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Matrimonial. --Fernande Wood, Mayor of New York, has purchased a Fifth avenue house, corner 824 street, for $82,000, and proposes to get married (for the third time) and move in shortly. He married a Mine Mills, upon whom, it is understood, he agrees to settle $100,000 on the day before the last is tied.
d back by the line, will inevitably drag upon the wires to which the torpedoes are attached, and either cause their explosion or cut off their connection with the shore, and thus render them harmless. The American Bible Society has recently made a grant of 7,000 Bibles and Testaments for circulation in the rebel States, and these are now on their way to Richmond our Government having permitted them to be forwarded. In the Chicago Court of Chancery, last week, a bid for foreclosure was issued in a cause of Fernande Wood against the heirs, widow, and creditors of the late Stephen A. Douglas. The amount claimed is over $80,000, on property near the Illinois Central railroad works. Four hundred disasters from Hooker's army have been sentenced by court-martial to hard labor during the residue of their term of enlistment. Hon. Gerrit Smith has contributed $500 to equip a regiment of colored troops in Massachusetts, and offers $8,000 for the same purpose in New York.
to attend a "National" political convention. He says: The depot was then crowded with the arriving delegations of the Northwest, and how many of them have faced us in the field since then? I walked by the Charleston Hotel, and when I passed it before the deep voice of Judge Meek, of Alabama, was holding in wrapt attention the crowd which filled the street. Stopping at the Mills House, I wondered if the delegates of the North would soon again fill its beautiful chambers, and when Fernande Wood will come back, and how? You remember who then occupied the Hibernian Hall. My first walk was to the wharf, where the beautiful steamer of the New York delegation lay; but I doubt if George Law has any interest in the few weather beaten ships and dimly-white blockade runners in sight. Returning through the blackened rains of the burnt district I could only identify the Circular Church, which is grand even in its desolation, and, by knowing that, could locate the Institute Hall.