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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 1. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Book notices. (search)
have sent us (through West & Johnston, Richmond,) a copy of this well gotten up book. An intelligent Englishman gives us a sketchy, gossipy, very readable account of his tour in America, in which truth and fiction mingle lovingly together, and another illustration is furnished of the stubborn fact that one cannot thoroughly know a country by a hasty trip through it. Life of Stonewall Jackson. By Miss Sarah Nicholas Randolph. The publishers (Lippincott & Co.) have sent us, through Woodhouse & Parham, Richmond, a copy of this new life of the great Confederate chieftain. Having read Miss Randolph's Domestic life of Jefferson--one of the most charming books we ever read — we were prepared for an entertaining biography of Jackson, and our expectations have been more than realized. It is really a delightfully told story of the deeds of our hero, and a vivid portrayal of his private character, a book which we would be glad to see widely circulated. And having said thus much
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 6. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Book notices. (search)
, having chosen that which conscience dictates, they are ready to die for it, if they justify not their cause, they at least ennoble themselves. And the men who, for conscience' sake, fought against their government at Gettysburg, ought easily to be forgiven by the sons of men who, for conscience' sake, fought against their government at Lexington and Bunker Hill. A sketch of the life of Randolph Fairfax. By Reverend Philip Slaughter,. D. D. We are indebted to the author (through Woodhouse & Parham) for this beautiful story of a noble life. It was published during the war in tract form, and it was our privilege to circulate a number of copies of it among our soldiers. This is a new edition, beautifully gotten up, and with some valuable additions. Dr. Slaughter has done a valuable service in preserving this story of the life of a bright, noble, educated young man of high social position, illustrious ancestry and humble piety, who marched forth at his country's call and fre
from its use as a means for punching holes for eyelets. In a modified form, as the punch-pliers, it is used for punching cardboard tickets, tags, and papers for filing. A ticket-punch. A wad-cutter is also a hollow punch. Hol′low-quoin. (Hydraulic Engineering.) One having a vertical recess for the hanging-post of a lock-gate to abut against. Hol′low-rail. A tubular railroad rail, steam heated to prevent the accretion of snow and ice. Grime's English patent, 1831. In Woodhouse's English patent, 1803, the rail forms a water-pipe. Hol′lows and rounds. (Joinery.) Concave and convex planes, respectively for working moldings. The illustration shows the use of hollows and rounds, in the molding of a panel door. They are made in pairs, and as many as eighteen pairs to a set. Hollow and round work. Hol′low-ware. Cast-iron culinary vessels, such as pots, kettles, skillets, etc. Ho-lom′e-ter. An instrument for taking measurements. See mete
rought-iron bars, two or three inches in thickness, spiked to longitudinal sleepers, were then used in connection with flanged wheels. Wyatt's cast edge-rail of oval section (c) was then used in connection with grooved wheels at Penrhyn slate quarries, in 1800. Jessop used this rail in 1789, and added the chair (d), a block of iron slotted to receive the ends of adjacent rails. The wheel had a tread of 2 1/3 inches, and a flange to keep it on the rail. The sleepers were of wood. Woodhouse's hollow rail (e), with a channel for the rounded edge of the wheel, 1803. The fish-bellied rail at Penrhyn, 1805. Blenkinsop's rack-rail (f), 1811. See Fig. 2984, page 1344. A square-bodied cast rail (g), 1810. Losh and Stephenson's flanged rail (h), 1816. This was a lapping continuous rail. Hawk's cast-iron face upon a wrought-iron base. 1817. Birkenshaw's malleable face upon a cast base, 1820. Birkenshaw, of Bedlington, Durham, invented the rolled rail; the iron, w
Cambridge History of American Literature: volume 2 (ed. Trent, William Peterfield, 1862-1939., Erskine, John, 1879-1951., Sherman, Stuart Pratt, 1881-1926., Van Doren, Carl, 1885-1950.), Index (search)
106 William Wilson, 68 Willson, Forceythe, 281 Wilson, Robert Burns, 331, 346 Wilson, Woodrow, 289 Winsor, Justin, 128 Winter, William, 286 Winthrop, John, 110 Winthrop, Theodore, 280 Wirt, William, 104, 105 Wise, Henry Augustus, 154 Wister, Owen, 293, 363 With My friends, 388 Without and within, 242 Wives of the dead, the, 23 Wolfe, Gen., 11 Wonder books, 21, 401 Wonderful One-Hoss Shay, The, 237 Wondersmith, the, 373, 374 Wood, Mrs., John, 291 Woodhouse, Lord, 141 Woodrow, James, 333, 341 Woods, Leonard, 208 Woolsey, Sarah, 402 Woolson, Constance Fenimore, 381-382 Wordsworth, 13, 38, 248 Work, Henry Clay, 284, 285 Work and play, 213 Working with hands, 324 Works of Benjamin Franklin, the, 117 Works of Poe, 61 n., 65 n. Wound-Dresser, The, 270, 270 n. Wreck of the Hesperus, the, 36 X-ing a Paragrab, 67 Yale, 153, 198, 200, 203, 206, 207, 211 213, 219 Yale review, the, 263 n. Yancey, William L., 288 Y
Belsches, Benjamin W., major. Sixteenth Cavalry regiment: Ferguson, Milton J., colonel; Graham, William L., lieutenant-colonel; Nounnan, James H., major. Sixteenth Infantry regiment: Colston, Raleigh E., colonel; Crump, Charles A., colonel; Crutchfield, Stapleton, colonel; Ham, Joseph H., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Holladay, Francis D., major; Page, John C., major, lieutenant-colonel; Parrish, Henry T., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Whitehead, Richard O., major, lieutenant-colonel; Woodhouse, John T., major. Seventeenth Cavalry (transferred to Eleventh Cavalry): Funsten, Oliver R., lieutenant-colonel; Patrick, William, major. Seventeenth Cavalry regiment (formed from French's Cavalry battalion): French, William H., colonel; Smith, Frederick F., major; Tavenner, William C. . lieutenant-colonel. Seventeenth Infantry regiment: Brent, George William, major; Corse, Montgomery D., colonel; Herbert, Arthur, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Marye, Morton, lieutenant-colone
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
0, ‘62. Passed Board Nov. 10, ‘62, at Oxford, Miss. Dec. 31, ‘63, 4th Mississippi Regiment. January, transferred with command from Department. Wilkerson, T. H., Assistant Surgeon, ordered to report to S. H. Stout. Jan. 30, ‘64, ordered to report to General Cheatham. Feb. 29, ‘64, 30th Georgia Regiment. Woodward, Emmett, Surgeon, com'd Oct. 1, ‘61. Dec. 31, ‘62, Senior Surgeon 4th Brigade Cheatham's Division, 154th Tennessee, Feb. 10, ‘63, transferred to Department East Tennessee. Woodhouse, Virginius Gustavius, Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War to rank Dec. 3, ‘62. Passed Board Dec. 4, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘61, 24th Mississippi Regiment. April 30, ‘64, 11th Texas Cavalry. Wooten, J. D., Assistant Surgeon. Passed Board at Bowling Green Jan. 12, ‘63. Dec. 31,‘62, 5th Tennessee, June 30,‘63, 35th Tennessee Regiment. April 30, ‘64, 35th and 48th Tennessee Regiments. Woodson, M. A., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War to ra
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.43 (search)
ieutenant James F. Rogers, Private Augustus F. Robins, Private Albert H. Robbins, Private Augustus F. Sacrey, Private J. B.; killed. Walsh, Private Thomas C. Company H —Norfolk Juniors. Baldry, Sergeant John R.; killed. Beale, Lieutenant Charles L.; wounded. Guffin, Private A. J.; wounded. Gale, Private William B. James, Private Edward. Lewis, Private Thomas J. Murray, Private James T.; wounded. Norwood, Private—— Spence, Private George A. Woodhouse, Private W. Smith; wounded. White, Private Edward J.; killed. White, Private W. J. Williamson, Private John T. Company I —Meherrin Grays. Avery, Private John W. Brewer, Private Jesse. Butler, Private I. A. Crump, Sergeant George R. Delbridge, Private Joseph. Delbridge, Private William. Edwards, Private Joseph. Finn, Private D. B. Ferguson, Lieutenant Erastus. Hall, Private Jesse. Harrison, Private N. L.; wounded. Howard, Private A. W.
the Rev. W. Turner , Jun. , MA., Lives of the eminent Unitarians, Dissenting Academics. (search)
der circumstances of no slight personal danger. But the first race of Nonconformist Divines, who had been ejected from their benefices in the Church by the Act of Uniformity, sustained a high character for talent and learning; and they were earnestly desirous that their successors, though unjustly precluded from the opportunities which they had enjoyed, should, as far as possible, maintain the reputation of the dissenting body in these respects. In this connexion, the names of Frankland, Woodhouse, Warren, and many others, are deserving of honourable remembrance. But even after the period when they, at length, received the partial protection of the civil power, they were still exposed to annoyance and vexation, and harassing processes were occasionally commenced in the ecclesiastical courts against those who presided over theological seminaries. The last attempt of this kind occurred in 1732, in the case of Dr. Doddridge, which was happily checked by the prompt and effectual pers
ing and health of the young and habits of mature age. For sale by Woodhouse & Co. First Greek Book; comprising an outline of the forms aKeil, translated from the German by S. W. Lander. For sale by Messrs. Woodhouse & Co. They were all published by Appleton & Co. Quiet Thvery neat volume, of a pious and poetical character. For sale by Woodhouse & Co. Considerations on some of the elements and conditions es, by C. T. Henry, D. D. New York: D. Appleton & Co. For sale by Woodhouse & Co. Chambers' EncyclopÆdia.--We have the twenty-first part of this EncyclopÆdia now issuing by D. Appleton & Co., from Messrs. Woodhouse & Co. Songs of Ireland; edited and annotated by Samuel Lo, " &c.--illustrated. New York: Dick & Fitzgerald. For sale by Woodhouse & Co. Reviews.--We have received from Messrs. Woodhouse & Co.--We have received from Messrs. Woodhouse & Co., agents for the American reprints, the London Quarterly and Edinburg Reviews for October.
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