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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 2., Chapter 6: the Army of the Potomac.--the Trent affair.--capture of Roanoke Island. (search)
S. Roan, tree, Andrew Jones, James Seanor, William C. Connor, Martin Howard, James Tallentine, Robert Graham, Henry Brutsche, Patrick Colbert, James Haley, John F. Bickford, Charles A. Read, William Smith, William Bond, Charles Moore, George H. Harrison, Thomas Perry, John Hayes, George E. Read, Robert Strahan, James H. Lee, Joachim Pease (colored), William B. Poole, Michael Aheam, Mark G. Ham, John W. Loyd, Charles Baldwin, Alexander Crawford, John Laverty, Benjamin Loyd, David Warren, William Wright, John Sullivan, Robert T. Clifford, Thomas Harding, Perry Wilkes, John Hyland, Michael McCormick, Timothy O'Donohue, George Butts, Charles Asten, John Ortega. Maurice Wagg, R. H. King,----Wilkes,----Demming, Bernard Harley, William Smith, Richard Hamilton, Edward J. Houghton, Oliver O'Brien, Frank Lucas, William Garvin, Charles J. Bibber, John Neil, Robert Montgomery, James Roberts, Charles Hawking, Dennis Conlan, James Sullivan, William Hinnegan, Charles Rice, John Cooper, Patrick Mull
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 3., Chapter 8: Civil affairs in 1863.--military operations between the Mountains and the Mississippi River. (search)
s A. Hendricks, Henry S. Lane. Iowa.--James W. Grimes, James Harlan. Kansas.--James H. Lane, Samuel C. Pomeroy. Kentucky.--Lazarus W. Powell, Garrett Davis. Maine.--Lot M. Morrill, William P. Fessenden. Maryland.--Reverdy Johnson, Thomas H. Hicks. Massachusetts.--Charles Sumner, Henry Wilson. Michigan.--Zachary Chandler, Jacob M. Howard. Minnesota.--Alexander Ramsay, M. S. Wilkinson. Missouri.--B. Gratz Brown, J. B. Henderson. New Hampshire.--John P. Hale, Daniel Clarke. Yew Jersey.--William Wright, John C. Ten Eyck. New York.--Edwin D. Morgan, Ira Harris. Ohio.--Benjamin F. Wade, John Sherman. Oregon.--Benjamin F. Harding, G. W. Nesmith. Pennsylvania.--Charles R. Buckalew, Edward Cowan. Rhode Island.--William Sprague, Henry B. Anthony. Vermont.--Solomon Foot, Jacob Collamer. Virginia.--John S. Carlile. West Virginia.--Waitman T. Willey, P. G. Van Winkle. Wisconsin.--James R. Doolittle, Timothy O. Howe. Hannibal Hamlin, Vice-President of the Republic and President of the Sena
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 34: (search)
rs; Lieutenant, Adolphus Dexter; Midshipman, R. S. Chew; Fleet Surgeon, W. M. Wood; Surgeon, J. S. Kitchen; Assistant Surgeons, S. J. Jones, Edgar Holden and E. R. Dodge; Paymaster, Robert Pettit; Chaplain, T. G. Salter; Captain of Marines, W. L. Shuttleworth; First-Lieutenant of Marines, W. H. Cartter; Chief Engineer, C H. Loring; Assistant Engineers, J. H. Bailey, E. J. Whittaker, Alfred Colin, L. A. Haverly, T. W. Rae and G. W. Thorn; Acting-Masters, D. A. Campbell,W. G. Saltonstall and Wm. Wright; Boatswain, Paul Atkinson; Gunner, C. W. Homer; Carpenter, Ebenezer Thompson; Sailmaker, A. A. Warren. Steamer Maratanza. Commander, G. H. Scott; Lieutenant-Commander, Wm P. McCann; Assistant Surgeon, Job Corbin; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. S. Perley; Acting-Masters, Charles Cortney, Jacob Kimball and J. B. Wood, Jr.; Acting-Engineers, Edward Scattergood, Wm. H. Kilpatrick, L. H. Harvey and R. L. Webb; Acting-Master's Mates, J. Creighton and E. W. Flowers. Steamer Morse. Act
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 35: operations of the North Atlantic Squadron, 1863. (search)
erce Crosby, Fleet Captain, July, 1863.--Lieutenant R. H. Lamson, Flag Lieutenant, April, 1863. Steam-Frigate Minnesota--Flag-Ship. Commander, N. B. Harrison; Lieutenant-Commander, E. C. Grafton; Lieutenant, Adolphus Dexter; Fleet Surgeon, W. Maxwell Wood; Surgeon, John S. Kitchen; Assistant Surgeons, S. J. Jones and E. R. Dodge; Paymaster, C. C. Upham; Chaplain, T. G. Salter; Marines: Captain, W. L. Shuttle-worth, Second-Lieutenant, C. F. Williams; Acting-Masters, D. A. Campbell and Wm. Wright; Ensigns, J. H. Porter, R. S. Chew, C. S. Cotton and S. W. Terry; Acting Ensigns, F. R. Webb and Amos Brown; Master's Mates, Wm. Hunter, C. W. Campbell, W. R. Hunter, James Birtwistle and P. B. Doran; Engineers: Chief, Philip G. Peltz; Second-Assistant, G. W. Sensner; Third-Assistants, Alfred Colin, T. W. Ray, G. W. Thorn, Webster Lane and Guy Samson; Boatswain, Wm. Bunker; Gunner, C. W. Homer; Carpenter, E. Thompson; Sailmaker, T. O. Fassett. Steamer Ossipee. Captain, John P. Gillis
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 40: (search)
B. Owens; Acting-Master's Mate, D. S. Ingersoil; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, Wm. T. Graff; Acting-Third-Assistants, L. L. Copeland and J. C. Garner. Steamer Young Rover. Acting-Masters, John B. Studley and T. W. Dodge; Acting-Ensigns, D. S. Thompson and E. N. Ryder; Acting-Assistant-Surgeon, Robert Cowie; Acting-Assistant-Paymaster, George W. Stone; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, James Patterson; Acting-Third-Assistant, Wm. D. Butts. Steamer Mystic. Acting-Masters, Wm. Wright and Samuel B. Meader; Acting-Ensigns, A. F. Hamblen and W. H. Otis; Acting-Master's Mates, J. J. Kelleher and John Rigg; Acting-Assistant-Surgeon, Alex. Mackenzie; Acting-Assistant-Paymaster, Augustus Perrot; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, J. B. Lowell; Acting-Second-Assistant, Isaac Buck. Steamer Emma. Acting-Master, Geo. B. Livingston; Acting-Assistant-Paymaster, C. H. Hammatt; Acting-Ensigns, A. Buhner, R. W. Elwell and C. A. Stewart; Acting-Master's Mates, I. S. Sampson and T
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
P. Pope and Edw. Kearns; Engineers: Acting-Chief, John Germain; Acting-First-Assistant, W. H. Golden; Acting-Second-Assistants, William Welles and A. Williams; Acting-Third-Assistants, John Hyslop, Martin Glennon, George Germain, John O'Neil, William Wright and W. H. Garrison; Boatswain, Jasper Coghlan; Gunner, George Sirian; Carpenter, T. H. Bishop; Captain's Clerk, John S. Stodder. *Juniata--Second-rate. Captain, William R. Taylor; Lieutenant-Commander, Thomas S. Phelps, (commanded at FoShuler; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, C. Cranston; Acting-Second-Assistants, Geo. F. Case and Thomas McNellis; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. L. Lowe, J. H. Radcliffe, J. W. Little and Charles Green. Mystic--Fourth-rate. Acting-Masters, Wm. Wright and S. B. Meaders; Acting-Ensigns, A. T. Hamblen, H. L. Pierce and Geo. W. Conner; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Alex. Mackenzie; Assistant Paymaster, Augustus Parrot; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, J. B. Lowell; Acting-Third-Assistants, Isaac
l, do.; John R. Rogers, do.; Millard Williams, do.; William B. Davis, Company F; John Macklin, do.; George Lopez, do.; John W. Donaldson, do.; Allen H. Fite, Company F. Report of killed and wounded at the skirmish near Hallsville, December 27, 1861, and at the battle of Mount Zion, December 28, 1861, of Colonel John Glover's Third Missouri Cavalry. Killed.--Hugh Gregg, Company C; Alfred Magers, do.; G. Milton Douglas, do. Severely Wounded.--Andreus Goodrich, Company A, since died; Wm. Wright, Company B, since died; Charles Carnehan, Company A, since died; D. H. Hindman, do., do.; C. C. Washburn, do., do.; John R. Stewart, Company C, do.; George Barcastle, do., do.; Isaac Black, do., do.; Wm. H. Hardin, Company E, do.; Benjamin F. Tidell, do., do. Missouri Democrat account. camp McClellan, North Missouri, Sturgeon, Saturday, Dec. 28. One of the sharpest battles of the war was fought about eighteen miles from this place today. Colonel Birge, commanding his regiment
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), New Jersey, (search)
Southard 23d to 27th 1833 to 1842 Garrett D. Wall 24th to 27th 1835 to 1842 William L. Dayton 27th to 32d 1842 to 1851 Jacob W. Miller 27th to 33d 1841 to 1853 Robert F. Stockton 32d 1851 to 1853 John R. Thomson 33d to 37th 1853 to 1862 William Wright 33d to 36th 1853 to 1859 John C. Ten Eyck36th 1859 Richard S. Field 37th 1862 John W. Wall37th 1863 William Wright 38th to 39th 1863 to 1866 Fred'k T. Frelinghuysen 39th to 41st 1866 to 1869 John P. Stockton 39th 1865 to 1866 AlexanderWilliam Wright 38th to 39th 1863 to 1866 Fred'k T. Frelinghuysen 39th to 41st 1866 to 1869 John P. Stockton 39th 1865 to 1866 Alexander G. Cattell 39th to 42d 1866 to 1871 John P. Stockton 41st to 44th 1869 to 1875 Fred'k T. Frelinghuysen 42d to 45th 1871 to 1875 Theodore F. Randolph 44th to 47th 1875 to 1881 John R. McPherson 45th to 54th 1877 to 1895 William J. Sewell 47h to 50th 1881 to 1887 Rufus Blodgett 50th to 52d 1888 to 1893 James Smith, Jr. 53d to 56th 1893 to 1899 William J. Sewell 54th to — 1895 to — John Kean 56th to —1
mson, 1864. Resigned March 23, 1864, and succeeded by Francis L. Chapman. Joseph H. Tyler, 1864, 1865. George B. Lathrop, 1865, 1866. Alpheus Mead, 1865, 1866, 1869. James M. Price, 1865. John L. Sands, 1865, 1866. Sumner Albee, 1866. John N. Meriam, 1866, 1867. Asa P. Morse, 1866. John M. Tyler, 1866, 1867. William Gibson, 1867. Watson B. Hastings, 1867, 1868. William Page, 1867, 1868. Samuel B. Rindge, 1867, 1868. Samuel F. Woodbridge, 1867, 1868, 1872, 1873. William Wright, 1867, 1869, 1876. Marshall T. Bigelow, 1868. Daniel U. Chamberlin, 1868, 1870. U. Tracy Howe, 1868. John S. March, 1868-1870. Jabez A. Sawyer, 1868. Daniel R. Sortwell, 1868, 1869, 1872. Jeremiah W. Coveney, 1869, 1870. Henry O. Houghton, 1869. William J. Marvin, 1869. George W. Park, 1869, 1870. James H. Sparrow, 1869, 1870. Charles F. Walcott, 1669. D. Gilbert Dexter, 1870, 1871. Lewis B. Geyer, 1870, 1871. Horatio G. Parker, 1870, 1871. Aaron H. Safford, 1870. Am
Joseph T. Derry , A. M. , Author of School History of the United States; Story of the Confederate War, etc., Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 6, Georgia (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 6: (search)
icers: Col. Augustus R. Wright, Lieut.-Col. George W. Lee, Maj. Lewis J. Parr. The captains were: William L. McLeod (A), Robert B. Eberhart (B), John V. Flowers (C), George W. Mc-Clesky (D), William H. Battey (E), Cornelius R. Hanleiter (F), William Wright (G), Thomas H. Bomar (H), John C. Thornton (I), James D. Matthews (K). The Thirty-eighth was formed from Wright's Georgia legion and the Twenty-fifth Georgia. After this consolidation it served in the army of Northern Virginia from the sprinWright's Georgia legion and the Twenty-fifth Georgia. After this consolidation it served in the army of Northern Virginia from the spring of 1862 until the surrender at Appomattox, where, in the division commanded by Brig.-Gen. Clement A. Evans and the corps of General Gordon, it helped to make the last successful charge of that army. The following field officers succeeded those who were appointed at its organization: Cols. George W. Lee and J. D. Matthews, Lieut.-Cols. Lewis J. Parr, J. D. Matthews and P. E. Davant, Maj. T. H. Bomar. The following captains succeeded those first named: J. W. Brinson and L. W. Farmer (E), Georg
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