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with the single exception above referred to. Even that was not serious, as the dog was long since convalescent, and can now set a bird, or wag a tail with any dog in Christendom. If the Conestoga be not peculiarly entitled to the term lucky, there is no luck extant. The following are the names of the officers: Captain, S. L. Phelps; First Master, John F. Duke; Second Master, Chas. P. Noble; Third Master, Benjamin Sebastian; Fourth Master, H. Cutter; Master's Mate, James Kearney; Surgeon, W. H. Wilson; Purser, Alfred Phelps; Pilots, A. M. Jordan, Wm. M. Attenborough; Gunner, Henry Hamilton; First Engineer, Thos. Cook; Second Engineer, Alexander Magee; Third Engineer, Michael Norton; Fourth Engineer, James O'Neil. I may add, that the officers, without exception, are gentlemen in the complete sense of the word, and possess, in addition to this qualification, a thorough knowledge of their duties. The efficacy of Capt. Phelps is so well known, that special reference to it would be s
out wounds. At the reorganization in 1862 the officers elected were: Capt. J. F. Harding, and Lieuts. O. H. P. Lewis, W. H. Wilson and Dudley Long (killed at Seven Pines). Harding and Wilson were each five times severely wounded. Lewis, wounded andWilson were each five times severely wounded. Lewis, wounded and captured at Cedar Mountain, was one of the prisoners held under fire at Morris island, S. C. Harding was promoted to major of cavalry, and Lieutenant Wilson was the only commissioned officer from early in 1864 until in February, 1865, when he and maLieutenant Wilson was the only commissioned officer from early in 1864 until in February, 1865, when he and many of his company were captured beyond Fort Stedman, in the attack upon which they led the charge. Wilson was taking a Federal captain to the rear when captured. Randolph county was also represented in the Twenty-fifth and Sixty-second infantry rWilson was taking a Federal captain to the rear when captured. Randolph county was also represented in the Twenty-fifth and Sixty-second infantry regiments, and McClanahan's battery. One of the officers of the latter was Lieut. Parkinson Collett, of Randolph. Hardy county, the seat of which is Moorefield, on the south branch of the Potomac, 38 miles from New Creek (now called Keyser), on th
aptain Lawrence's company: Killed—Gilmer Faulkner and H. A. McCullough. Wounded—John Dawphot and R. D. Saddler. Captain Dowd's company: Wounded—P. T. Cockner, J. C. Ray, Robert Tate, Joseph Goodney and Samuel Goodney. Captain Titsworth's company: Killed —Richard Fort. Wounded—Alexander Hagler and James Hart. Gratiot's regiment. Killed—Montcalm Simms. Wounded—Elias B. Moore (now secretary of state), commissary, and Major Ward. Company A, Captain Hart: Killed, 3—M. L. Laughton, W. H. Wilson and Parker. Wounded, 12—Thomas H. Simms (now revenue collector), Wm. H. Worham, Homer Cross, Wiley Stenson, S. C. Allen, A. L. Warner, G. D. Britt, W. T. Phillips, William Kidd, James T. Reynolds, Daniel Hawks and Ed. Alexander; total, 15. Company B, Captain Bell: Killed, 4—Capt. S. K. Bell, Sergt. William Brown, Martin Hawkins and Thomas Neal. Wounded, 7—M. Henry, J. Neal, Wm. Williams, Nick Wax, T. Robinson, Jeff Pollard and H. Smith; total, 11. Company C, Captain
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
Leech, James M., Letcher, Samuel H., Lewis, Henry P., Lewis, James P., McCampbell, Wm. H., McClintic, Wm. S., McCorkle, Thos. E., McCorkle, Wm. A., Swann, Minor W., Swisher, Benj. R., Swisher, Geo. W., Swisher, Samuel S., Tate, Jas. F., Taylor, Stevens M., Thompson, John A., Thompson, Lucas P., Tidball, Thos. A., Trevey, Dan'l J., Trice, Leroy F., Tyler, D. Gardner, Tyler, John Alexander, Wade, Thos. M., White, Wm. H., Wilson, Calvin, Withrow, John, Sparrow, Thos. G. [93] List of men of the Powhatan Artillery, Hardaway's Battalion, surrendered on the 9th of April, 1865. 2d Sergeant Jno. A. Scott, 3d Sergeant G. D. Williams, one private horse. 1st Corporal B. K. Smith, one private horse. 3d Corporal S. M. Ligon. 5th Corporal W. M. Bragg, one private horse. 6th Corporal J. E. Jennings, one private horse. 7th Corporal B. P. Cox, one private horse. 8th Corporal B. Ball. C. F. M
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
hn W. Hodges, Louis Lesser. Co. B. Private R. G. Dix, C. D. Grace, C. S. Ellis, Private W. H. Wilson, S. C. Perryman, E. D. Williams. Co. C. Private Jas. Cannon, John Clance, Willint. B. H. Stockton, 2d Lt. Co. I, 25th Tenn. T. J. Pistole, 2d Lieut. Co. E, 25th Tenn. W. H. Wilson, 2d Lieut. Co. D, 25th Tenn. J. E. Spencer, Capt. Co. B, 44th Tenn. John D. Jackson, Surgeo Andrews, S. W. Blair, R. Holland, Private J. L. Humfreys, Peter Keener, J. Saunders, W. H. Wilson. Co. I. 4th Corporal J. F. Adirhold, Private A. Coon, W. H. Cline, Jas. Cody, Jno. kson, Private J. D. Johnston, F. H. Johnston, J. M. Kendrick, R. T. May, J. J. McKenan, W. H. Wilson, Wm. Wiley, J. J. Farris. Co. F. Sergeant S. W. Jackson, Private H. Beheler, N. Biaead, Private M. H. Mulligan, J. E. Phillips, J. A. Robinson, J. P. Trayman, C. L. Webb, W. H. Wilson. Co. H. Private J. J. Pruett. Co. I. Sergeant J. D. Turner, J. J. Yon, Corporal J.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
on, Lt. J. N., 382. Williamson, Lt. J. S., 368. Williamson, Capt. W. G., 467. Williamson, Capt. W. W., 94. Willis, Ass't Surg. G. M., 170. Willow, Lt. C. H., 383. Wilmot, Capt. D. H., 108. Wills, Capt. J. C., 11. Wilson, Capt. F. L., 85, 93. Wilson, Capt. J. N., 161. Wilson, Capt. J. P., 72. Wilson, Lt. J. T., 314. Wilson, Maj. J. T., 383. Wilson, Lt. J. V., 413. Wilson, Capt. M. L., 3, 13. Wilson, Capt. P. E., 85, 90. Wilson, Capt. R. N., 189. Wilson, Lt. T, 95. Wilson, Lt. W. H., 287. Wilson, Lt. W. S., 14, 58. Winchester, Adj't J. R., 275. Wingate, Maj. R. J., 69. Wingfield, Surg. T. H., 2. Winkle, Col C. M., 160. Winslett, Capt. J. B., 314. Winston, Col. J. R., 263. Wise, Lt. E. N., 467. Wise, Gen. H. A.; Brigade of, 431. Wise, Lt. H. A., 13, 49. Wise, Lt. J. M., 431. Wise, Lt. R. A., 431. Witcher, Col. W. A., 85, 228. Withers, Col. E. B., 381. Witherspoon, Ass't Surg. N. D., 314. Witherspoon, Chaplain T. D., 284. Witherspoon, Lt. T. M.,
Resigned from the U. S. Army. --Col. W. H. Wilson, a resident of New Orleans, but who has been in the 7th Infantry, U. S. Army, for the past forty years, has resigned his commission of Colonelcy, and no longer holds allegiance to the Federal army.
The Daily Dispatch: April 2, 1861., [Electronic resource], Action of the Philadelphia Conference on Slavery. (search)
Passengers arrived per Steamship Yorktown, Parrish,, master, from New York: John Wright, Chas. Post. Oliver Morrell, Aug. Noe, D. T. Moore, J. J. Eyres, W. H. Starr and lady, E. M. Thurmon, Wm. Hardie, H. L. Douglass, A. L. Curtis, A. G. Perry, Jas. Harrison, O. Cranz, Jno. Scanton, M. McCarthy, G. Hebermaghl, Jos. Rick, W. H. Wilson, Hy. Dickson, Capt. Spear, Mrs. Sullivan, N. D. Palmer, P. A. Smith, P. Wagner, J. J. Hall, G. G. Johnston, S. W. Hoyt, Mrs E. Lyon, Miss Lyon, Mrs. A. D. Clarke, L. M. Gardner, J. Dixie and lady, Mrs. Frayser, Mr. Dickerson and lady, Mr. Allen. Mr. Winslow, James Ullman, John Kennedy, and 13 steerage. Also, from Norfolk--Miss S. Harding, A. Mango, Mrs. Stevenson and child, John Kennedy, Mr. Johnston.