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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: The Opening Battles. Volume 1., The opposing armies at the first Bull Run. (search)
wdin 12th N. Y., Col. Ezra L. Walrath 2d Mich., Major A. W. Williams 3d Mich., Col. Daniel McConnell G, 1st U. S. Arty., Lieut. John Edwards M, 2d U. S. Arty., Capt. Henry J. Hunt. This brigade was only slightly engaged in front of Blackburn's Ford, with the loss of one officer killed. Second division Col. D. Hunter (w) Col. Andrew Porter. Staff loss: w, 1; m, 1=2. First Brigade, Col. Andrew Porter 8th N. Y. (militia), Col. Geo. Lyons 14th N. Y. (militia), Col. A. M. Wood (w and c), Lieut.-Col. E. B. Fowler 27th N. Y., Col. H. W. Slocum (w), Major J. J. Bartlett Battalion U. S. Infantry, Major George Sykes Battalion U. S. Marines, Major J. G. Reynolds Battalion U. S. Cavalry, Major I. N. Palmer D, 5th U. S. Arty., Capt. Charles Griffin Brigade loss: k, 86; w, 177; m, 201 = 464. Second Brigade, Col. Ambrose E. Burnside 2d N. H., Col. Gilman Marston (w), Lieut.-Col. F. S. Fiske 1st R. I., Major J. P. Balch 2d R. I. (with battery),
-six to seventy, and the further consideration of them was postponed until the next Tuesday. Messrs. Campbell and Stevens also offered resolutions of similar import. Mr. Roscoe A. Conklin submitted a resolution calling upon the Secretary of War for information in regard to the responsibility of the disastrous movement at Ball's Bluff, which was adopted. On motion of Mr. Odell, the President was requested to order John Slidell into close confinement, in return for similar treatment of Col. A. M. Wood, of the Fourteenth regiment N. Y. S. M., who was taken prisoner at Bull Run. A resolution of similar import in reference to James M. Mason, in return for the treatment to Col. Corcoran, was unanimously passed. The bark Samuel Moxley, partly owned in Appalachicola, Florida, was seized under the confiscation act by the collector at New London, Conn. The vessel had just arrived there in ballast from Sligo Island. The Eighty-seventh regiment N. Y. S. V., Brooklyn Rifles, under co
481 killed and 1,011 wounded, but says nothing of how many wounded or others were taken prisoners. Among our killed were Col. James Cameron, brother of the Secretary of War--of the 79th New York (Highlanders); Col. Slocum, and Major Ballou, of the 2d Rhode Island; and Lieut. Col. Haggerty, of the 69th New York. Among our wounded were Gen. David Hunter and Gen. S. P. Heintzelman--commanding divisions; Col. Oliver B. Wilcox, of Michigan; Col. Gilman Marston, of the 1st New Hampshire; Col. A. M. Wood, of the 14th New York; Col. H. W. Slocum, of the 27th New York; and Col. N. L. Farnham, of the 11th New York (Fire Zouaves). Col. Wilcox was also taken prisoner, as well as Col. Michael Corcoran, of the 69th New York (Irish), and Maj. James D. Potter, of the 38th New York-both slightly wounded. Gen. Beauregard reports the Rebel loss at 269 killed and 1,533 wounded; So De Kay, a Rebel officer, writing to The Louisville Courier from Manassas Junction, on the 22d, says: Our loss is f
Winthrop, R. C., anecdote of, P. 21 Wiscassett, Me., Union at, D. 52 Wise, Henry A., speech at Richmond, Va., June 1, D. 90; Doc. 322; in the Virginia convention, P. 40 Withers, T. J., delegate to Montgomery Congress, D. 10 Women, patriotism of, D. 56; P. 26, 43; of Mobile, Ala., D. 58; address to the, of N. Y., Doc. 158; an incident of, at the South, P. 44; the terrible condition of Washington, described by Southern, P. 55; act as spies in Washington, P. 143 Wood, A. M., Col., Fourteenth Regiment, N. Y. S. M., Doc. 260 Wood, —, Dr., U. S. A., D. 96 Wood, Fernando, correspondence with Toombs, D. 16; Doc. 26; his proclamation of April 15, D. 27; Doc. 69; speech at the Union meeting, New York, April 20, Doc. 89; the Irish boy's remark to, at the New York Union meeting, P. 59 Wood, Wilmot, D. 52 Woodbury, Charles L., D. 37 Woodhouse, Levi, Col., Fourth Conn. Regiment, Doc. 862 Woodstock, Vt., D. 42 Woodward, S. H., Doc. 328
y, and General Lee was colonel of the Twentieth Massachusetts. Brevet Brigadier-General G. W. Neff Brevet Brigadier-General P. J. Revere Brigadier-General I. Vogdes Colonel W. E. Woodruff Brevet Brigadier-General W. R. Lee Colonel A. M. Wood the unreasoning censure of public opinion, and at the same time keep their prisoners. Prisoners in the North got more to eat than in the South, after 1862, at least, yet they often got less than the amount to which they were entitled b spring of 1864, conditions here were better than in many other prisons. The stockade included a number of noble trees, several springs, and a stream of some size. Abundant opportunities for bathing were afforded. Drinking water was excellent. Wood was plentiful and an abundant supply of fresh meat was furnished. Prisoners at first built themselves log huts. Later any simple shelter was a luxury. Many of the captives were forced to burrow into the sides of the hill. The supply of wood be
Doc. 176.-Fourteenth New York Regiment. The following is a list of the officers of the regiment:-- Field.--Colonel, A. M. Wood; Lieutenant-Colonel, E. B. Fowler; Major, James Jourdan. Staff.--Adjutant, A. W. H. Gill; Engineer, Captain R. Butt; Chaplain, Captain J. S. Inskip; Surgeon, Captain J. M. Homeston; First Assistant Surgeon, Lieutenant J. L. Farley; Second Assistant Surgeon, F. Swalm; Paymaster, Lieutenant A. G. Gaston; Quartermaster, Lieutenant A. S. Cassiday; Commissary, Lieutenant H. L. Cranford. non-commissioned Staff.--Sergeant Major, T. Head; Sergeant Standard Bearer, F. Head; Quartermaster Sergeant, J. Howard; Right General Guide, J. Miller; Left General Guide, W. A. Burnett. line.--Company A.--Captain R. B. Jordan; First Lieutenant, J. D. McClaskey; Second Lieutenant, John H. Styles. Company B.--Captain, George Mallery; First Lieutenant, J. Uffendell; Second Lieutenant, E. E. Pearce. Company C.--Captain, William M. Burnett; First Lieutenant, David My
and promptly ordered out the fifth brigade of New York State militia. The armory, a substantial new building on the corner of Henry and Cranberry streets, was a blaze of light, and was surrounded by a curious crowd, vainly attempting to enter, and meeting the response addressed to all, without distinction, that only gentlemen in uniform could be admitted. The gentlemen in uniform rapidly assembled. There were stationed here the Thirteenth Regiment, Colonel Abel Smith; the Fourteenth, Col. A. M. Wood, and the Twenty-eighth, Col. Bennett. The Seventieth Regiment, Col. Samuel Graham, had been ordered to drill in the evening in the new arsenal, on Portland avenue, and were kept under arms. Generals Duryea and Crooke were at the armory, prepared to render such services as might be required of them. A detachment of New York harbor police were on duty near the yard. The officers at the yard apparently entertained little apprehension of an attack, but were perfectly prepared for an
Col. A. M. Wood, of the 14th Brooklyn regiment, Federal Army, who was severely wounded in the battle of Manassas, and has since been under surgical treatment in Charlottesville, has arrived in Richmond, on parole.
ners left in Richmond, and they consist of disloyal citizens, Yankees deserters, and offending Confederates. For their security the usual guard is kept up. We learn that the smaller portion of Ross's factory will be occupied in future as a hospital, and Howard's factory, on south Main street, will be kept as a prison. The following is a list of the Yankee offices who left on Saturday, viz: Col. M. Cogswell, 42d New York regiment. Col. W. R. Lee, 20th Massachusetts regiment. Col. A. M. Wood, 14th New York regiment. Maj P. J. Revere, 20th Massachusetts regiment. Capt. Henry Bowman, Company C, 15th Massachusetts regiment. Capt. T. J. Keffer, Company N, 1st California regiment. Capt. G. W. Rockwood, Company A, 15th Massachusetts regiment. Capt R Williams, Company E, 12th Indiana regiment. Lieut. C. F. Freeman, Company F, 1st Virginia regiment. Lieut. J. E. Green, Company C, 15th Massachusetts regiment. Lieut. W. C. Harris, Company H, 1st California r