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etion, and the astonished customers, without waiting for an opportunity to "go another hundred on the queen" or to "copper on the ace," got out of the way by the most practicable method — the rapid use of their egos. The houses visited were John A. Worsham's, on Fourteenth street, Edward Monteiro's, in a building owned by James H. Grant, adjoining the Spotswood House, and Murphy & McCann's, rear of Exchange Hotel. The parties arrested were John A. Worsham, charged with keeping and exhibiting John A. Worsham, charged with keeping and exhibiting the game of faro; William Burnes, similar charge; James, slave of Edward Monteiro; James McCann, for keeping and exhibiting faro; Benj. Deyrout, employed for that purpose by James McCann and Jesse Murphy; and Matt, a slave, who seems to have been doorkeeper of the bank last named. The news spread rapidly to other similar institutions, and lights were extinguished in such haste that it is doubtful if the cash accounts were squared in every instance. A large amount of moveable property was capt
is continent. Our private opinion is that if it were necessary to summon all witnesses in order to prosecute the faro-dealer, the virtues members of society would be amazed at the spectacle. They would find that familiarity with gaming is not confined to men of low degree; on the contrary, is most ardent votaries would be found in the upper crust, and in this fact lies the difficulty of executing the law upon professional gamblers. The proceedings against the persons arrested on Saturday night have not yet made any progress. John A. Worsham and Wm. Burnes, charged with exhibiting a game called faro, were yesterday allowed to renew their bail of $1000 each for their appearance before the Mayor on Wednesday, and the same disposition was probably made of the cases against James McCana and Ben. Degroot. Meanwhile, public curiosity is greatly excited as to the result of the investigation. Messrs. W. W. Crump and Marmaduke Johnson have been obtained as counsel by two of the parties.
Hustings Court. --Recorder Caskie, and Aldermen Sanxay Bray, Clopton, Anderson, Timberlake, and Beveridge, presiding. The following is a summary of the business disposed of yesterday: Commonwealth vs. Daniel C. Worrell. An indictment for a misdemeanor. Nolle prosequi entered, and defendant discharged on payment of costs. Wm. J. Summerville, indicted for shooting a pistol in the streets, pleaded guilty, and was fined $10 and costs. Commonwealth vs. John A. Worsham. Two presentments for permitting faro bank to be exhibited on his premises. The defendant appeared and entered into recognizance in the penalty of $3,000 in each case for his appearance to-day. A similar recognizance was entered into by Wm. Burnes, also presented for exhibiting faro bank. Commonwealth vs. Benjamin Degroot, and same vs. James A. McCann — presentment for exhibiting faro bank. The defendants were brought into Court by the Sergeant, and remanded to jail. Patrick H. Bailey wa
The faro Banks and Bankers. --John A. Worsham and William Burnes, charged with keeping and exhibiting a game called faro, appeared before the Mayor yesterday, accompanied by their counsel, Wm. W. Crump and Marmaduke Johnson, Esqs. The Mayor stated that the parties had been presented by the Grand Jury, but the law, nevertheless, required that he should examine them. A continuance was then requested, which was acceded to, the Mayor calling the attention of the counsel to the fact that certain bank checks were found upon the faro table, and the question would arise whether those checks were to be considered as money under the act of Assembly, though his own mind was already made up in regard to the matter. The persons accused were delivered into the custody of the City Sergeant; and a similar disposition was made of the charges against Jas. McCann and Benjamin Degroot.
Hustings Court. --In the case of the Commonwealth against Jesse Murphy, E. H. Montiero, and E, P. Goode, presentments for exhibiting faro bank, a capias was yesterday awarded against the defendant in each, returnable to the next term of the Court. Commonwealth against John A. Worsham, two presentments for permitting faro bank to be exhibited on his premises, and Commonwealth against William Burnes, presentment for exhibiting faro bank. The defendant in each case recognized in the sum of $3,000 to appear at the next term to answer for the offence. Commonwealth against James Eddins-- and indictment for a misdemeanor. The defendant was recognized in the sum of $100 for his appearance at the next term. The cases of Dillon McCormack and Cosamore Castiglione, indictments for misdemeanor, were continued to the next term, each defendant giving security for his appearance. George Nelson and Joseph Calvin Henry were tried for stealing four dozen sora, found guilty, a
rties of police officers, who not only made arrests of proprietors and dealers, but seized upon a large amount of personal property, consisting of faro tables, &c., a considerable sum of money, and checks for money, and bore the whole off in triumph. The persons arrested have been indicted for misdemeanor, and their cases are now pending in Court; and the property is held by the authorities, to be hereafter destroyed as the law directs. With a view to test this matter, the counsel for John A. Worsham have instituted a suit in the Hustings Court against Wm. N. Kelly, of the police, for trespass, laying the damages at $5,000. This will bring up the question as to now far a man may be protected in his own domicil, and the decision will be looked forward to with much interest. In addition to the property above mentioned, there is a sum of money, which the Mayor has determined to retain, and has pronounced his judgment final, allowing no appeal. To meet this, a mandomus has been applie
The Mandamus case. --The mandamus applied for by the counsel for John A. Worsham has been awarded by Judge Meredith, ordering the Mayor to appear and show cause why he refused an appeal from his judgment confiscating $545 belonging to said Worsham. The decision of all the nice points of law contacted with the gaming suits will be vastly interesting to those who live to hear it. Laws a great thing. It is resorted to by almost everybody, in the hope that one statute will undo what another Worsham. The decision of all the nice points of law contacted with the gaming suits will be vastly interesting to those who live to hear it. Laws a great thing. It is resorted to by almost everybody, in the hope that one statute will undo what another has done. If you are fond of pure vexation and long procrastination, sternal botheration, commence a suit at law It is a good school in which to learn wisdom by experience, and therefore we would dis-made no one from indulging in the luxury.
developes some new phase in the law suits growing out of the late demonstration upon the fashionable gambling houses of Richmond.--A deep game has been made up, the result of which we cannot foresee; though it may eventually turn in favor of him who holds the strongest hand, espectally since legal acumen is backed by a determination to pursue it through isbyrinths which would terribly mistify a player of ordinary comprehension. In one case in the Hustings Court, heretofore alluded to, John A. Worsham has got out a second writ against officer Wm. N. Kelly for trespass, laying his damages this time at $1,000--the first writ specifying $5,000. The mandamus case, in the Cirenit Court, was to have come up yesterday, but was continued until to day at the instance of the Mayor. In the same Court, Wm. Burns petitions for a writ of prohibition to restrain and inhibit the Mayor from holding coguizance over the subject matter of $1,100, and a lot of gaming implements seized at his house, in r
Circuit Court --Judge Meredith presiding.--The case of John A. Worsham against the Mayor of the city, for a mandamus, was continued yesterday, at the instance of the defendant, until the fifth of December. The case of Wm. Burns, on a petition for a writ of prohibition, was continued to the same day. Robert Ould yesterday qualified to practice law in this court.
Gaming cases in Court. --Benjamin Degroot was yesterday tried before the Court of Hustings on a presentment for "exhibiting a gaming table commonly called faro bank."--The prisoner pleaded not guilty, and conducted the defence himself, after which the case was submitted to the jury without argument. A verdict of guilty was rendered, and the fine assessed at five hundred dollars. The Court then ordered that he pay the fine and costs, and be imprisoned in the common jail for the term of 12 months. John A. Worsham, presented for permitting a faro bank to be kept and exhibited on his premises, was next arraigned for trial, and pleaded not guilty. The evidence was partly heard, and the case was adjourned over to this morning, the defendant giving bail in the sum of $3,000 for his appearance. Messrs. Crump; Johnson, and Ould are counsel for the defence.
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