage oar will be still more terrible! Vallandigham has been sent to Shellbyville, within our lines. I think our people ought to give him a friendly greeting. May 28 There is some animation at the polls, this being election day. It is said Mr. Wickham, who for a long time, in the Convention, voted against the secession of Virginia, is leading Mr. Lyons, an original secessionist, and will probably beat him. And Flournoy, an old Whig politician, will probably be elected governor. A dispat
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXVII. June, 1863 (search)
e have only supplies of corn from day to day. Chambersburg struck. Col. Whiting complains of blockade running at Wilmington. false alarm. Grant still before Vicksburg. June 1 Nothing decisive from Vicksburg. It is said Northern papers have been received, of the 29th May, stating that their Gen. Grant had been killed, and Vicksburg (though at first prematurely announced) captured. We are not ready to believe the latter announcement. Mr. Lyons has been beaten for Congress by Mr. Wickham. It is said the brigade commanded by Gen. Barton, in the battle near Vicksburg, broke and ran twice. If that be so, and their conduct be imitated by other brigades, good-by to the Mississippi Valley! Our people everywhere are alive to the expected raid of the enemy's cavalry, and are organizing the men of non-conscript age for defense. One of our pickets whistled a horse, drinking in the Rappahannock, and belonging to Hooker's army, over to our side of the river. It was a ve
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 48 (search)
ion. Before the war, they commanded ten times that price. It is rumored that hundreds of the enemy's transports have come into the James River. If it be Thomas's army reinforcing Grant, Richmond is in immediate perilI Information of our numbers, condition, etc. has been, doubtless, communicated to the enemyand our slumbering government could not be awakened! Wigfall, of Texas, Graham, of North Carolina, Orr and Miles, of South Carolina, oppose the employment of negro troops, and Gen. Wickham, of this department, openly proclaims such a measure as the end of the Confederacy! We are upon stirring times! Senator Wigfall demands a new cabinet, etc. Two P. M. The sun has come out; warmer. But it does not disperse the prevailing gloom. It is feared Richmond must be abandoned, and our forces concentrated farther South, where supplies may be more easily had, and where it will be a greater labor and expense for the enemy to subsist his armies. Assistant Secretary of War, J
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XLIX. April, 1865 (search)
M. Keily, of House of Delegates, Petersburg; H. W. Thomas, Second Auditor of Virginia; St. L. L. Moncure, Chief Clerk Second Auditor's office; Joseph Mayo, Mayor of City of Richmond; Robert Howard, Clerk of Hustings Court, Richmond City; Thomas U. Dudley, Sergeant Richmond City; Littieton Tazewell, Commonwealth's Attorney, Richmond City; Wm. T. Joynes, Judge of Circuit Court, Petersburg; John A. Meredith, Judge of Circuit Court, Richmond; Wm. H. Lyons, Judge of Hustings Court, Richmond; Wm. C. Wickham, Member of Congress, Richmond District; Benj. S. Ewell, President of William andtMary College; Nat. Tyler, Editor Richmond Enquirer; R. F. Walker, Publisher of Examiner; J. R. Anderson, Richmond; R. R. Howison, Richmond; W. Goddin, Richmond; P. G. Bayley, Richmond; F. J. Smith, Richmond; Franklin Stearns, Henrico; John Lyons, Petersburg; Thomas B. Fisher, Fauquier; Wm. M. Harrison, Charles City; Cyrus Hall, Ritchie; Thomas W. Garnett, King and Queen; James A. Scott, Richmond. I conc
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 5: Round about Richmond. (search)
cCarthy's men as a trophy of the day's work. Ten horses had been sent back to haul the piece off, but the mud was too heavy for them. Stuart, with the troopers of his immediate following and his section of horse artillery, crossed College Creek near James River, and came in after the action at the redoubts. Emory abandoned the pursuit as not feasible, and bivouacked on the route. Cavalry rencounters of the day were reported, in which both sides claimed success. Stuart reported Lieutenant-Colonel Wickham and four men wounded. Of the other side, Cooke reported thirty-five killed, wounded, and missing. Gibson reported one officer and four men wounded, and one gun abandoned. Emory reported two killed and four wounded, and Sanders one officer wounded. But most of the Federal losses were in the encounters at the redoubts with the artillery and infantry. The enemy's cavalry reported the redoubt on the Confederate left unoccupied, and Hancock's brigade (Smith's division) was order
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 19: battle of Sharpsburg, or Antietam (continued). (search)
), Rice's (Va.) battery, Capt. W. H. Rice; Thomas's (Va.) Art. (E. J. Andersen's battery). Left at Leesburg. Cavalry, Maj.-Gen. James E. B. Stuart :--Hampton's Brigade, Brig.- Gen. Wade Hampton; 1st N. C., Col. L. S. Baker; 2d S. C., Col. M. C. Butler; 10th Va., Cobb's (Ga.) Legion, Lieut.-Col. P. M. B. Young; Jeff Davis Legion, Lieut.-Col. W. T. Martin. Lee's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Fitzhugh Lee; 1st Va., Lieut.-Col. L. Tiernan Brien; 3d Va., Lieut.-Col. John T. Thornton; 4th Va., Col. William C. Wickham; 5th Va., Col. T. L. Rosser; 9th Va. Robertson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. B. H. Robertson, Col. Thomas T. Munford; 2d Va., Col. T. T. Munford and Lieut.-Col. Burks; 6th Va.; 7th Va., Capt. S. B. Myers; 12th Va., Col. A. W. Harman; 17th Va. Battn. Horse Artillery, Capt. John Pelham:--Chew's (Va.) battery, Hart's (S. C.) battery, Pelham's (Va.) battery. Army of the Potomac, Compiled from the records of the Adjutant-General's office. On September 14 the right wing of the Army, cons
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 23: battle of Fredericksburg (continued). (search)
First, Second, Third, and Fourth Brigades. Commanders are given as reported December 16, 1862. Maj.-Gen. James E. B. Stuart:--First Brigade Detachment on raid to Dumfries.; Brig.-Gen. Wade Hampton; 1st N. C., Col. L. S. Baker; 1st S. C., Col. J. L. Black; 2d S. C., Col. M. C. Butler; Cobb (Ga.) Legion, Lieut.-Col. P. M. B. Young; Phillips's (Ga.) Legion, Lieut.-Col. William W. Rich. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Fitzhugh Lee; 1st Va., Col. James H. Drake; 2d Va., Col. Thomas T. Munford; 3d Va., Col. T. H. Owen; 4th Va., Col. William C. Wickham; 5th Va. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. H. F. Lee; 2d N. C., Col. S. Williams; 9th Va., Col. R. L. T. Beale; 10th Va., Col. J. Lucius Davis; 13th Va., Col. J. R. Chambliss, Jr.; 15th Va., Col. William B. Ball. Fourth Brigade, In the Shenandoah Valley. Brig.-Gen. W. E. Jones; 6th Va., Col. John S. Green; 7th Va., Col. R. H. Dulany; 12th Va., Col. A. W. Harman; 17th (Va.) Battn., Lieut.-Col. O. R. Funsten; White's (Va.) Battn., Maj. E. V. White.
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter28: Gettysburg-Third day. (search)
er; 1st N. C., Col. L. S. Baker; 1st and 2d S. C.; Cobb's (Ga.) Legion, Jeff. Davis Logion, Phillips (Ga.) Legion. Robertson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Beverly H. Robertson; Commanded his own and W. E. Jones's brigade. 4th N. C., Col. D. D. Ferebee; 5th N. C. Fitzhugh Lee's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Fitzhugh Lee; 1st Md. Battn., Serving with Ewell's corps. Maj. Harry Gilmor, Maj. Ridgely Brown; 1st Va., Col. James H. Drake; 2d Va., Col. T. T. Munford; 3d Va., Col. Thomas H. Owen; 4th Va., Col. William C. Wickham; 5th Va., Col. T. L. Rosser. Jenkins's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A. G. Jenkins, Col. M. J. Ferguson; 14th, 16th, and 17th Va.; 34th Va. Battn., Lieut.-Col. V. A. Witcher; 36th Va. Battn.; Jackson's (Va.) Batt., Capt. Thomas E. Jackson. Jones's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William E. Jones; 6th Va., Maj. C. E. Flournoy; 7th Va., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Marshall; 11th Va., Col. L. L. Lomax. W. H. F Lee's Brigade, Col. J. R. Chambliss, Jr.; 2d N. C.; 9th Va., Col. R. L. T. Beale; 10th Va., Col. J. Lucius
The Photographic History of The Civil War: in ten volumes, Thousands of Scenes Photographed 1861-65, with Text by many Special Authorities, Volume 10: The Armies and the Leaders. (ed. Francis Trevelyan Miller), General officers of the Confederate Army: a full roster compiled from the official records (search)
Edwin G. Lee, on special service. James B. Terrell led Pegram's old brigade at the Wilderness. Robert H. Chilton, Lee's adjutant-general. Seth M. Barton led a brigade in Lee's Army. George W. Randolph, Secretary of War in 1862. William C. Wickham fought Sheridan before Richmond. Eppa Hunton led a brigade in Pickett's division. Gracie, Arch., Jr. , Nov. 4, 1863. Gray, Henry, Mar. 17, 1865. Grayson, John B., Aug. 15, 1861. Green, Martin E., July 21, 1862. Green, Thomas, May 2, Oct. 30, 1862. Waterhouse, R., Mar. 17, 1865. Watie, Stand, May 6, 1864. Waul, Thomas N., Sept. 18, 1863. Wayne, Henry C., Dec. 16, 1861. Weisiger, D. A., July 30, 1864. Wharton, G. C., July 8, 1863. Whitfield, John W., May 9, 1863. Wickham, W. C., Sept. 1, 1863. Wigfall, Louis T., Oct. 2, 1861. Williams, John S., April 16, 1862. Wilson, C. C., Nov. 16, 1863. Winder, Chas. S., Mar. 1, 1862. Winder, John H., June 21, 1861. Wise, Henry A., June 5, 1861. Woffard, Wm. T., Jan. 17, 1
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