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s speech, as reported in the Enquirer, for which he did not blame the reporters, since he could not imagine how they could hear what a man said in this hall. Committee on printing. The President announced the following committee under Mr. Wickham's resolution to make certain investigations of the contract for printing the debates: Messrs. Wickham, Richardson, Hughes, Staples of Patrick, and Dent. The Southern Commissioners again. Mr. Montague asked leave to record his vote agaMessrs. Wickham, Richardson, Hughes, Staples of Patrick, and Dent. The Southern Commissioners again. Mr. Montague asked leave to record his vote against laying on the table the resolution for printing the addresses of the Southern Commissioners, he having been necessarily absent at the time the vote was taken. Leave was granted accordingly. Mr. Branch moved that the resolution be taken up from the table. He had voted under a misapprehension, having forgotten that the Convention had passed a resolution requesting the Commissioners to furnish copies for publication; and to refuse to print them now would be an act of discourtesy. T
into active service, either in contemplation of law or in fact, affirmed its previous action, and there being no new facts adduced, at this time, the Board adheres to its decision." Armory Grounds.--A bill authorizing the sale of a portion of the Armory grounds, and out of the proceeds thereof to purchase a site for an arsenal and quarters for the Public Guard, and to erect buildings for that purpose, was called up, and after a discussion of some length between Messrs. Carson, August, Wickham, Lynch, &c., as to the propriety of its passage, the vote by which it was ordered to its third reading was reconsidered, and the bill referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Treasury Note Bill.--The special order of the day, the bill authorizing the issue of Treasury notes, was next taken up, when Mr. Brannon proposed to amend by providing that the money hereby authorized to be raised is intended for the purpose of providing the means to carry into effect the provisions of "an a
General Assembly of Virginia.[Extra session.]Senate. Saturday, March 9, 1861. The Senate was called to order at 11 o'clock, Mr. Johnson in the chair, and opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Moorman, of the Methodist Church. The resolution passed by the House on Friday, for the relief of the Sheriffs of the Commonwealth, having been reported, Mr. Wickham proposed the following amendment, which was adopted: "In any settlement with Sheriffs against whom judgments have been rendered for the taxes of 1860, the said Auditor shall remit all damages except so much only as may be necessary to pay expenses of the collection of said judgments, provided that said taxes are paid prior to the 1st day of April next." At the suggestion of Mr. Pate, it was further amended so as to provide that Sheriffs shall have the number of days now allowed them for traveling, after the 1st of April, to make such payments. The resolution as amended, was adopted by a vote of ayes 29, n
He was followed by Mr. H. W. Thomas in opposition. At the conclusion of Mr. Thomas remarks, Mr. Carson spoke briefly in support of the measure. The vote was then taken on the indefinite postponement of the bill, with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs. Carter, Coghill, Critcher, Day, J. Dickenson, Douglass, Greever, Hubbard, Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, Massie, Nash, Neeson, Newlon, Pate, Quesenberry, Rives, Smith, Stuart, Taliaferro, H. W. Thomas, Townes, Urquhart and Wickham--26. Nays.--Messrs. Brannon, Bruce, Caldwell, Carson, Claiborne, A. D. Dickinson, Early, French, Gatewood, Isbell, Neal, Paxton and Thompson-- 13. Bills Passed.--Senate bill to provide for the voluntary enslavement of Thomas Garland and Mary Anderson, persons of color, in the county of Hanover; Senate bill to amend the third and fourth sections of an act passed March 15, 1850, to provide for the inspection of guano and plaster of Paris, in the city of Richmond and town of Petersbu
Note. --The following is the substance of the report of the committee in reference to printing the debates, submitted by Mr. Wickham on Monday: "The committee to whom was referred the contract with the proprietors of the Enquirer, for reporting and publishing the debates of the Convention, report that they have had a correspondence with the Auditor of Public Accounts, from which it is ascertained that that officer, in auditing the accounts connected with this contract, allows the proprietors to the Enquirer payment for 'the proportion horne by the paper which contained the debates to the whole paper published,' and not for the 'whole paper.' "Your committee regard this as the point in the contract to which their attention was to be particularly directed. Approving the construction placed upon this branch of the contract, by the Auditor, the committee ask to be discharged from the further consideration of the subject."
endments, was passed by the following vote: Ayes.--Messrs. Armstrong, August, Bruce, Carson, Carraway, Claiborne, Coghill, Day, John Dickenson, Asa B. Dickinson, Douglass, Early, French, Gatewood, Greever, Hubbard, Isbell. Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, Massie, McKenney, Nash, Newlon, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Pennybacker, Quesenberry, Tallaferro, Thompson, and Urquhast--32. Nays.--Messrs. Brannon, Caldwell, Carter, Critcher, Neal, Neeson, Rives, Stuart, Henry W. Thomas, Townes, and Wickham--11. Bills Passed.--Senate bill organizing a volunteer company of cavalry in Albemarle county; Senate bill amending the charter of the Black Lick and Plaster Bank Turnpike Company; Senate bill to incorporate the Cove Creek Lead, Copper and Iron Manufacturing Company in the county of Tazewell; Senate bill authorizing the Loch Leven Rangers, in the county of Lunenburg, to be organized with a less number than now required by law; Senate bill providing pay for the Adjutant General on accou
dered to be printed. He also reported, with a recommendation against passing, House bill to amend the 35th section of an act entitled "an act imposing taxes for the support of government," passed March 31st, 1860. Resolution of Inquiry.--Mr. Wickham offered the following joint resolution: Whereas. there is at this time a very large number of able-bodied convicts in the Penitentiary unemployed, and kept at a heavy expense to the Commonwealth; and whereas the Capitol of the State is geity of Richmond: Therefore, be it Resolved, That a select committee of five be appointed to inquire into the expediency of authorizing the Governor of the Commonwealth to cause a portion of the convicts of the Penitentiary to be employed in quarrying and dressing granite, with a view to the future erection of a new Capitol. The President appointed Messrs. Wickham, Dickinson of P. E., August, Paxton and Pennybacker, as the committee. On motion of Mr. Newman, the Senate adourned.
ncreasing the pay of certain officers of the Public Guard; amending the law concerning births, deaths and marriages; incorporating the Common wealth Savings Bank of Richmond; incorporating the Virginia Car-Spring Company; extending the corporate limits of Fredericksburg and Christiansburg; a bill for the relief of the Virginia Rifles was rejected for the want of a constitutional majority; also, for the same reason, the bill authorizing a loan to the Western Military College. On motion of Mr. Wickham, a special committee was appointed to inquire into the expediency of employing a portion of the Penitentiary convicts in quarrying and dressing granite, with a view to the erection of a new Capitol. The time of the House was consumed in discussing a slight Senate amendment to House bill authorizing the issue of one million of dollars in Treasury notes. The greater portion of the debate will be found in the regular report, and will repay perusal, as indicating the position of gentlem
bly of Virginia.[Extra session.]Senate. Monday, March 18, 1861. The Senate was called to order at 10 o'clock, Mr. Johnson in the Chair. A message was received from the House, announcing that that body had disagreed to the amendments of the Senate to the militia bill, and had passed a resolution providing for the appointment of a committee of conference, in which they asked the concurrence of the Senate. The latter concurred, and the Chair appointed Messrs. Brannon, August, and Wickham, on the part of the Senate. Senate Bills Passed.--A bill authorizing the Treasurer of the State to destroy certain notes now on deposit in his office, and such as may be received in future; a bill authorizing the Petersburg Railroad Company to increase its capital stock; a bill authorizing the appointment of an Inspector of Leather for the county of Hampshire. Order of the Day.--Mr. Brannon called for the order of the day — the bill imposing taxes for the support of Government.
onsist in a declaration of Virginia's acceptance of the same, and a programme for submitting the amendments to the people for ratification, &c., &c.] Voice of the people. The President was stating the business next in order, when Mr. Wickham, of Henrico, asked leave to present some resolutions adopted by a portion of the citizens of that county, at a meeting held at the Court-House on the 16th instant. These resolutions (which were published in Wednesday morning's Dispatch,) go for immediate secession, and request the county delegate in the Convention to carry out the wishes thus expressed. Mr. Wickham proceeded to say that he was ready to comply with the wishes of any portion of his constituents, so far as he could consistently, and he therefore cheerfully made their wishes known to the Convention. He had the honor to represent on this floor a constituency of about 2,200 citizens, while in the meeting above alluded to only about 100 participated, and these inclu
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