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d infantry, and without whose efforts we must have lost the day. Lieut. Hills, Twentieth Ohio, displayed great energy and bravery in snatching our dead and wounded from the very hands of the enemy. Capt. Kaga and Lieut. Melick, of the Twentieth Ohio, for the adroit management of their companies, and their indomitable courage. Captain Chandler, of the Seventy-eighth Ohio, whose coolness and bravery in manoeuvring the four companies under his command were observable by all who saw him. Capt. G. F. Wiles, Lieut. W. W. McCarty, and Second Lieutenants Roberts and Scales, all of the Seventy-eighth Ohio, are deserving of the highest praise for their personal valor, and for their skill in extricating their companies when entirely surrounded by the enemy. Major S. D. Puterbaugh and Capt Otto Funke, of the Eleventh Illinois cavalry, were in the fight nearly all of the time, and exhibited great courage and gallantry. The Second Illinois cavalry was on the field so short a time, I can only pa
fied. The personal inspiration of the war pictures centers, naturally, in the portraits and groups. Several hundred of them are presented in the pages following. Study of them soon reveals a difference between soldier and non-combatant, as expressed in bearing and cast of countenance. It is astonishing how accurately, after examining a number of the war photographs of every description, one may distinguish in From the army to the White House: Garfield in 1863—(left to right) Thomas, Wiles, Tyler, Simmons, Drillard, Ducat, Barnett, Goddard, Rosecrans, Garfield, Porter, Bond, Thompson, Sheridan. War-time portraits of six soldiers whose military records assisted them to the Presidential Chair. Brig.-Gen. Andrew Johnson President, 1865-69. General Ulysses S. Grant, President, 1869-77. Bvt. Maj.-Gen. Rutherford B. Hayes President, 1877-81. Maj.-Gen. James A. Garfield President, March to September, 1881. Bvt. Brig.-Gen. Benjamin Harrison President, 1889-93. Breve
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