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Mr. Leare, of Goochland, nominated S. Bassett French, of Chesterfield. Mr. MacFARLANDarland, of Richmond, advocated the election of Mr. Eubank. Mr. Montague, of Middlesex, nominated John Bell Bigger, of the city of Richmond. Mr. Wickham, of Henrico, nominated R. Landsay Walker, of New Kent. Mr. Fordes, of Buckingham, advocated the election of Mr. Eubank. the Secretary then proceeded to call the roll, and the result of the vote was announced as follows: Stention. Negatived by a large majority. A third unsuccessful ballot was taken, after which all the candidates except Messrs. Turner, Eubank, and R. L. Walker, were withdrawn.--This fourth ballot resulted — Eubank 58, Walker 51, Turner 19. Mr. Wickham, of Henrico, then withdrew the name of Mr. R. L. Walker, and the fifth ballot resulted — Eubank 76, Turner 60. So John L. Eubank was declared elected Secretary of the Convention. Mr. Scott, of Fauquier, moved that when the Convention
kous, of Raleigh. Mr. Critcher, of Richmond county, nominated James R. Fisher, of Richmond city. Mr. Johnson, of Richmond, nominated Samuel H. Jeter, of that city. Mr. Carlile, of Harrison, nominated Chas. Lewis, of that county. Mr. Flournoy, of Halifax, nominated Chas. Kent, of Pittsylvania. Mr. Morton nominated Mr. Routt, of Greene. Mr. Scott, of Powhatan, nominated John F. Simpson, of that county. Mr. Bouldin nominated Wm. D. Wills, of Charlotte. Mr. Wickham nominated Francis P. Sutton, of Henrico. No other nominations being made, the vote was taken with the following result: Linkous, 45; Lewis, 29; Jeter, 26. All others 35. There being no election, the rules were suspended, on motion, and a resolution was adopted to drop all but the three highest candidates. The names of the three highest were then announced: Samuel H. Jeter, Chas. Lewis and Benj. R. Linkous — and the second ballot resulted: Linkous, 60; Jeter, 39; Lewis, 26.
the State, whenever required by the Governor, to redeem in specie, or specie funds, such an amount of their notes as may be necessary to meet the demands upon the treasury of the Commonwealth; and to this end, the contribution shall be rateable and in proportion to the amount of the notes on each Bank or branch Bank, which may be received by the treasurer in payment of public revenue."--The amendment of the committee was agreed to. Mr. Armstrong proposed an amendment, which gave rise to considerable discussion, in which Messrs. Armstrong, August, Wickham, and others participated. Mr. Armstrong then withdrew his amendment, in order to perfect it, and, on his motion, the bill was laid on the table, and made the order of the day for to-morrow, at 11 o'clock. The bill providing compensation to John Critcher, for services rendered in prosecuting Samuel Hubbard, in Westmoreland county, was next taken up, and rejected. On motion of Mr. Pennybacker, the Senate adjourned.
on, Orrick, Osburn, Patrick, Pendleton, Porter, Pugh, Rives, Saunders, Sharp, Sitlington, Spurlock, Staples, A. H. H. Stuart, C. J. Stuart, Taylor, Waller, White, Wickham, Willey, Wilson, and Woods.--77. nays.--Messrs. Janney, (President,) Ambler, Armstrong, Blakey, Boissean, Borst, Bouldin, Bruce, Cecil, Chambliss, Chapman, Che resolution. Mr. Clemens called for the ayes and noes on the motion. Mr. Fisher explained the resolution and its object, in reply to an inquiry from Mr. Wickham. the roll was then called, and resulted — ayes 46, noes 82. so the Convention refused to reconsider. Federal Relations Again. Mr. Montague offer Robert E. Scott Sharp, Sheffey, Sitlington, Slaughter, Southall, Speed, Spurlock, Staples, Alex. H. H. Stuart, Chapman J. Stuart, Taylor, Tredway, Waller, white, Wickham, Willey, and Woods--95. nays.--Messrs. Ambler, Blakey, Boissean, Borst, Cecil, Chambliss, Chapman, Conn, R. H. Cox, Fisher, Graham, Gregory, John Goode, Jr.
r entire military strength to resist all such attempts at coercion; and hereby pledges herself to meet force by force in the effort to maintain the true principles of the Constitution, and uphold the common rights of the slaveholding States. Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing resolutions be sent by the Governor of this State to the Legislature of Michigan. Ordered to be printed. Resolutions of Inquiry.--The following resolutions of inquiry were adopted and referred: By Mr. Wickham, of limiting the period of applying for appeals to the Courts of Appeals; by Mr. Coghill, of repealing so much of the law regulating examining Courts as requires the reduction to writing the testimony of the witnesses adduced at the trials in said Courts. Petition.--Mr. Christian presented the petition of John B. Donovan, and other citizens of Matthews county, praying the passage of a law for relief of Commissioners of the Revenue in said county. The order of the day being calle
n order that he might record his vote. Mr. Harvie, of Amelia, would with great pleasure vote against indefinite postponement, and for the resolution. Not that he thought or believed that the gentleman from Jefferson had done anything improper, but because he wanted to know if the Federal Government had done anything intended to coerce Virginia into submission in the event that she should be compelled to go out of the Union. He wanted Virginia to be prepared to meet the issue. Mr.Wickham, of Henrico, opposed the indefinite postponement of the resolution. He had good reason to believe that there were fewer United States soldiers in Virginia now than on the 6th of November. He wanted to have the public mind quieted on the subject, and to allay an agitation that had been artificially created, by sensation dispatches, in the minds of the people of the Commonwealth. After some further remarks by Mr. Tredway, Mr. Carlile withdrew his motion, and said he would content himse
between the gentlemen. Mr. Montagur offered a resolution, which was adopted, requesting railroad companies to report to the Convention, as early as practicable, the number of negroes carried over their roads, on route for any Southern States, within the years 1855 and 1861, inclusive, Mr. Tredway, of Pittsylvania, called up his resolution, which was laid on the table on Wednesday last, for the appointment of a select committee to inquire and report as speedily as possible as to whether any movement of arms or men have been made by the General Government to any fort or arsenal in or bordering upon Virginia, in- dicating a preparation for attack or coercion. The resolution was discussed by Messrs. Bar- nour of Jefferson, Borst, Early, Tredway, Jackson, Carlile, Harvie, and Wickham; after which it was put to a vote and passed. Various resolutions in relation to the national crisis were then presented and referred to the Committee on Federal Relations, when the Convention adjourned.
General Assembly of Virginia.[extra session.]Senate. Thursday,Feb. 28, 1861. Called to order at the usual hour, and opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Peterkin. Bills Reported.--By Mr. Logan, to amend the acts concerning District Free Schools, in the county of Jefferson; also, Senate bill extending the corporate limits of the town of Fredericksburg. Mr. Wickham presented the petition of officers of cavalry for an appropriation to meet the expenses of a camp of instruction for cavalry officers. Resolutions.--On motion of Mr. Neeson, it was resolved to inquire into the expediency of legalizing certain irregularities in the sales of land delinquent for taxes, made in the year 1855, in the county of Tyler. Adjournment Proposed.--Mr. Smith offered the following joint resolution, which lies over under the rules: Resolved, That the Senate, the House of Delegates concurring therein, will, when it adjourns on Tuesday, the 12th day of March next, adjourn to
ttee of three to confer with the editors of the Enquirer, to see if the debates cannot be printed on a separate sheet without other matter. The President subsequently appointed the following committee under the resolution:-- Messrs. Hughes, Wickham, and Richardson. proceedings of A Meeting. Mr. Burgerpresented the proceedings of a meeting in his county, on National affairs, with a request that the paper be referred to the Committee on Federal Relations, and it was so referred. as, McGrew, McNeil, Macfarland, Maslin, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Nelson, Patrick, Porter, Preston, Price, Pugh, Saunders, R. E. Scott, W. C. Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Southall, Speed, Spurlock, A. H. H. Stuart. C. J. Stuart, Tarr, Taylor, White, Wickham, and Willey.--71. Nays.-- Messrs. Armstrong, Blow, Bolssean, Borst. Bouldin, Cabell, Cecil, Chambliss, Chapman, Coun. C. B. Conrad, R. H. Cox, Fisher, Garland, Graham, Gregory, Goggin, J. Goode, Jr., T. F. Goode, Hale. C. Hall, L. S. Hall
selected from the different section of the State, be appointed, who shall report to the Convention such amendments to the Constitution of the State as will effect the object indicated in the foregoing resolution. Printing the debates. Mr. Wickham, of Henrico, asked the privilege of offering the following resolution: Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the President of the Convention, to whom shall be referred the contract between the said President and the proprietors of the Richmond Enquirer in regard to the publication of the debates of the Convention — the said committee shall have power to send for persons and papers, and shall make report to this Convention. Mr. Wickham stated his object to be, in offering the resolution, to clear up the differences of opinion in regard to that clause of the contract which related to the paper used in printing the debates. Many members had supposed that the contract stipulated for payment only for the paper u
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