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ons, &c.--The following petitions, &c., were presented and referred; By Mr. Adams, the petition of John L. Morllet and others, to change one of the county lines of Webster county; by Mr. McGruder, the remonstrance of sixty-four citizens of Henrico against extending the corporation limits of Richmond; by Mr. Christian, the petition of the Council of the town of Danville, for authority to establish a chain-gang; by Mr. Porter, the petition of J. H. Cochran, late Sheriff of Hancock county; by Mr. Witten, the petition of Moses Davis, praying that the sum of $69,76 erroneously charged on his lands, be refunded to him; by Mr. Brown, the petition of J. L. Campbell, author of "a manual of scientific and practical agriculture," asking remission of license tax; by Mr. Smith, the petition of citizens of the Valley, asking the authorization of the extension of the Winchester and Potomac Railroad; by Mr. Knotts, the proceedings of a meeting of the people of Gilmer county; on the state of the countr
oposition that the Committee on Courts of Justice be instructed so to do. Laid on the table till to-morrow in order that a test vote may be taken on the subject. Petitions.--By Mr. Carpenter, the petition of C. M. McCormack, to have refunded a fine imposed by the County Court of Alleghany county. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry were read and referred; By Mr. Evans, of amending or repealing the law restricting the catching of fish in certain rivers and bays; by Mr. Witten, of providing for the payment of $162.70 to Witten Cecil and T. G. Perry, for law damages, assessed by a jury of Tazewell county; by Mr. Cowan, of legalizing a conveyance from Andrew Oliphant, guardian, &c., to David Simpson; by Mr. Carpenter, of amending 14th section of chapter 61 of the Code; by Mr. Watts, of refunding to Richard Cox and D. Griffith a sum of money assessed against them. Direct Trade.--Mr. Bisbie, of Norfolk, offered a resolution to the effect that the General Assemb
a New Convention.--On motion of Mr. Jones, of Appomattox. Resolved, That the Committee on Elections be instructed to inquire into the expediency of taking the sense of the voters of the Commonwealth, in respect to the propriety of calling another Sovereign Convention, and of abolishing and superseding the present Convention. The ayes and noes were called for on its adoption and resulted: Ayes.--Messrs. Ballard, Crawford H. Jones, Kemper, Ligon, McCamant, McDowell, Tomlin, and Witten.--8. Noes.--75. Indefinitely Postponed.--The House proceeded to the consideration of Senate bill incorporating the Queen's Point Division, No. 28, of the Sons of Temperance, in the county of Hampshire. Mr. Gibson moved that the bill be read the third time. Pending the consideration of which Mr. Duckwall moved the indefinite postponement of the bill, (in order to allow him to speak thereon,) and the question being on agreeing thereto, Mr. Cowan demanded the previous question, which
essential interests of the Commonwealth will be subserved, that business will be dispatched; and, in addition to that, the interests of the tax-payers demand an adjournment of this body at an early day. I wish to record my vote for the adjournment, and all I ask is the privilege of recording my vote for the resolutions. Mr. Alderson said the best way to adjourn speedily was to fix a day therefore. If no day was fixed, the Legislature would go on interminably. Messrs. Duckwall and Yerby opposed the resolution offered by Mr. Coller. Mr. Martin,of Henry, moved to amend the resolution by striking out Monday, the 25th, and inserting Wednesday, the 27th inst. Mr. Witten offered to amend the amendment by substituting April 1st, for Wednesday, the 27th inst. The amendment was adopted and the question was then taken on the adoption of the amendment as amended. The amendment as amended was then agreed to, and the resolution as amended was adopted. Adjourned.
t the pleasure of the General Assembly. Senate joint resolution, to authorize the Governor to contract for the manufacture and repairs of arms at the Armory, was laid on the table, on motion of Mr.Seddon. On motion of Mr. Alderson Resolved, That leave be given to bring in a bill to increase the general compensation of the Commissioners of the Revenue for the counties of Braxton, Nicholas, Fayette, and Logan. The Speaker announced the following committee: Messrs. Alderson, Witten, Haymond, Fleming, and Lockridge. Senate bill for the relief of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company was taken up, on motion of Mr. Barbour, amended, and, as amended, read a third time and passed — ayes 78, noes 33. Transit of Arms Through Richmond.--Mr. Robertson, by leave, offered the following resolution: Whereas, The people of Virginia, in Convention, are now openly considering whether they shall resume the powers delegated by them to the General Government, and are
Massie, Matthews, McDowed, McGehee, McGruder, McKinney, McKenzie, Medley, Miles, David, Miller, Mong, Montague, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Myers, Nelson, Newton, Orgain, Patterson, Phelps, Porter, Preston, Pretlow, Pritchard Randolph, Reid, Richardson, Riddick, Wyncham Robertson, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Rutherfoord, Saunders, Scott, Seddon, Segar, Shannon, Sherrard, Sibert, James K. Smith, Isaac N. Smith, Henry Smith, Staples, Thomas, Thompson, Tomlin, Tyler, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Arthur, Watson, Watts, West, Wilson, Wilcox, Wingfield, Witten, Wood, Woolfolk, Yerby, and Mr. Speaker.--141. Gen. Kemper was requested to communicate the passage of the bill to the Senate.--[Note.--The document in question will be found in Senate proceedings as amended and passed by that body.] A motion to adjourn failed. A large number of resolutions were read and referred.--The House, after hearing that the Senate would meet at night to consider the Convention bill, adjourned at 5½ o'clock.
he county of Greenbrier;" by Mr. Campbell, the petition of Ro. H. Gray, Attorney for the heirs of certain officers and soldiers of the revolutionary war; by Mr. Keen, the petition of the trustees of the Pittsylvania Academy, praying that the same be converted into a military school, and asking an appropriation therefore; by Mr. McGruder, the remonstrance of one hundred and eleven citizens of Henrico county against the proposed extension of the corporation limits of the city of Richmond; by Mr. Witten, the petition of Rowland Fletcher, praying relief as contractor on the Raleigh and Grayson Turnpike road. Ordnance Department.--The following bill, entitled "a bill to create an Ordnance Department," was reported, and on motion of Mr. Kemper, was referred to the Committee on Military affairs. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That an Ordnance Department be, and is hereby created, to consist of one Colonel of Ordnance, to be appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice a
or modifying the usury laws; by Mr. Lockridge, of reporting a bill refunding to W. L. Heald a sum of money paid by him on an erroneous assessment of taxes; by Mr. Richardson, of reporting a bill to enable the town of South Wheeling to dispose of some of the real estate belonging thereto; by Mr. Hopkins, of reporting a bill relieving Walter Preston and others from an erroneous assessment of land in Wise county; by Mr. Magruder, of incorporating the Augusta and Rockbridge Lumber Company; by Mr. Witten, of amending the act incorporating the Northwestern Bank of Virginia; by Mr. Graham, of reporting a bill amending the charter of the Raleigh and Grayson Turnpike Company; by Mr. Rives, of authorizing the formation of a rifle company, in Surry county, of not less than 35 rank and file; by Mr. Boreman, of authorizing Senate bill 467, for the extension of the Belleville and Williamsport Turnpike to Ravenswood, in Jackson county; by Mr. D. Gibson, of referring to the Committee on Finance so mu
by resolution or otherwise. The House then adjourned. Corrections. --In Wednesday's report, the name of Mr. Tomlin should have been printed as Chairman of the Committee. The resolution in reference to the legalizing of the issue of small notes, was offered by Mr. Woodson instead of Mr. Wootten. Senate. Saturday, Dec. 7, 1861. The Senate was opened with prayer by the Rev. Dr. Burrows, of the First Baptist Church. Resolutions of inquiry. By Mr. Alderson: Of conferring with the Confederate Congress relative to the extension of the Covington and Ohio Railroad by the Confederate Government (as a military necessity) out of moneys one by the Government to the State of Virginia. By Mr. Witten: Of changing the name of the county of Buchanan. By Mr. Brannon: Of amending the law of last session in relation to the recovery, of arrearages from commissioners of forfeited and delinquent lands. On motion of Mr. Brannon, the Senate adjourned.
General Assembly of Virginia. Senate. Thursday, Feb. 27, 1862. The Senate was called to order at twelve o'clock by Lieut., Governor Montagus. The following resolutions of inquiry were offered and adopted; By Mr. Isbell: Of reporting a bill authorizing an increase of the banking capital of the Commonwealth. By Mr. Collier: Of refunding to Andrew M. Crew a license tax improperly paid. By Mr. Witten: Of releasing the securities of John C. Harrison, sheriff of Tazewell, from the payment of damages for the failure of said Harrison to pay the revenue of said county. Army and navy officers. The following resolution, offered by Mr. Carraway, was adopted: Resolved, That the report of the committee of the Convention, adopted 6th Dec., 1861. in relation to the officers of the army and navy of the United States who have resigned and returned to Virginia, but who have not been commissioned in the Confederate States services, together with the communicatio
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